LGBT Website “The Gaily” Defends Editor’s Homophobic Slurs, Death Threats, and Stalking of Young Boys

We were disappointed today as Erika Jahn (@DearSimone), co-founder and executive editor of The Gaily, has churlishly dismissed our concerns about her contributing editor, Jeromie Williams. Despite the fact that we provided her with evidence that Mr. Williams has harassed, stalked and threatened Kim Johnston and her three young boys — one of whom is only 16 years oldusing homophobic slurs (such as “faggy”), and that Montreal police are now investigating, Ms. Jahn has deleted all links to this blog, as well as our simple question “Is Jeromie Williams still a writer for The Gaily?”, and blocked us from posting on The Gaily’s Facebook group.

Since Jeromie is still listed as a contributor on The Gaily’s site, we must assume that The Gaily is willing to tolerate:

  1. Homophobic Slurs against teenaged boys;
  2. Criminal Harassment and Death Threats against women and teenaged boys;
  3. Fake Stories about Fake Witnesses, Fake Sources, Fake Interviews, Fake Plea Bargains, Fake People etc.;
  4. ChipIn Scams; not to mention…
  5. Yet more outright lies.

Surely this is not consistent with “The New Gay Agenda”… Or is it?

You may notice that Jeromie is no longer employed at after we brought #3 above to their attention. However, when we informed Ms. Jahn about Jeromie’s recent disgusting (and criminal) behaviour (#1-#5), this was her response:

“Hey, We don’t like this post. Please remove it. You spamming of our page has been reported to Facebook and will continue to be as long as it continues.”

Kim Johnston was rightly outraged at this response, asking how Ms. Jahn could possibly be so cavalier in dismissing such serious complaints regarding one of her editors “threatening my sons lives and calling them FAGS. I believe it is an unacceptable term at any time — let alone by an editor of The Gaily. Miss Jahn — your emails about your dislike of my post should be going directly to Jeromie Williams who made the statements (in writing) along with a note saying YOU’RE FIRED.”

Interestingly, Topher Mackenzie noted that Ms. Jahn’s strategy, of dismissing this page as “spam,” appears to have been coordinated with Jeromie Williams himself. Jeromie, who was initially quite happy to link to this blog, has more recently condemned it as “spam” as well, as more of his behaviour has been exposed here.

What makes this all the more incredibly disappointing is that Ms. Jahn, who holds a theology degree from Harvard University in religion, ethics, politics/women, and gender and sexuality, and is also the president of an organisation dedicated to “combat homophobia,” must have some vague idea that it is unethical to harass, stalk and threaten young boys, and call them “faggy.” She must know that death threats and homophobic slurs do not advance the gay agenda. Or does she?

If you would like to ask her yourself, please be civil and direct your questions to her here or here, or e-mail her at, or tweet her at @DearSimone.

UPDATE: Cristina Marrero (, a “Queer as Folk” writer based in Pensacola, Florida, has responded to us by claiming that since she helped Jeromie once by designing the logo for his $20 “Hug a Gay Day” T-shirts, “[our] ‘evidence’ is probably photoshoped.”

Our resident logician Wray Smith is still slapping his forehead in horror and disbelief at this incredible display of illogic.

UPDATE 2 (March 13): The Gaily has disassociated itself from Jeromie Williams entirely.

17 thoughts on “LGBT Website “The Gaily” Defends Editor’s Homophobic Slurs, Death Threats, and Stalking of Young Boys

  1. Pet Pardons are a bunch of liars and criminals

    – Spreads slander about legitimate animal rescues
    – Blackmails rescuers to comply to their rediculous “demands”
    – Actively pushes people to donate to causes, then pockets the money for themselves

  2. Just to be clear, as you note Jeromie is no longer associated with The Gaily in any way.

    All of his content has been deleted.

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