Jeromie Williams Threatens Animal Rescuer

The Pet Advocates Network reports today that Jeromie Williams, the Director of Operations for Pet Pardons Canada, has left a vile, threatening voicemail for a volunteer animal rescuer, apparently in response to a blog post questioning his outrageous behaviour, much of which has also been documented on this blog.

Ironically channeling the Australian rock group Sick Puppies, Jeromie tells the rescuer:

You’re going down. Your group is going down. One of your core members… [unintelligible] um, you don’t know who you’re dealing with actually, I have friends in the media, I have friends in the news, I have friends pretty much anywhere you can think of, and you’re going down, unless by noon tomorrow [unintelligible] you take down all the disgusting bullshit you’ve been saying about me, and my, myself, and Pet Pardons, um, because I, I have your phone, I have home address, I have your home phone number, I know exactly where you are.

I don’t know about you, but something tells me he isn’t thinking of coming over for some Kombucha tea

You may also listen to the threat for yourself:

In all seriousness, we ask that anyone involved take all possible precautions, including notifying police and obtaining a restraining order if necessary. As we have reported previously, Jeromie Williams is already under investigation by the Boulder Police Department, SPVM, and the Sûreté du Québec for stalking Kim Johnston and her young sons in Colorado. Potential charges include criminal harassment, uttering threats, and intimidation.

There is well-documented evidence of Jeromie’s previous threats throughout this site, against Kim Johnston, her sons, her dogs, Topher Mackenzie, and others. For example, see Threat 1, Threat 2, Threat 3, Threat 4, Threat 5, Threat 6, Threat 7, Threat 8, Threat 9, Threat 10, Threat 11, and Threat 12, all from Jeromie’s gmail account on January 6, 2012 (all in the span of a little over an hour). However, until now, we did not have actual audio of Jeromie making such threats.

As you may know, this blog has also previously reported on the ChipIn scams of Jeromie Williams, amongst his other illegal, fraudulent and reprehensible activities.

2 thoughts on “Jeromie Williams Threatens Animal Rescuer

  1. Thanks. I’m just catching up. It’s disgraceful but of course not unexpected from Jeromie. Kim and I, and Wray, and many others who do not wish to be named given his threats, have heard all of this before, pretty much verbatim. I’ve been unavailable for a while, again not wanting to give many details for obvious reasons.

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