Investigation Demanded on Jeromie Williams’ ChipIn Accounts

PTS?Concerned citizens are demanding an investigation today after troubling reports emerged that Jeromie Williams, the Director of Operations for Pet Pardons Canada, may have violated the rules of the organization by posting links to personal ChipIn accounts using the official Facebook Pet Pardons application. As some concerned animal lovers have noted, this is not allowed.

As Michele Diane Radics Sherk notes, “Pet Pardons site does not ask for monetary funding for animals … There are many … (unfortunately) with not so pure intentions & take peoples money without actually helping these poor babies!” Teresa Thomas added, “some sick people are mis-useing [ChipIn] and have created false accounts and/or taken the money without actually saving/helping the animal it was created for… it’s really sad!”

Concerned former members of the group “100,000 strong to ban Nathan Kotylak from the Canada Olympic team” have noted that Jeromie appears to have directed people interested in donating to Pet Pardons to donate instead to his personal ChipIn accounts, which appear to be commingled with ChipIn accounts to support his personal website, and to support a proposed rally at Water Polo Canada so that Jeromie could get back onto Ezra Levant’s show on the Sun News Network (now featured prominently on Jeromie’s CV on his site).

Note that, although these events are “organized by Animal Action” and are also hosted at Jeromie’s account at, they have nothing to do with Pet Pardons.

Concerned readers of this blog have also noted several apparent discrepancies between the amounts raised through Jeromie Williams’ ChipIn accounts, and the amounts he actually donated through Pet Pardons Canada. For example, a ChipIn account set up to assist puppy mill victims raised $3,544, but only $3,000 was donated:

A concerned citizen, who does not wish to be named given Mr. Williams’ recent threats, asked: “Where did the other $544 go?” Particularly given Mr. Williams’ promises that “This money will go directly to the animals and to the shelter they are currently housed in.”

In another case, Mr. Williams raised $2,777 for a certain dog through a ChipIn account, but may have donated as little as $1,600. Noting this discrepancy, Liz Schiavone asked that people donate directly to the Linda Blair World Heart Foundation, an organization dedicated to rescuing animals in California.

Concerns have been raised because of the notorious abuse of ChipIn accounts, which Jeromie himself has acknowledged:

  • WARNING: please be careful of fraud being committed online using ChipIn. Unless you see a ChipIn being promoted on a legitimate website for a legitimate charity, do not give them your money. There are many people who are circulating ChipIns on Facebook and saying it is for animal rescue when really it is just to make money preying on unsuspecting animal lovers. If a ChipIn is not connected to a legitimate charity, be careful!”
  • “Chip-In’s are the new scam of the internet predator, BUT not all chip-in’s are fraudulent, you must do your homework, donate ONLY to a trusted source or a 501(c)”
  • “As I have said before unless you know the rescue, or the chip in goes directly to a vet, it is never a good idea to donate, you never know who these people are and she is an example of the underbelly that seeks to steal your money, and let down these dogs! Very sad!”

Concerns have also been raised in light of Jeromie’s recent behaviour, which has been exposed on this site in the past week, including his history of fabricating events, people, and even witnesses in his articles for months in order to get on TV (for which Jeromie was fired from his position at the Examiner).

For example, given Jeromie’s many fake online profiles, concerns have been raised about whether profiles such as “Deborah”, who have urged others to donate to Jeromie’s ChipIn accounts (“Is there someone that we can trust to do the right thing with the donations to send it too? … Jeromie would be my pick.”) are, in fact, actual people, or merely “sock puppets” of Jeromie Williams.

Concerned citizens have also noted the irony that the Director of Operations for Pet Pardons Canada, which ordinarily saves animals from shelters, has also threatened the beloved pet dogs of the creator of this blog, Kim Johnston:

Until this investigation is completed, we urge concerned animal lovers to donate directly to legitimate animal charities, such as the Humane Society, and to avoid the ChipIn accounts of Jeromie Williams.

