Jeromie Williams Caught with His Hands in the Cookie Jar – Again. Or should we say chipin accounts?

Let us make it very clear – Kim, Topher and myself have no connections to OperationSledDogs or to OSD ChipIn Facts. It was sent to one of us by a concerned citizen.
The actions of Jeromie Williams have not changed since we exposed him in early January 2012,  so we felt we should make his previous actions known again.
The Operation Sled Dog Group are not alone in their fight for justice and for the truth to prevail.  We are happy to allow the reference to our blog – Jeromie Williams is a Fraud by the OSD ChipIn Facts.

Just when you think you may have heard the last of Jeromie Williams, he rears his ugly head again – using one of his favorite tools – The Chipin.

The cool new way to rasie money for something – whether it be to save animals, fun his travel, pay his rent – the old Chip in has proved a handy source of cash for Jeromie Williams.

This time he offered to help Operation Sled Dogs
with a chip in account to raise $5000. With the help of Pet Pardons – a popular US animal rights Facebook page
(Pet Pardons has an App and community page).

With a post on Pet Pardons wall. The money was rasied in less that 2 hours.
The chip in Jeromie Started for OperationSledDogs  As donations flowed in many contributors made comments.

Then a person founded  OSD ChipIn Facts. Bring the actions of Jeromie Williams was dealing with the donations made to save these huskies.
But it all came to a screeching halt when Jeromie Williams decided he did not want to turn over all the funds!  Which ironically, went to his private paypal account…..
After much public pressure by the OSD group, Williams decided to turn over “some” of the cash. Making payments of $1,000 at a time.
To my understanding Jeromie turned over $4000 in 4 payments of $1000 each.   Pet Pardons and Chris Hoar’s lawyer have acknowledge the amount remaining as $1,759 (CAD)

Mr. Williams decided, was a “management fee.”  There was also mention of $400, which he explained to be a profit he had made off the exchange rate.  We got out our calculators people, and with the current on par exchange rate, for Williams to have profited $400 – the funds raised would have been around $364,000. Mr. Williams did send a picture of $1800 USD to members of  OperationSledDogs  “Saying come and get it”.  So is Mr. Williams lying again?  Did he exchange all the money from the Chip in? Then the $400 profit is not all the profit he will make off the exchange rate. He still has $1800USD.

This is not the first time Jeromie only turned over part of the money raised by doing a chipin for a dog rescue.
As reported on this blog before.
One of his first was for the Quebec puppy mill
Where $3544  was raised by this chip in  The result.  Jeromie Williams  with Humane Society International staff who
rescued over 500 dogs from a government seizure. Pet Pardons Canada gave $3000 towards the rescue efforts.
That is $544 Jeromie kept.

In another case, Mr. Williams raised $2,777 for a certain dog through a ChipIn account, but may have donated as little as $1,600.
Noting this discrepancy, Liz Schiavone asked that people donate directly to the Linda Blair World Heart Foundation, an organization dedicated to rescuing animals in California.
So Jeromie kept another $1,177.
With Jeromie’s chip in accounts.  He keeps a certin percentage for management fees.
$1759+$544+1177=$3480.  Not bad for only doing a few hours work. That at the suffering of the animals he is wanting to help save.
When confronted with the money he did not turn over. Jeromie went into this I am right you are wrong mode.
The threats started against members of Operation Sled Dogs. Simalar to the ones he made to Kim Johnson months ago – for which police complaints were made.
Deleting any comments on his FB page that does not agree with his point of view. Banning people.
One threat was very close to one Kim Received.  Kim’s was in an email.   This one is on an answering machine with
one very threatening voicemail, 

Our concern is that Pet Pardons USA was notified many times of Jeromie Wiliams activities in December 2011 and again in early January 2012 – yet did nothing.

When we tried to contact Chris Hoar about Jeromie Williams actions back in Jan. He did not answer any of the question put forth to him About Jeromie. To this day still has not.

Which is an action confirmed by a story by
The Toronto Pet Daily   Thank you for letting us use your stories here.
On May 6 The Toronto Pet Daily
Did a story on the actions of Chris Hoar and Jeromie Williams response to the money that Jeromie Williams with held.
At first they did not reply.

Eventually, it appears as though Mr. Williams finally agreed to give the rest of the funds to the rescue group, as he made the offer in the form of an ultimatum and told Operation Sled Dogs,

“You have 48 hours.” As it stands now, Operation Sled Dogs has still not received the balance of the funds, and Mr. Williams has taken to his blog accusing the organization of killing puppies.
Remember this is an organization that in the end, Mr. Williams himself raised over $5000 for.

