Disgraced Former Reporter Likens Examiner.com to Sweat Shops

Jeromie WilliamsFacebook users were shocked today as Jeromie Williams (Twitter, Face Book, LinkedIn), until recently a writer at the Examiner, has apparently compared his former employer to Third World sweat shops, which exploit their workers, paying them very little to work in often unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

Williams, who no longer writes for the Examiner after fabricating events, people, and even witnesses in his articles for months in order to get onto Ezra Levant’s show on the Sun News Network (as we have exposed on this blog), wrote that he left Examiner.com after he “simply got tired of busting [his] butt for a company that pays their writers sweat shop wages“:

Concerned former members of the group “100,000 strong to ban Nathan Kotylak from the Canada Olympic team” have noted the irony that Mr. Williams — who co-founded an organization to “change the lives of children and troubled communities through art” — has made comments that appear to trivialize the plight of the real victims of real sweat shops around the world, including children.

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