UPDATE: We’re Back!

Jeromie WilliamsThank you for your patience as this blog was temporarily shut down this week, from Tuesday January 24 to Thursday January 26, after a torrent of false complaints from Jeromie‘s vast network of social media identities about spam on this blog. A “spam blog,” or splog, is a blog that exists only to promote affiliated websites or to simply sell links/ads. In contrast, we are not promoting affiliated sites, and we have no link/ad revenues.

As such, these complaints were judged to be entirely frivolous, false, and vexatious.

Therefore, the blog was restored today. And to ensure that there are no further disruptions, mirror blogs were created on a number of backup servers throughout the world. For example, the latest posts are now available as well at https://jeromiewilliamsisafraud.wordpress.com/.

In addition to the false spamming allegations, one of Jeromie’s possible sock puppets, Paula Neufeld (Twitter, Facebook), has claimed that her lawyer submitted a “cease and desist order” to Blog.com. As far as we can tell, this is false. There is no cease and desist order.

Our curiosity about Paula piqued when we also noticed that:

  1. Paula did not make any noticeable contribution to the Facebook group 100,000 strong to ban Nathan Kotylak from the Canada Olympic team until Jeromie got himself into deep trouble with a false story in December 2011. It is generally a sure sign of sock puppetry when an account appears at the exact moment a controversy starts.
  2. As we have noted previously, when Kim pointed out that Jeromie’s story, about a plea bargain with Nathan Kotylak, was false, Paula described Kim as a terrorist and warned everyone not to speak to her, and to block her, much like Jeromie had done. Accounts which try to create the impression of widespread agreement where none exist are often sock puppets.
  3. Though Paula describes name-calling as a “pet peeve“, which is “unnecessary” and “hurtful,” that apparently only applies when legitimate criticism is leveled at her, or at Jeromie. On the other hand, she has described Kim as a “c*nt” (much like Jeromie), and Topher and Wray as “sh*tty people.” This is apparently her way of “working out issues in a constructive manner.” Accounts that exhibit signs of dissociative identity disorder are frequently sock puppets.
  4. Paula describes this blog as a “vendetta,” much like one of Jeromie’s other sock puppet accounts. Identical wording is another sign of sock puppetry.
  5. She claims, by extraordinary coincidence, to know that another of Jeromie’s sock puppets, Alisha Wicklund, is a real person. Exposed as a sock puppet on this blog, the Alisha account was used to threaten Kim’s green card, and even the immigration status of her sons. Her threats to use IP addresses to track Kim to her “general location” were later echoed by Jeromie himself. Extraordinary coincidences in defence of similar sock puppets are a sure sign of sock puppetry. Alisha, for her part, was last seen making complaints to Hershey’s and Boston Pizza via Facebook, presumably in order to prove that she exists. Sadly for her, Boston Pizza responded, noting that they have no record of her order.
  6. She falsely claimed that she never talked to Topher. She did. Memory problems suggest juggling different accounts, and may be a sign of sock puppetry.

Paula NeufeldAnother sign of sock puppetry is a limited web presence beyond the controversy. Sure enough, as far as we can tell, Paula’s web presence is extremely limited, consisting of:

Therefore, we have commissioned a stylometric examination of the writing of Paula Neufeld and Jeromie Williams by an expert in forensic linguistics. In preliminary results, statistical tests were unable to reject the null hypothesis that Paula and Jeromie’s writing was, in fact, authored by the same person. Since Jeromie is under investigation for cyberstalking and harassing Kim and her sons, we expect that police may very well be interested in the results of this study.

Not to be outdone, Paula has now accused us of cyberstalking her. In the comments, she claims her lawyer has “deemed” certain wording on this blog “illegal under section 1.6 of the criminal code,” apparently forgetting that:

  • There is no section 1.6 in the Criminal Code. Section 1.6 actually refers to a section in a Handbook on Criminal Harassment;
  • Slander and defamation are torts, not crimes;
  • Writing the truth on a blog does not constitute slander or defamation, or cyberstalking, or criminal harassment;
  • Posting links to various social media accounts is not illegal, either.

We presume this “lawyer” is also the one who submitted the “cease and desist order” to Blog.com. Perhaps it is also the same lawyer who advised Jeromie that it would be fine to libel the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, describing him as guilty of crimes for campaigning on election day, which is also entirely legal.

Stay tuned for further details!

UPDATE: The fake Sarah Palin account @ElectPalin2012 apparently reacted with delight that our blog was temporarily suspended:

Topher responded with a helpful suggestion: Comment on this page, with an Alaskan IP. We’ll see how long that takes…

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