On May 11 The Toronto Pet Daily
Did a follow up story.  Where the writer still had no response back from Pet Pardons or Chirs Hoar.


Operation Sled Dogs has provided the following statement to Toronto Pet Daily :

Operation Sled Dogs is currently in negotiations with Mr. Hoar and his attorney. Out of respect for Mr. Hoar as well as OSD’s desire to move past this unfortunate situation,
we are unable to comment further at this time. OSD will certainly make public the outcome of these negotiations, in consideration of our many supporters, donors
and most importantly the dogs involved in our current and future efforts.

Founders Operation Sled Dogs

To me: Actions speak louder than words.
With Chris Hoar, the Co-founder of Pet Pardons, Not responding to questions put forth to him or Pet Pardons.
Back in Jan 12. Now dealing with a new situation  with an attorney.
Leaves me to believe that Mr. Hoar and Pet Pardons.  Condones Jeromie Williams actions using chipins and
keeping part of the money for himself. Calling it management fees.  Not letting the organization know he is charging the fee or how much.

With so many worthwhile causes out there to donate your hard earned cash to – we would like to advise you to do your research, pick a reputable group –

and let your money go towards saving the life of an animal, and not paying one of the directors rent!!

Toronto Pet Daily Concludes Jeromie Williams Stole Donations

Following up on its earlier story, today the Toronto Pet Daily has concluded that Jeromie Williams, the Director of Operations for Pet Pardons Canada, has stolen donations intended to help rescue over 25 Huskies from a dog sledding company owner:

Earlier this week, I published an article detailing accusations made by a Canadian rescue organization against “Pet Pardons”, an online organization that has the mandate, “To End the Killing & No More Homeless Pets by January 1, 2015.”  I have received no response from any representative of Pet Pardons. The way I see it, the organization is hoping that this issue will quietly go away and be forgotten. It is arrogant on their part to believe they can simply ignore the questions posed to them by concerned citizens as to whether or not any of their members are pocketing donations and deceiving the public. I’ll let the readers form their own opinions.

I will say however, that in cases where one party refuses to be transparent to those providing their hard earned income, it makes it easier to conclude their motives are anything but noble. Just look at the OSPCA and that organization’s refusal to be transparent to Ontario citizens. The result? A loss of thousands upon thousands of dollars in donations. Through their silence Pet Pardons representatives have thrown their credibility out the window. If they think this issue will go away any time soon, they are horribly mistaken. Real advocates who feel any animals have been wronged or that a “rescue” has deceived the public will not stop exposing the situation until relevant concerns have been addressed.

Let’s look at some of the concerns that have yet to be addressed, and some new allegations that have recently come to light :

– Apparently Jeromie Williams, a self-described “Social Media Specialist” and director of Pet Pardons Canada, has sent dozens of threatening emails and voice messages to those who have questioned his motives in soliciting donations for cause upon cause on various “ChipIn” pages. God knows if any of the collected donations have ever actually been distributed into the right hands.

– Pet Pardons president Chris Hoar has offered no explanation as to where these funds are, and his lack of communication implies he has no concerns whatsoever that Williams is pocketing these donations. Nor has he expressed concern in regard to Mr. Williams’ alleged threats against one woman, her sons, and her dog. [see here for more information]

– Pet Pardons has refused to address the situation on its Facebook page. When people post LEGITIMATE concerns and questions, their posts are deleted and they are then banned from the page.

We wouldn’t be surprised if they are being deleted and banned from the site by Jeromie Williams himself. Certainly this is how he reacted to anyone who questioned his false Examiner articles on the (now defunct) Nathan Kotylak Facebook group (including myself, Kim Johnston, and many others).

Toronto Pet Daily continues:

To my estimation, Pet Pardons is nothing but a front for a select group of greedy, manipulative people who care more about fattening their wallets than they ever will about any animal in distress. You see, this is what illegitimate rescuers do : they tug at your heartstrings. They show you a picture (often of an animal that doesn’t even exist) and provide you with a story so full of horrifying details that you, as a caring animal lover, don’t even give yourself enough time to consider NOT donating. Let’s not forget they also give you a small window of time to donate, after which there will be deadly consequences for one poor animal. Once they have your money you receive no receipt and no further information.

Here’s what else these groups will do. If you question them in any way, they will cite cases where they have actually helped animals in distress, and expect that to placate you. It shouldn’t. You should not be supporting an organization that properly uses your donations SOME OF THE TIME.

