Jeromie Williams Threatens Animal Rescuers (Again): “I’ve got you guys lined up in my sights”

GailyThere is more shocking and disturbing news today from the Pet Advocates Network, as Jeromie Williams, the Director of Operations for Pet Pardons Canada, has yet again threatened volunteer animal rescuers using violent, abusive and obscene language.

Jeromie was angry, apparently, that they have started a Facebook group and online petition to ask him to transfer money he still owes them, and, in particular, that they dared to link to this blog, which he calls “crazy” and “fucking smoke and mirrors bullshit.” (That is not what The Examiner or The Gaily concluded, presumably, when they terminated all connections with Jeromie earlier this year.) [UPDATE: OSD members have indicated that they did not create the OSD/ChipIn Facebook site. It was apparently created by an interested third party.]

Briefly, as we have reported previously, on March 27, Jeromie created a ChipIn account to raise money (purportedly) to help support the rescue over 25 Huskies from a dog sledding company owner in Quebec. Donors were promised that “On the ground for the rescue will be Jeromie Williams, the Managing Editor for the Pet Pardons News & Blog, making sure that every dollar raised tonight goes as far as it can.” Unfortunately, though the ChipIn raised $6,180.84 (USD), those dollars didn’t go much further than Jeromie Williams’ bank account. After incredible effort and pressure, Jeromie transferred $4,000, in four $1,000 increments, leaving approximately $1,800 owing (after USD-CDN conversion).

Audio of a telephone conversation between Jeromie and OSD rescuers concerning this outstanding $1,800 has been posted online:

Here is an annotated transcript:

Jeromie Williams: … So, you’re implicated through having taken the money [unintelligible] and saying you’re a non-profit organization when you’re not…

Female Animal Rescuer:We never said we were a non-profit organization.

Jeromie: You have it right on your Facebook page. It says non-profit organization. I screen-capped it. Don’t go ahead and change it. You promote yourselves as a non-profit organization. And, you’re putting up bullshit about me. And if that page isn’t down tonight, I swear to God by the weekend you’ll be in jail. Or you’ll be charged. Or you’ll have to be [unintelligible] to your house.

Topher’s Comment: Join the party folks. Jeromie threatened to have me “thrown in jail” back in January. Kim, too. And maybe her sons, though he mostly threatened them with deportation. We’re still waiting for the police to show up. It’s taking quite a while, though. I wonder if they’re busy with other things… And as I’ve written previously, it’s quite odd for Jeromie to berate the animal rescue group (OSD) for supposedly misrepresenting themselves as a non-profit group on Facebook, when they have lost $1,500 on their rescue operation, and Jeromie is (simultaneously) sending them photos of the $1,800 he raised for them but refuses to transfer. As I noted above, donors were promised that “every dollar” would be turned over. So, really, who is misrepresenting themselves here?

Female Animal Rescuer:And what about you for fraud?

Jeromie: I have your address. I know people who know where you live. And the police will come. So that if it doesn’t get taken down, you know, I’ll give you by Friday night, I’ll give you by Friday night, if it doesn’t get taken down, you are going to be in shit. You are going to be… because you are the only person who has taken money from me. And I can, I can track you through bank records. You’re the only person who has had contact with me. And I’d still come after you, because you’re the only one that I can. So you need to tell your people to cut it the fuck out and stop lying, because you know they’re lying about me.

Topher’s Comment: Back in January, Jeromie claimed to be able to “pinpoint” Kim’s location via her IP address, “within 50 feet.” (He was lying, of course.) While he also threatened that the police (FBI!) would come, the meaning of those comments was ambiguous, as he clearly threatened to come to Kim’s house himself. “See you in Boulder next week. Ticket is already booked,” he wrote. “First you go down, then Topher is next.” The threat of physical violence is implicit in the statement.

Female Animal Rescuer:Lying about you?

Jeromie: The receipt is on the table.

Female Animal Rescuer:Lying about you?

Jeromie: It’s on the table… [unintelligible] fucking receipt.

Female Animal Rescuer:Lying about you?

Jeromie: And you know it.

Female Animal Rescuer: Jeromie, lying about you?

Jeromie: And you know it.

Female Animal Rescuer:Lying about you?

Jeromie: But you won’t show it.

Female Animal Rescuer:Jeromie, you’ve collected $6,000. We’ve received $4,000 out of that $6,000.

Jeromie: No, because [unintelligible] $5,700 of which you’ve gotten $4,000.

Female Animal Rescuer:We’ve got $4,000 out the $6,000.

Jeromie: No, because [unintelligible] funds to Canadian funds, and you know that.

Female Animal Rescuer:And you didn’t lose $2,000 in, in you know, turning it into Canadian funds. Please, it’s at par.

Jeromie: $400, $400, 400, from Canadian to American. Or from American to Canadian.

Female Animal Rescuer:So that means that’s $5,700, so that means there’s another $1,700 that should come to us.

Jeromie: When you shall receive. And when you stop…

Female Animal Rescuer:When I shall receive? When I shall receive?

Jeromie: Because you gave those fucking dogs to breeders and you breeded them on the way.

Female Animal Rescuer:We didn’t give them…

Male Animal Rescuer: … bred the dogs on the way, by the way.

Jeromie: Somebody from your inner circle, from your core members, showed me e-mails, showed me everything you guys are doing. You guys don’t realise what I have [unintelligible]. You don’t realise the information that I have. I can destroy all of you at any given moment, and I’m giving you the opportunity to not make me do that. One of your core members has given me all the information. I know how many puppies died, okay?

