Socialist Fraudster Creates Fake Sarah Palin Twitter, Facebook Accounts

Jeromie WilliamsWarning: The Twitter account “Fire In My Belly” (@ElectPalin2012) and the Facebook account Elect Palin 2012 are fake. They are run by a Canadian socialist, Jeromie Williams, not Sarah Palin supporters.

Jeromie Williams, a socialist and “Occupy Wall Street” activist, who has a well-documented history of deception using fake online accounts, has created fake Twitter and Facebook accounts for a fake “Sarah Palin 2012″ group, likely in an effort to make her supporters appear extreme, racist, homophobic, or generally bigoted.

We have obtained evidence that Williams, a Rachel Maddow-obsessed editor at The Gaily, has:

We believe that he was very likely preparing to use these accounts to create a malicious smear of Palin and her supporters, reminiscent of Tea Party infiltration attempts such as the now-defunct

Jeromie would have been able to use his platform as a writer at the to spread his false-flag-style smears of Palin, but, fortunately, two weeks ago, on January 5th, he was removed from his position there after this blog exposed his history of fabricating events, people, and even witnesses in his articles for months in order to get on TV, among other reasons.

Briefly, yesterday night, the account @ElectPalin2012 tweeted one of our team members, Topher Mackenzie, to complain about this blog exposing Jeromie’s disgusting behaviour. However, Topher quickly became suspicious, noting that:

  1. Though the account was created in February 2011, it had only 22 tweets before yesterday, almost half of which appear to have been retweets of the official account @SarahPalinUSA from April 8, 2011. Adding seven more tweets yesterday, fully a quarter of the account’s tweets are about this blog, which (until today) had not mentioned Sarah Palin a single time;
  2. It would be incredible for authentic Sarah Palin supporters to devote so much time to defending Jeromie Williams, a Canadian socialist and fraud artist who apparently enjoys decapitating her in the “Tea Party Zombies Must Die” video game;
  3. The person who tweeted from the account used language you might expect from a Canadian socialist desperately trying to imitate how he imagines American Republicans must talk, such as:
    • “Jeepers”;
    • “You’re only draining your soul”;
    • “Go with God”;
    • “We … wanted to … council you on going with God”; and, of course,
    • “what would Jesus do?”
  4. The person who tweeted from the account claimed to represent a “whole group” but, when asked, refused to elaborate on who was in the group; and,
  5. The person who tweeted from the account made a number of factually inaccurate statements to try to defend Jeromie Williams.

Dirty BoySpecifically, on point #5, Topher notes that the account
tweeted that:

The entire @ElectPalin2012-@TopherMackenzie conversation may be viewed here. As you may also note, prior to this conversation, the @ElectPalin2012 account had been inactive for over four months, since September 7, 2011.


Trust No One

As we mentioned above, Jeromie appears to have cultivated quite a vast network of social media identities, many of them false, fake “sock puppet” accounts designed to deceive people for various reasons, but mainly to try to swindle money from honest people, or to threaten and harass anyone who dares to criticise his work, or question his sources.

Wikipedia, which has had an enormous problem with sock puppetry (fake accounts) among certain editors, notes that there are many varieties of “sock puppet”:

  • Standard Sock Puppets exist to create the illusion of more support for a particular position than actually exists.
  • Neutrality Sock Puppets are created to pose as a neutral commentator, when in fact they are there to advance one side of a dispute. Alternatively, the sock puppet can act as a partisan, to allow the original account to appear neutral by comparison.
  • Circumvention Sock Puppets exist to Circumvent Policies or Sanctions, or in this case, the criminal law.
    • Stephen Equality, Alisha Wicklund, Paula Neufeld and Shelly Comeon, all of whom sent threatening, obscene or harassing messages to Kim Johnston, her three sons, their schools, employers and/or business associates, and/or Topher Mackenzie (in addition to Jeromie himself, qua Jeromie). Most of these messages constitute intimidation, if not uttering threats or criminal harassment, which are illegal under the Criminal Code of Canada.
  • Trust-seeking Sock Puppets exist to develop a position of trust for the original person or account.
  • Strawman Sock Puppets argue one side of an issue in a deliberately irrational or offensive fashion, to sway opinion to another side.
  • Sleeper Sock Puppets are old, unused accounts, suddenly revived to take a position in a new dispute.
  • Piggybacking Sock Puppets refer to the use of another person’s account, with their consent, for the purposes of advancing your position in a dispute. This could include a friend, acquaintance, or relative.
  • Meatpuppets are actual friends, acquaintances or relatives, who have been persuaded to enter a dispute for the purpose of supporting one side.

We thank you for reading and urge you, should you ever have the misfortune of dealing with Jeromie Williams, to follow the advice of Deep Throat: Trust No One!

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