In an update, they note that Operation Sled Dogs has released a financial statement showing all donations received and how they were used. Unfortunately, it appears the organization incurred a loss of approximately $1,500, which is (by coincidence) roughly the amount that Jeromie Williams has apparently kept for himself. Shameful.

Read the whole article here, and please visit The Pet Advocates Network for more details on this scandal, or the OSD/ChipIn Facebook page.

Also, as you may know, this blog has previously reported on the ChipIn scams of Jeromie Williams, amongst his other illegal, fraudulent and reprehensible activities.

Jeromie Williams Threatens Animal Rescuers (Again): “I’ve got you guys lined up in my sights”

GailyThere is more shocking and disturbing news today from the Pet Advocates Network, as Jeromie Williams, the Director of Operations for Pet Pardons Canada, has yet again threatened volunteer animal rescuers using violent, abusive and obscene language.

Jeromie was angry, apparently, that they have started a Facebook group and online petition to ask him to transfer money he still owes them, and, in particular, that they dared to link to this blog, which he calls “crazy” and “fucking smoke and mirrors bullshit.” (That is not what The Examiner or The Gaily concluded, presumably, when they terminated all connections with Jeromie earlier this year.) [UPDATE: OSD members have indicated that they did not create the OSD/ChipIn Facebook site. It was apparently created by an interested third party.]

Briefly, as we have reported previously, on March 27, Jeromie created a ChipIn account to raise money (purportedly) to help support the rescue over 25 Huskies from a dog sledding company owner in Quebec. Donors were promised that “On the ground for the rescue will be Jeromie Williams, the Managing Editor for the Pet Pardons News & Blog, making sure that every dollar raised tonight goes as far as it can.” Unfortunately, though the ChipIn raised $6,180.84 (USD), those dollars didn’t go much further than Jeromie Williams’ bank account. After incredible effort and pressure, Jeromie transferred $4,000, in four $1,000 increments, leaving approximately $1,800 owing (after USD-CDN conversion).

Audio of a telephone conversation between Jeromie and OSD rescuers concerning this outstanding $1,800 has been posted online:

Here is an annotated transcript:

Jeromie Williams: … So, you’re implicated through having taken the money [unintelligible] and saying you’re a non-profit organization when you’re not…

Female Animal Rescuer:We never said we were a non-profit organization.

Jeromie: You have it right on your Facebook page. It says non-profit organization. I screen-capped it. Don’t go ahead and change it. You promote yourselves as a non-profit organization. And, you’re putting up bullshit about me. And if that page isn’t down tonight, I swear to God by the weekend you’ll be in jail. Or you’ll be charged. Or you’ll have to be [unintelligible] to your house.

Topher’s Comment: Join the party folks. Jeromie threatened to have me “thrown in jail” back in January. Kim, too. And maybe her sons, though he mostly threatened them with deportation. We’re still waiting for the police to show up. It’s taking quite a while, though. I wonder if they’re busy with other things… And as I’ve written previously, it’s quite odd for Jeromie to berate the animal rescue group (OSD) for supposedly misrepresenting themselves as a non-profit group on Facebook, when they have lost $1,500 on their rescue operation, and Jeromie is (simultaneously) sending them photos of the $1,800 he raised for them but refuses to transfer. As I noted above, donors were promised that “every dollar” would be turned over. So, really, who is misrepresenting themselves here?

Female Animal Rescuer:And what about you for fraud?

Jeromie: I have your address. I know people who know where you live. And the police will come. So that if it doesn’t get taken down, you know, I’ll give you by Friday night, I’ll give you by Friday night, if it doesn’t get taken down, you are going to be in shit. You are going to be… because you are the only person who has taken money from me. And I can, I can track you through bank records. You’re the only person who has had contact with me. And I’d still come after you, because you’re the only one that I can. So you need to tell your people to cut it the fuck out and stop lying, because you know they’re lying about me.

Topher’s Comment: Back in January, Jeromie claimed to be able to “pinpoint” Kim’s location via her IP address, “within 50 feet.” (He was lying, of course.) While he also threatened that the police (FBI!) would come, the meaning of those comments was ambiguous, as he clearly threatened to come to Kim’s house himself. “See you in Boulder next week. Ticket is already booked,” he wrote. “First you go down, then Topher is next.” The threat of physical violence is implicit in the statement.

Female Animal Rescuer:Lying about you?

Jeromie: The receipt is on the table.

Female Animal Rescuer:Lying about you?

Jeromie: It’s on the table… [unintelligible] fucking receipt.