Topher’s Comment: We’ve heard all this before too. In January, Jeromie warned us that “people who you think are your allies are completely on my side.” Well, oops, those “people” were, in reality, fake, sock puppet accounts created and controlled by Jeromie Williams. They would send us threats, and post lies to support Jeromie, but that’s about it. It’s also worth noting here that Jeromie Williams has been removed from his position at the Examiner after this blog uncovered his long history of writing about events that never happened, people who don’t exist, and even supposed witnesses to serious crimes who do not exist, at least not outside of the imagination of Jeromie Williams.

Female Animal Rescuer:How many puppies died?

Jeromie: I know, I know that Mike was breeding those dogs on the way. I know that, sorry not Mike, I know that the guy that Mike was friends, Bill or whatever his name is, the one in, in, in, in, B.C., or, or, or, ah, Alberta, I know that he’s a 70 year old man who’s a, who’s a, who has no way to take care of these dogs, and also a known breeder. I know everything.

Topher’s Comment: In, in, in, in…. or, or, or, ah…. Notice he doesn’t answer the question. On his blog, he says one. Also, more than one: “Amateur Husky Rescue In Canada Kills Puppies During Rescue.” One, many, who knows really. All that’s clear is that I wouldn’t trust Jeromie Williams to run anything, let alone handle donations for legitimate animal rescue organizations.

Female Animal Rescuer:Oh you do, eh?

Jeromie: Yes. I do. I know everything. So what I’m telling you is, it’s in your best interest to drop this bullshit scam you guys are doing, take the $1,700, and shut the fuck up, and go away. Because you’re not going to win, and you’re going to lose, because I have all the information.

Topher’s Comment: Compare to the advice of “Stephen Equality” (a confirmed Jeromie sock puppet) to Kim Johnston back in December: “do the right thing here and stop making up crazy shit… Your best move now, is to remove your comments, and walk away.”

Female Animal Rescuer:You do. It’s wonderful to know that you have all the information.

Jeromie: And you don’t even know what I have.

Female Animal Rescuer:The thing is…

Jeromie: You don’t even know what I have.

Female Animal Rescuer:Well, you don’t know what we also have more information on you too Jeromie.

Male Animal Rescuer:[laughs]

Jeromie: No, there’s nothing to have on me. You guys know, you guys know it’s all fucking smoke and mirrors bullshit. You have [unintelligible] up that crazy blog people wrote about me. Good for you. Wow. But I have information from someone who is in your core members, [unintelligible] sending me e-mails, showing me pictures, and sending me e-mails… [unintelligible]. I know everything. So, I would suggest you take down that little site about ChipIn-ing, I would suggest that you guys swallow your pride, and stop trying to scam me and Pet Pardons, stop… [unintelligible] first donors to give $500 to the cause. That $1,000 that came from, not from… [unintelligible] was part of that money [unintelligible] and she’s desperate for money. So, that’s what it comes down to in the end. Really, that’s what it comes down to, is… I’ve got all the info. I’ve got you guys lined up in my sights. I’m giving you the opportunity to help yourself, and just drop all the bullshit, and just take what’s owed to you, and go off into the sunset. I also know who the guy is. And I also know where he, where the, the, the dog [unintelligible] and I have his address [unintelligible] fucking adopt [unintelligible] …

Topher’s Comment: Firstly, it’s rather incredible to see Jeromie Williams threaten these animal rescuers using this terminology, as the Pet Advocates Network has noted: “This is particularly disturbing as this violent term alludes to shooting a target with a gun. It is also a hunter’s term, ironic since [Pet Pardons] is ostensibly against hunting.” Secondly, note that Jeromie is accusing OSD of scamming him, whilst he is, in fact, scamming them, or more accurately, his own donors, who thought they were donating to OSD.

Female Animal Rescuer:Okay, um.

Jeromie: [unintelligible] I’m still getting [unintelligible] death threats.

Female Animal Rescuer:Well, I know you’re wanted by the SQ for uttering threats, and so because…

Jeromie: I’m not… [unintelligible] anybody…

Female Animal Rescuer:You are wanted by the SQ Jeromie, and I am going to place a cease and desist on you for uttering threats, and harassing me.

Jeromie: But I’m not uttering [unintelligible] and I haven’t… [unintelligible]

Female Animal Rescuer:You’re not uttering threats? Please.

Jeromie: I’m not uttering threats. I’m telling you the facts, I’m telling you that…

Female Animal Rescuer:Well I’m telling you the facts too, that you are telling me to do stuff, and, “or else,” and that’s a threat.

Jeromie: [unintelligible]

Female Animal Rescuer:You’re telling me you know where I live. What are you going to do? You’re going to come and do something to my house?

Jeromie: I’ve never done anything about your house, and you’re lying now.

Female Animal Rescuer:You start threatening me or my house or my family, that’s uttering a threat.

Jeromie: Oh my God, that’s fucking crazy [unintelligible]. Just stop the bullshit, and this all goes away, you get your [money] and you put it in your bank account, and you can go and transfer dogs to breeders as much as you want. [unintelligible]

Female Animal Rescuer:I’ve never transferred a dog to a breeder in my life. Never transferred a dog to a breeder. They have all been neutered. All of them. And so you don’t know what you’re talking about. Whoever is feeding you information is feeding you lies. And if it’s Kelly Wilson, I wouldn’t rely too much on what Kelly Wilson has to say.

[beep beep beep]

Female Animal Rescuer:He hung up on me.

As the Pet Advocates Network notes, the rescuer maintains her professional tone throughout the conversation. The contrast with Jeromie Williams is striking.

Please consider signing the online petition to demand that Jeromie Williams turn over the remaining $1,800 to the animal rescuers at OSD without any further delay.

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