Toronto Pet Daily Concludes Jeromie Williams Stole Donations

Following up on its earlier story, today the Toronto Pet Daily has concluded that Jeromie Williams, the Director of Operations for Pet Pardons Canada, has stolen donations intended to help rescue over 25 Huskies from a dog sledding company owner:

Earlier this week, I published an article detailing accusations made by a Canadian rescue organization against “Pet Pardons”, an online organization that has the mandate, “To End the Killing & No More Homeless Pets by January 1, 2015.”  I have received no response from any representative of Pet Pardons. The way I see it, the organization is hoping that this issue will quietly go away and be forgotten. It is arrogant on their part to believe they can simply ignore the questions posed to them by concerned citizens as to whether or not any of their members are pocketing donations and deceiving the public. I’ll let the readers form their own opinions.

I will say however, that in cases where one party refuses to be transparent to those providing their hard earned income, it makes it easier to conclude their motives are anything but noble. Just look at the OSPCA and that organization’s refusal to be transparent to Ontario citizens. The result? A loss of thousands upon thousands of dollars in donations. Through their silence Pet Pardons representatives have thrown their credibility out the window. If they think this issue will go away any time soon, they are horribly mistaken. Real advocates who feel any animals have been wronged or that a “rescue” has deceived the public will not stop exposing the situation until relevant concerns have been addressed.

Let’s look at some of the concerns that have yet to be addressed, and some new allegations that have recently come to light :

– Apparently Jeromie Williams, a self-described “Social Media Specialist” and director of Pet Pardons Canada, has sent dozens of threatening emails and voice messages to those who have questioned his motives in soliciting donations for cause upon cause on various “ChipIn” pages. God knows if any of the collected donations have ever actually been distributed into the right hands.

– Pet Pardons president Chris Hoar has offered no explanation as to where these funds are, and his lack of communication implies he has no concerns whatsoever that Williams is pocketing these donations. Nor has he expressed concern in regard to Mr. Williams’ alleged threats against one woman, her sons, and her dog. [see here for more information]

– Pet Pardons has refused to address the situation on its Facebook page. When people post LEGITIMATE concerns and questions, their posts are deleted and they are then banned from the page.

We wouldn’t be surprised if they are being deleted and banned from the site by Jeromie Williams himself. Certainly this is how he reacted to anyone who questioned his false Examiner articles on the (now defunct) Nathan Kotylak Facebook group (including myself, Kim Johnston, and many others).

Toronto Pet Daily continues:

To my estimation, Pet Pardons is nothing but a front for a select group of greedy, manipulative people who care more about fattening their wallets than they ever will about any animal in distress. You see, this is what illegitimate rescuers do : they tug at your heartstrings. They show you a picture (often of an animal that doesn’t even exist) and provide you with a story so full of horrifying details that you, as a caring animal lover, don’t even give yourself enough time to consider NOT donating. Let’s not forget they also give you a small window of time to donate, after which there will be deadly consequences for one poor animal. Once they have your money you receive no receipt and no further information.

Here’s what else these groups will do. If you question them in any way, they will cite cases where they have actually helped animals in distress, and expect that to placate you. It shouldn’t. You should not be supporting an organization that properly uses your donations SOME OF THE TIME.

In an update, they note that Operation Sled Dogs has released a financial statement showing all donations received and how they were used. Unfortunately, it appears the organization incurred a loss of approximately $1,500, which is (by coincidence) roughly the amount that Jeromie Williams has apparently kept for himself. Shameful.

Read the whole article here, and please visit The Pet Advocates Network for more details on this scandal, or the OSD/ChipIn Facebook page.

Also, as you may know, this blog has previously reported on the ChipIn scams of Jeromie Williams, amongst his other illegal, fraudulent and reprehensible activities.

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