Female Animal Rescuer:Lying about you?

Jeromie: And you know it.

Female Animal Rescuer: Jeromie, lying about you?

Jeromie: And you know it.

Female Animal Rescuer:Lying about you?

Jeromie: But you won’t show it.

Female Animal Rescuer:Jeromie, you’ve collected $6,000. We’ve received $4,000 out of that $6,000.

Jeromie: No, because [unintelligible] $5,700 of which you’ve gotten $4,000.

Female Animal Rescuer:We’ve got $4,000 out the $6,000.

Jeromie: No, because [unintelligible] funds to Canadian funds, and you know that.

Female Animal Rescuer:And you didn’t lose $2,000 in, in you know, turning it into Canadian funds. Please, it’s at par.

Jeromie: $400, $400, 400, from Canadian to American. Or from American to Canadian.

Female Animal Rescuer:So that means that’s $5,700, so that means there’s another $1,700 that should come to us.

Jeromie: When you shall receive. And when you stop…

Female Animal Rescuer:When I shall receive? When I shall receive?

Jeromie: Because you gave those fucking dogs to breeders and you breeded them on the way.

Female Animal Rescuer:We didn’t give them…

Male Animal Rescuer: … bred the dogs on the way, by the way.

Jeromie: Somebody from your inner circle, from your core members, showed me e-mails, showed me everything you guys are doing. You guys don’t realise what I have [unintelligible]. You don’t realise the information that I have. I can destroy all of you at any given moment, and I’m giving you the opportunity to not make me do that. One of your core members has given me all the information. I know how many puppies died, okay?

Topher’s Comment: We’ve heard all this before too. In January, Jeromie warned us that “people who you think are your allies are completely on my side.” Well, oops, those “people” were, in reality, fake, sock puppet accounts created and controlled by Jeromie Williams. They would send us threats, and post lies to support Jeromie, but that’s about it. It’s also worth noting here that Jeromie Williams has been removed from his position at the Examiner after this blog uncovered his long history of writing about events that never happened, people who don’t exist, and even supposed witnesses to serious crimes who do not exist, at least not outside of the imagination of Jeromie Williams.

Female Animal Rescuer:How many puppies died?

Jeromie: I know, I know that Mike was breeding those dogs on the way. I know that, sorry not Mike, I know that the guy that Mike was friends, Bill or whatever his name is, the one in, in, in, in, B.C., or, or, or, ah, Alberta, I know that he’s a 70 year old man who’s a, who’s a, who has no way to take care of these dogs, and also a known breeder. I know everything.

Topher’s Comment: In, in, in, in…. or, or, or, ah…. Notice he doesn’t answer the question. On his blog, he says one. Also, more than one: “Amateur Husky Rescue In Canada Kills Puppies During Rescue.” One, many, who knows really. All that’s clear is that I wouldn’t trust Jeromie Williams to run anything, let alone handle donations for legitimate animal rescue organizations.

Female Animal Rescuer:Oh you do, eh?

Jeromie: Yes. I do. I know everything. So what I’m telling you is, it’s in your best interest to drop this bullshit scam you guys are doing, take the $1,700, and shut the fuck up, and go away. Because you’re not going to win, and you’re going to lose, because I have all the information.

Topher’s Comment: Compare to the advice of “Stephen Equality” (a confirmed Jeromie sock puppet) to Kim Johnston back in December: “do the right thing here and stop making up crazy shit… Your best move now, is to remove your comments, and walk away.”

Female Animal Rescuer:You do. It’s wonderful to know that you have all the information.

Jeromie: And you don’t even know what I have.

Female Animal Rescuer:The thing is…

Jeromie: You don’t even know what I have.

Female Animal Rescuer:Well, you don’t know what we also have more information on you too Jeromie.

Male Animal Rescuer:[laughs]

Jeromie: No, there’s nothing to have on me. You guys know, you guys know it’s all fucking smoke and mirrors bullshit. You have [unintelligible] up that crazy blog people wrote about me. Good for you. Wow. But I have information from someone who is in your core members, [unintelligible] sending me e-mails, showing me pictures, and sending me e-mails… [unintelligible]. I know everything. So, I would suggest you take down that little site about ChipIn-ing, I would suggest that you guys swallow your pride, and stop trying to scam me and Pet Pardons, stop… [unintelligible] first donors to give $500 to the cause. That $1,000 that came from, not from… [unintelligible] was part of that money [unintelligible] and she’s desperate for money. So, that’s what it comes down to in the end. Really, that’s what it comes down to, is… I’ve got all the info. I’ve got you guys lined up in my sights. I’m giving you the opportunity to help yourself, and just drop all the bullshit, and just take what’s owed to you, and go off into the sunset. I also know who the guy is. And I also know where he, where the, the, the dog [unintelligible] and I have his address [unintelligible] fucking adopt [unintelligible] …