UPDATE: Jeromie also asks for donations through PayPal, using the e-mail address We ask that you avoid this as well.

4 thoughts on “Investigation Demanded on Jeromie Williams’ ChipIn Accounts

  1. Here is the response I received from Jeromie Williams on Facebook 5/5/12, in which he answered allegations that he had extorted money from the husky rescue (keep in mind I cannot get back to him now as he has blocked me on his account):

    “Jeromie Williams
    The money has been available to them the entire time – They simply will not show receipts for the trip because they don’t want to admit that 7 dogs died on the trip, that the transporter selectively bred the unaltered dogs and that most of them ended up in puppy mills and breeding facilities.

    You want to see the money? Here it is.

    2 minutes agoJeromie Williams
    Sent to OSD at 4:48PM EDT

    This offer expires in 48 hours

    What you see here attached in this email is a photo of $1800 US

    This is the last payment of the money that was raised for the Huskies.

    To receive the last payment, the following must be complied with:

    It will be picked up in person by a representative of OSD
    They will be required to sign a document stating they received it
    The OSD Chip In Facebook group will be removed
    If this is complied with I will do the following:

    Release the entire amount to the OSD representative
    Cease all legal action against Dee-Ann Gallant for illegal wire tapping, falsifying an illegal recording, misrepresenting a non profit organization and distributing personal information and slander
    Keep the identity of the Quebec Husky business owner and his name out of the media

    You have 48 hours to decide, and if at that time you choose not comply, the money will be donated in full to a local registered non profit Montreal charity on video and posted online permanently.

    You have 48 hours.”

  2. Pet Pardons scam follow up. To date Operation Sled Dogs has not received the money they owe them. To recap PP did a ChipIn on their behalf. They turned over some but not all of the money. They still owe them about $2000. In addition Chris Hoar never paid the amount he said he would personally. Their various excuses have ranged from the rescue doesn’t deserve it, to that it wasn’t really Pet Pardons it was Jeromie Williams that raised the money personally and has it in his personal accounts ( huge eyebrow raise), that Jeromie Williams charges a commission fee (unbeknownst to any rescue), that the money was going to be returned to the donors ( OSD agreed with that and even asked for it but nope never happened), that it was going to be donated to a charity ( again never happened), and the latest – drum roll please – it is frozen in Jeromie’s Paypal account. Okay that is a lie. He received it in his bank account after a few days – which is the normal process for Paypal. In the midst of all his psychotic threats he has admitted he has access to the money several time and in fact even posted a photo of a check showing the money during one of his crazy threats and ultimatums to the rescue. Ashley and Chris know all about it and are fine with this fraud. They support Jeromie and all his unprofessional sick behavior (including disgusting violent threats against children and dogs ) The Attorney General of California will soon hopefully be investigating this but in the meantime,Please sign this petition and tell PP this type of scam will not be tolerated and they better pay this rescue the money. OSD needs it to save dogs and now they had to take out a loan while Jeromie is using to by himself some new toys or something! Please sign today to help OSD!

  3. Hi, there was a problem with your link… is this the one you mean?

    Thank you for the updates. As you can see, we have seen this from Jeromie before. The threats, the scams, the lies, and (of course) the attempt to cover it up (generally more threats and lies). I have no doubt his stories about you killing dogs, or breeding dogs, or whatever, are just bogus, as is his claim he can destroy you with those lies in the media… His stupid website is *not* the media, and he has no friends in actual media. Certainly not anymore, after we told Ezra Levant about his activities. He will never appear on Sun News again.

    When Kim and I told the Examiner about him, they fired him almost immediately. For The Gaily, it took about two months (January to March). We told Pet Pardons about him back then too, because he apparently violated the organization’s own rules by posting personal chipin accounts using their FB application (as this post describes), not to mention that he was withholding some of the money donated in various cases. The fact that Pet Pardons has *not* disassociated itself from him, like the Examiner & Gaily (the latter of which was run by his friends, or former friends), tells you pretty much all you need to know about Pet Pardons.

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