Jeromie Williams to “Picket” Breast Cancer Research Event

The utter depravity of Jeromie Williams reached stratospheric levels today as he pledged to “picket” the next Pink Ribbon event in Montreal. He is apparently outraged that these events, which promote breast cancer research, education, advocacy, health services and social support programs, are “not inclusive of men, transgendered and minorities.”

As usual, Jeromie is demonstrably wrong. In fact, the Susan G. Komen Foundation includes and benefits people of all races and genders through their research. Some men wear pink ties throughout the year “to raise awareness, inspire involvement and spark conversations about the importance of breast health.” The Foundation even sells pink handguns, which have proven popular with gun enthusiasts, as well as innocent women who have been threatened by creepy cyberstalkers like Jeromie Williams.

In other news, we have uncovered even more clear and convincing evidence that Jeromie Williams likes to impersonate young women online, including Alisha Wicklund and Shelly Comeon. (Note their mutual affinity for “lolzcats.”) Of course, fake online women have no actual breasts, and (apparently) no use for breast cancer research.

We have also taken notice as Jeromie has made laughable claims that he may be responsible for “rolling blackouts” on Facebook:

We presume that this is a reference to apparent threats against Facebook by some people who claimed to be associated with the hacktivist group Anonymous, about whom Jeromie has written in the past. However, others in the group distanced themselves from the threats, and in the end there were no rolling blackouts on Facebook.

We have it on good authority that Jeromie could not hack his way out of a paper bag. But if he could, and if there were rolling blackouts, then this tech-savvy “social media guru” may have just admitted to some (more) fairly serious criminal activities.

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