Topher’s Comment: Firstly, it’s rather incredible to see Jeromie Williams threaten these animal rescuers using this terminology, as the Pet Advocates Network has noted: “This is particularly disturbing as this violent term alludes to shooting a target with a gun. It is also a hunter’s term, ironic since [Pet Pardons] is ostensibly against hunting.” Secondly, note that Jeromie is accusing OSD of scamming him, whilst he is, in fact, scamming them, or more accurately, his own donors, who thought they were donating to OSD.

Female Animal Rescuer:Okay, um.

Jeromie: [unintelligible] I’m still getting [unintelligible] death threats.

Female Animal Rescuer:Well, I know you’re wanted by the SQ for uttering threats, and so because…

Jeromie: I’m not… [unintelligible] anybody…

Female Animal Rescuer:You are wanted by the SQ Jeromie, and I am going to place a cease and desist on you for uttering threats, and harassing me.

Jeromie: But I’m not uttering [unintelligible] and I haven’t… [unintelligible]

Female Animal Rescuer:You’re not uttering threats? Please.

Jeromie: I’m not uttering threats. I’m telling you the facts, I’m telling you that…

Female Animal Rescuer:Well I’m telling you the facts too, that you are telling me to do stuff, and, “or else,” and that’s a threat.

Jeromie: [unintelligible]

Female Animal Rescuer:You’re telling me you know where I live. What are you going to do? You’re going to come and do something to my house?

Jeromie: I’ve never done anything about your house, and you’re lying now.

Female Animal Rescuer:You start threatening me or my house or my family, that’s uttering a threat.

Jeromie: Oh my God, that’s fucking crazy [unintelligible]. Just stop the bullshit, and this all goes away, you get your [money] and you put it in your bank account, and you can go and transfer dogs to breeders as much as you want. [unintelligible]

Female Animal Rescuer:I’ve never transferred a dog to a breeder in my life. Never transferred a dog to a breeder. They have all been neutered. All of them. And so you don’t know what you’re talking about. Whoever is feeding you information is feeding you lies. And if it’s Kelly Wilson, I wouldn’t rely too much on what Kelly Wilson has to say.

[beep beep beep]

Female Animal Rescuer:He hung up on me.

As the Pet Advocates Network notes, the rescuer maintains her professional tone throughout the conversation. The contrast with Jeromie Williams is striking.

Please consider signing the online petition to demand that Jeromie Williams turn over the remaining $1,800 to the animal rescuers at OSD without any further delay.

Toronto Pet Daily Asks: Is Jeromie Stealing More Donations?

Today the Toronto Pet Daily asks whether Jeromie Williams, the Director of Operations for Pet Pardons Canada, has stolen donations intended to help rescue over 25 Huskies from a dog sledding company owner:

According to Operation Sled Dogs, the ChipIn account amassed thousands of dollars, none of which was forwarded to them.  The organization contacted Mr. Williams and Chris Hoar, president of Pet Pardons, to inquire. For some time they did not receive a reply. To bring awareness to the situation, Operation Sled Dogs went public with the information via social networking, causing animal lovers to question the facts and the whereabouts of the donations. In addition, Operation Sled Dogs directed people who had donated to request a refund from  Pet Pardons or Jeromie Williams. With this pressure Pet Pardons turned over some of the money, which was not completely acceptable to Operation Sled Dogs.

This is where things take a turn, the events not only hurting representatives of Operation Sled Dogs, but the rescued dogs as well. There began a war of words between the two organizations. On the one hand you had Operation Sled Dogs representatives admonishing Pet Pardons, refusing to stop until they received all of the donated funds. On the other, there seems to be a lack of a concrete response from either Mr. Hoar or Mr. Williams. From what I have read the actual responses provided by Mr. Williams came in the form of derogatory emails and one very threatening voicemail, in which the Pet Pardons Canadian director allegedly states, “…you’re going down……I have your home address, I have your home phone number, I know exactly where you are.”

Incredible. Notice his threats are eerily reminiscent of those he sent to Kim Johnston and myself earlier this year. To wit, “First you go down, then Topher is next,” “I already know your address,” “I know where you are…” and so on. Sound familiar?

