“The Gaily” Removes Jeromie Williams as Contributing Editor

GailyWe received confirmation today from Erika Jahn, Executive Editor of  The Gaily, a website for Canadian gays and lesbians, that Jeromie Williams has been removed from his former position as the contributing editor of the site, which is apparently disassociating itself from him entirely. Ms. Jahn has confirmed that Jeromie’s “work has been removed entirely from our site.”

No further details were provided, but we speculate that Ms. Jahn terminated their relationship on account of some combination of the following:

  1. Homophobic Slurs against teenaged boys;
  2. Criminal Harassment and Death Threats against women and teenaged boys;
  3. Fake Stories about Fake Witnesses, Fake Sources, Fake Interviews, Fake Plea Bargains, Fake People etc.;
  4. ChipIn Scams; not to mention…
  5. Yet more outright lies.

Then again, maybe Jeromie quit The Gaily, like he “quit” the Examiner, because they were paying him “sweatshop wages”

Prince Arthur Herald Columnist Blasts Jeromie Williams for “Bogus” Reporting

Daniel Dickin, a columnist for the Prince Arthur Herald, has condemned Jeromie Williams today for his “bogus” reporting on Canadian politics. As I noted in January, Jeromie has repeatedly libeled the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, describing him as guilty of crimes for campaigning on election day, which is entirely legal in Canada.

Dickin writes that:

One of the claims making a come back is that Harper broke the campaigning on Election Day ban.  Interestingly, you’ll notice that none of the mainstream media covered this angle, because the claims are pure bogus!  The claim originates from this article by The Examiner‘s Jeromie Williams, who says Harper “defied Elections Canada rules and regulations that state no campaigning may be done during the media blackout on election day” when Harper told CKNW’s radio show host Bill Good “It is certain that I will vote, and I encourage all other people to vote, and I encourage people to do the same as me and vote Conservative.”

The first telling sign this claim is bogus is that there is no rule which states campaigning cannot be done on Election Day!

Seriously. Here’s the Canada Elections Act. In fact, “campaigning” or “a campaign” isn’t even defined!

The closest section that could bar campaigning is s. 323, which says you cannot “transmit election advertising.”

So what is “election advertising”? s. 319 tells us:

“election advertising” means the transmission to the public by any means during an election period of an advertising message that promotes or opposes a registered party or the election of a candidate, including one that takes a position on an issue with which a registered party or candidate is associated. For greater certainty, it does not include

(a) the transmission to the public of an editorial, a debate, a speech, an interview, a column, a letter, a commentary or news;”

Well. That was fun. If only Williams had actually read the Elections Act instead of condemning Harper’s perfectly legal actions.

Indeed. Read the whole article here.

Amazingly, Jeromie repeated this slander this week on his blog, on February 29. Of course, it was not published by the Examiner.com, since Jeromie was recently fired for fabricating events, people, and even supposed witnesses to serious crimes in his articles (see my original post for further details).

He subsequently compared the Examiner to a Third World sweat shop.