Petition Started to Demand Jeromie Williams Surrender Funds

A petition has been created on to demand that Jeromie Williams surrender the remaining $2,180 he raised for the Operation Sled Dog (OSD) rescue group:

Pet Pardons and Jeromie Williams are shamefully not paying a rescue $2180.84 of ChipIn funds raised on their behalf. On March 27th 2012 Pet Pardons, a Facebook app and advertising website supposedly formed to help save pets, organized and raised $6180.84 via a ChipIn for a group called “Operation Sled Dogs”. OSD is comprised of animal advocates concerned with saving sled dogs from being “culled” or killed by commercial sledders and whose goal is to rehome the dogs instead. Thus far OSD has saved 25 huskies slated to be killed, even though the refusal of Pet Pardons to turn over the money raised on their behalf made this much more difficult and almost cost the dogs their lives. Saving, fostering, transporting and caring for these huskies is extremely expensive.

Jeromie Williams Director of Pet Pardons Canada contacted and convinced OSD to allow Pet Pardons to assist their efforts with a ChipIn. Pet Pardons has turned over $4000 only after the rescue started going public with this alleged scam but refuses to pay OSD the rest totaling $2180.84 stating that Pet Pardons did not organize this ChipIn but rather their Director of Canada Pet Pardons, Jeromie Williams did so using his personal Paypal account and that he alone is responsible to pay the rescue. That is not acceptable, the ChipIn states it is organized by Pet Pardons and Jeromie Williams organized this ChipIn within his role as Director. Pet Pardons promoted this ChipIn on their Facebook page. Jeromie Williams refuses to turn over the rest of the money he raised on behalf of this rescue to them. In any event Jeromie Williams should not be allowed to keep this money raised under the guise of going to a rescue! This is not the first time Jeromie Williams/Pet Pardons has been accused of a ChipIn fraud but let’s make it the last. Just as outrageous Jeromie Williams has called a rescue member at 11 pm at night making ominous scary threats regarding this ChipIn. You can listen to part of that here. Tell Pet Pardons to pay this worthy rescue all of the money they raised on their behalf , scams and behavior like this are not tolerated, and that Jeromie Williams and/or Pet Pardons should not be allowed to keep it for themselves and their own personal gain! Pet Pardons is supposed to help save pets not steal rescues money. Shame on them! Contact them today!

Contact information:
Pet Pardons Media Inc. 852 5th Ave. Suite 307 San Diego, CA 92101 (213) 290-6260
Jeromie Williams
Pet Pardons
President of Pet Pardons Chris Hoar
Director of Pet Pardons Canada Jeromie Williams and
Read about Pet Pardons and their other alleged scams here.
Read more of Jeromie Williams alleged harassment of others and see his reported violent type threats here.
Learn more about this wonderful rescue that was victimized by Pet Pardons here.
Thank you from Pet Advocates Network. Spreading truth on behalf on homeless pets daily with no excuses!

UPDATE: Here are some of the responses from members of the public who have signed:

“How horrible! I pledge to chip-in’s all the time. This money was raised to help those Husky’s, not for your greedy little hands.
– Elizabeth Groneman

“I am outraged that people make money on the back of dogs in need…..! THIS HAS GOT TO STOP…..SHAME ON YOU PET PARDONS…..!”
– Murielle Clement

“Come on Jeromie Williams hand over the money. Why are you doing this to the animals? Your nothing but a thief and crook.
– JoAnn Harris

Use the money for what it is meant for–to pay for these beautiful huskies that will be killed to be bought and given a new home to live the rest of their lives at!”
– Mary Leon

“I hope this is lesson learned; don’t deal with this organisation again!
– Jacqui Trevillian

“All I can say is you have irrevocably damaged your Pet Pardons program. Now that this is out there, you can kiss your donations goodbye as who is going to donate to a bunch of people who steal from the animals they purport to save?
– Allie Tennant

“Okay, what we have here are some SOBs that want to profit off of humans that actually care about the the welfare of animals, in this case, Husky sled dogs. I do not give a damn whether Jeromie Williams organized this ChipIn within his role as Director or Pet Pardons organized it. Both names are associated with it on their Facebook page. What an absolute bunch of morons. Pet Pardons has to have faces behind the name. Right now that name and those faces are both represented by cheaters, liars and frauds. Take the SOBs to court and put them in jail. Better yet, tie the jerks to dog sleds and let them pull the sleds around Alaska for a few months.”
– Jackie Davis

“I am signing this petition because I believe that by not turning over all of the donations raised to OSD, laws were broken, if not than at the least moral and ethical obligations. I was raised that if you say you are going to do something, you do it. You are only as good as your word. And right now, Pet Pardons and Jeromie Williams word says a whole lot about them. Its not good.
– Amy Falls

“Jeromie Williams owes Operation Sled Dogs $2180.84. Yeah, he sure is working hard to help animals in need! By pocketing their donation money…? Seriously? Jeromie’s behavior regarding this is deplorable, disgraceful, and he should be ashamed. Anyone defending him needs to do their research! Threatening people who ask you to pay the money you owe? Real professional. Pet Pardons president needs to act now. It is really bad PR for Pet Pardons. I donate locally, it is all I can afford, but based on recent events I would never trust Pet Pardons to get my money to the right place.”
– Zoe Gourdie

Shame on you pet pardons. You should be helping dogs .Hand over the money, it’s not too late to do the right thing.”
– Ariane Coury

“this organization needs to turn over all of the money that they raised for Operation Sled Dog. Taking money from a rescue helping dogs in danger of euth is disgusting.
– Diana Koller

“Is there, ultimately, NO ONE to trust??? As long as Jeromie Williams is listed on the Pet Pardons masthead, the affiliation is undeniable, making Chris Hoar equally culpable and utterly unable to deny responsibility for this disgusting turn of events. We have yet to hear you repudiate the outrageous, threatening phone calls made by this foolish man. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU for betraying your mission and those who gave what little they have. You not only demean yourselves and the generous people who donated but, even worse, revictimize the animals. Truly a sad reflection on all associated with Pet Pardons and an epic disappointment. You have lost many friends as a result of this vile experience; it vitiates whatever good you may have done and leaves us with the image of you as merely another group perverted by self-importance and self-interest. For $2200 you have destroyed your own reputation; a very poor exchange, indeed.”
– Cathy Karr

You need to honor your commitment and put the money where it was intended to go!! Not to line your own pockets!!
– Kristi Furlong

“One of my dogs is a husky, so this hits home.
– Desiree Pratt

Unethical and despicable behaviour by Jeromie Williams and yes, Pet Pardons should be held accountable for their employee’s/Directors’ activities especially given Pet Pardons promoted the ChipIn for OSD on their facebook page.”
– Suzanne Rowley

“Have sent my letter to these so called humans. These animals are so beautiful – wish I looked like that:~)”
– Ginger Neimo

Abused animals and those who rescue them have it hard enough without someone getting their dirty little hands in the money jar and refusing to give ALL OF IT it to whom they pledged they would.”
– Linda Amundson

“Pet Pardons needs to take a more active role in correcting this situation. They have their name on this fraudulent Chip- In, their reputation is going to suffer. They need to sever ties immediately with Jeromie Williams and all funds raised need to be sent to OSD.
– Erica Podjasek

As of today, the remaining funds have not been provided, and Jeromie remains at Pet Pardons.

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