Toronto Pet Daily continues:

Eventually, it appears as though Mr. Williams finally agreed to give the rest of the funds to the rescue group, as he made the offer in the form of an ultimatum and told Operation Sled Dogs, “You have 48 hours.” As it stands now, Operation Sled Dogs has still not received the balance of the funds, and Mr. Williams has taken to his blog accusing the organization of killing puppies. …

What is Pet Pardons thinking? Through Facebook, the group has solicited thousands of dollars in donations, and this instance is not the first in which the group has been accused of stealing funds, nor is it the first time that Mr. Williams has been accused of threatening someone. Is Pet Pardons really in it for the animals? One can only hope, though with regard to this particular issue the organization has done nothing to prove otherwise. They have not offered a statement on their Facebook site, nor have they responded to my questions about the allegations.

One would think that in an effort to placate any detractors, Mr. Hoar or Mr. Williams would offer a statement. One would also think that if indeed Mr. Williams did act in such a fashion, Pet Pardons would do everything in its power to distance itself from an employee who berates and threatens other animal rescue representatives. Why is the organization still working alongside an individual who has been accused of referring to someone’s children as “faggy”? Above all, why is an organization that purports to HELP ANIMALS working alongside an individual who allegedly threatened to HARM A DOG?

Perhaps as some have said, Pet Pardons is in cahoots with a small number of nearby rescue organizations and are simply stealing from well intentioned people. Perhaps Pet Pardons is simply sitting back as more publicity is drawn to their organization. Perhaps this is all blown out of proportion and a select group of people have an axe to grind with Mr. Hoar and/or Mr. Williams. It certainly does not appear to be the case, as many detractors have stated that they were only brought together through research and discovered the only thing they have in common is being wronged by Pet Pardons, Chris Hoar, Jeromie Williams, or all three.

Exactly. Read the whole article here.

Please visit The Pet Advocates Network for more details on this scandal, or the OSD/ChipIn Facebook page.

Also, as you may know, this blog has previously reported on the ChipIn scams of Jeromie Williams, amongst his other illegal, fraudulent and reprehensible activities.

Jeromie Williams Embezzles $1,800 from Animal Rescuers, Flaunts Money Online

Stolen MoneyThis story is almost unbelievable.

First, some background.

Back on March 27, Jeromie Williams, the Director of Operations for Pet Pardons Canada, created a ChipIn account to raise money (purportedly) to help support the rescue over 25 Huskies from a dog sledding company owner in Quebec. Donors were promised that “On the ground for the rescue will be Jeromie Williams, the Managing Editor for the Pet Pardons News & Blog, making sure that every dollar raised tonight goes as far as it can.”

How did that work out? Well, the ChipIn was quite successful, raising $6,180.84 (USD). The problem is that the husky rescuers have apparently had to spend their valuable time seeking these funds, as Jeromie first transferred nothing, and then, only grudgingly, transferred $4,000, in four $1,000 increments. After the USD-CDN conversion, that apparently leaves something like $1,800 remaining. The rescuers, who have outstanding debts of about $1,500 from the operation, A third party started a Facebook group and online petition to encourage Jeromie to do the right thing and transfer the remaining funds.

Regular readers of this blog know that Jeromie Williams has a long and well-documented history of ChipIn scams. Nor would they be surprised to learn that Jeromie’s response was to harass the animal rescue group, leaving threatening voicemail for their members, which they subsequently posted online.

And now, Jeromie has actually e-mailed a picture (above) of the $1,800 to the group, and demanded that they delete their Facebook group about his shameful activities. He also threatened:

  1. “Legal action” against one of the animal rescuers for “illegal wire tapping, falsifying an illegal recording, misrepresenting a non profit organization and distributing personal information and slander”; and
  2. To smear a Quebec Husky business owner in the media.

Here’s the full text:

Now, this is amusing for several reasons.

First, as far as anyone can tell, by “wire tapping,” Jeromie is referring to animal rescuers simply recording his voicemail and/or telephone conversations between the rescuers and Jeromie. This is not “illegal wire tapping,” in which a third party tapes a private conversation. In Canada, and most US states, it is perfectly legal for one party to a conversation to tape it, without the other party’s knowledge or consent. What is amusing about this is that Jeromie himself does this, or at least claims to do this. Either he is lying about taping his conversations with Kim Johnston, or he is lying about the animal rescuers’ “illegal wire tapping,” or he falsely but honestly thinks what they did (and what he did) is (a) wire tapping and (b) illegal. In other words, either he’s a liar or he thinks he broke the law by taping his calls to Kim Johnston. We don’t really care at this point.

Second, it’s quite odd for Jeromie to berate the animal rescue group (OSD) for supposedly misrepresenting themselves as a non-profit group on Facebook, when they have lost $1,500 on their rescue operation, and Jeromie is (simultaneously) sending them photos of the $1,800 he raised for them but refuses to transfer. As I noted above, donors were promised that “every dollar” would be turned over. So, really, who is misrepresenting themselves here?

Third, as we have explained to Jeromie many times previously, it is not a crime, or even wrong civilly, to publish accurate information about him. Truth is an absolute defense to charges of libel or slander. We would like to remind Jeromie, however, that if he continues to publish lies about OSD and others, accusing them of killing puppies and the like, that may in fact constitute actionable slander. If Jeromie won’t give up the $1,800 voluntarily, this is just another option for them to consider.

UPDATE: The requirement that an OSD representative meet with Jeromie Williams indicates that this is just not a serious offer, as some of Jeromie’s apologists are now pretending. As the Pet Advocates Network rightly notes in the comments, “Why would the woman he just threatened with implied violence ever meet with him?” As another OSD member notes, police visited the home of their representative following Jeromie’s many threats, and they told her to have “no contact with him on any level, let alone in person.” Good advice. And since Jeromie knew OSD members would never put themselves in danger to meet with him, all he was doing was cooking up another facade of an excuse to justify him keeping their $1,800.

UPDATE 2: Note that the OSD group did not start the OSD ChipIn Facebook group. So in demanding that OSD shut it down, Jeromie was demanding that they do something they had no ability to do.

Petition Started to Demand Jeromie Williams Surrender Funds

A petition has been created on to demand that Jeromie Williams surrender the remaining $2,180 he raised for the Operation Sled Dog (OSD) rescue group:

Pet Pardons and Jeromie Williams are shamefully not paying a rescue $2180.84 of ChipIn funds raised on their behalf. On March 27th 2012 Pet Pardons, a Facebook app and advertising website supposedly formed to help save pets, organized and raised $6180.84 via a ChipIn for a group called “Operation Sled Dogs”. OSD is comprised of animal advocates concerned with saving sled dogs from being “culled” or killed by commercial sledders and whose goal is to rehome the dogs instead. Thus far OSD has saved 25 huskies slated to be killed, even though the refusal of Pet Pardons to turn over the money raised on their behalf made this much more difficult and almost cost the dogs their lives. Saving, fostering, transporting and caring for these huskies is extremely expensive.

Jeromie Williams Director of Pet Pardons Canada contacted and convinced OSD to allow Pet Pardons to assist their efforts with a ChipIn. Pet Pardons has turned over $4000 only after the rescue started going public with this alleged scam but refuses to pay OSD the rest totaling $2180.84 stating that Pet Pardons did not organize this ChipIn but rather their Director of Canada Pet Pardons, Jeromie Williams did so using his personal Paypal account and that he alone is responsible to pay the rescue. That is not acceptable, the ChipIn states it is organized by Pet Pardons and Jeromie Williams organized this ChipIn within his role as Director. Pet Pardons promoted this ChipIn on their Facebook page. Jeromie Williams refuses to turn over the rest of the money he raised on behalf of this rescue to them. In any event Jeromie Williams should not be allowed to keep this money raised under the guise of going to a rescue! This is not the first time Jeromie Williams/Pet Pardons has been accused of a ChipIn fraud but let’s make it the last. Just as outrageous Jeromie Williams has called a rescue member at 11 pm at night making ominous scary threats regarding this ChipIn. You can listen to part of that here. Tell Pet Pardons to pay this worthy rescue all of the money they raised on their behalf , scams and behavior like this are not tolerated, and that Jeromie Williams and/or Pet Pardons should not be allowed to keep it for themselves and their own personal gain! Pet Pardons is supposed to help save pets not steal rescues money. Shame on them! Contact them today!

Contact information:
Pet Pardons Media Inc. 852 5th Ave. Suite 307 San Diego, CA 92101 (213) 290-6260
Jeromie Williams
Pet Pardons
President of Pet Pardons Chris Hoar
Director of Pet Pardons Canada Jeromie Williams and
Read about Pet Pardons and their other alleged scams here.
Read more of Jeromie Williams alleged harassment of others and see his reported violent type threats here.
Learn more about this wonderful rescue that was victimized by Pet Pardons here.
Thank you from Pet Advocates Network. Spreading truth on behalf on homeless pets daily with no excuses!

UPDATE: Here are some of the responses from members of the public who have signed:

“How horrible! I pledge to chip-in’s all the time. This money was raised to help those Husky’s, not for your greedy little hands.
– Elizabeth Groneman

“I am outraged that people make money on the back of dogs in need…..! THIS HAS GOT TO STOP…..SHAME ON YOU PET PARDONS…..!”
– Murielle Clement

“Come on Jeromie Williams hand over the money. Why are you doing this to the animals? Your nothing but a thief and crook.
– JoAnn Harris

Use the money for what it is meant for–to pay for these beautiful huskies that will be killed to be bought and given a new home to live the rest of their lives at!”
– Mary Leon

“I hope this is lesson learned; don’t deal with this organisation again!
– Jacqui Trevillian

“All I can say is you have irrevocably damaged your Pet Pardons program. Now that this is out there, you can kiss your donations goodbye as who is going to donate to a bunch of people who steal from the animals they purport to save?
– Allie Tennant

“Okay, what we have here are some SOBs that want to profit off of humans that actually care about the the welfare of animals, in this case, Husky sled dogs. I do not give a damn whether Jeromie Williams organized this ChipIn within his role as Director or Pet Pardons organized it. Both names are associated with it on their Facebook page. What an absolute bunch of morons. Pet Pardons has to have faces behind the name. Right now that name and those faces are both represented by cheaters, liars and frauds. Take the SOBs to court and put them in jail. Better yet, tie the jerks to dog sleds and let them pull the sleds around Alaska for a few months.”
– Jackie Davis

“I am signing this petition because I believe that by not turning over all of the donations raised to OSD, laws were broken, if not than at the least moral and ethical obligations. I was raised that if you say you are going to do something, you do it. You are only as good as your word. And right now, Pet Pardons and Jeromie Williams word says a whole lot about them. Its not good.
– Amy Falls

“Jeromie Williams owes Operation Sled Dogs $2180.84. Yeah, he sure is working hard to help animals in need! By pocketing their donation money…? Seriously? Jeromie’s behavior regarding this is deplorable, disgraceful, and he should be ashamed. Anyone defending him needs to do their research! Threatening people who ask you to pay the money you owe? Real professional. Pet Pardons president needs to act now. It is really bad PR for Pet Pardons. I donate locally, it is all I can afford, but based on recent events I would never trust Pet Pardons to get my money to the right place.”
– Zoe Gourdie

Shame on you pet pardons. You should be helping dogs .Hand over the money, it’s not too late to do the right thing.”
– Ariane Coury

“this organization needs to turn over all of the money that they raised for Operation Sled Dog. Taking money from a rescue helping dogs in danger of euth is disgusting.
– Diana Koller

“Is there, ultimately, NO ONE to trust??? As long as Jeromie Williams is listed on the Pet Pardons masthead, the affiliation is undeniable, making Chris Hoar equally culpable and utterly unable to deny responsibility for this disgusting turn of events. We have yet to hear you repudiate the outrageous, threatening phone calls made by this foolish man. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU for betraying your mission and those who gave what little they have. You not only demean yourselves and the generous people who donated but, even worse, revictimize the animals. Truly a sad reflection on all associated with Pet Pardons and an epic disappointment. You have lost many friends as a result of this vile experience; it vitiates whatever good you may have done and leaves us with the image of you as merely another group perverted by self-importance and self-interest. For $2200 you have destroyed your own reputation; a very poor exchange, indeed.”
– Cathy Karr

You need to honor your commitment and put the money where it was intended to go!! Not to line your own pockets!!
– Kristi Furlong

“One of my dogs is a husky, so this hits home.
– Desiree Pratt

Unethical and despicable behaviour by Jeromie Williams and yes, Pet Pardons should be held accountable for their employee’s/Directors’ activities especially given Pet Pardons promoted the ChipIn for OSD on their facebook page.”
– Suzanne Rowley

“Have sent my letter to these so called humans. These animals are so beautiful – wish I looked like that:~)”
– Ginger Neimo

Abused animals and those who rescue them have it hard enough without someone getting their dirty little hands in the money jar and refusing to give ALL OF IT it to whom they pledged they would.”
– Linda Amundson

“Pet Pardons needs to take a more active role in correcting this situation. They have their name on this fraudulent Chip- In, their reputation is going to suffer. They need to sever ties immediately with Jeromie Williams and all funds raised need to be sent to OSD.
– Erica Podjasek

As of today, the remaining funds have not been provided, and Jeromie remains at Pet Pardons.