Jeromie Williams Caught with His Hands in the Cookie Jar – Again. Or should we say chipin accounts?

Let us make it very clear – Kim, Topher and myself have no connections to OperationSledDogs or to OSD ChipIn Facts. It was sent to one of us by a concerned citizen.
The actions of Jeromie Williams have not changed since we exposed him in early January 2012,  so we felt we should make his previous actions known again.
The Operation Sled Dog Group are not alone in their fight for justice and for the truth to prevail.  We are happy to allow the reference to our blog – Jeromie Williams is a Fraud by the OSD ChipIn Facts.

Just when you think you may have heard the last of Jeromie Williams, he rears his ugly head again – using one of his favorite tools – The Chipin.

The cool new way to rasie money for something – whether it be to save animals, fun his travel, pay his rent – the old Chip in has proved a handy source of cash for Jeromie Williams.

This time he offered to help Operation Sled Dogs
with a chip in account to raise $5000. With the help of Pet Pardons – a popular US animal rights Facebook page
(Pet Pardons has an App and community page).

With a post on Pet Pardons wall. The money was rasied in less that 2 hours.
The chip in Jeromie Started for OperationSledDogs  As donations flowed in many contributors made comments.

Then a person founded  OSD ChipIn Facts. Bring the actions of Jeromie Williams was dealing with the donations made to save these huskies.
But it all came to a screeching halt when Jeromie Williams decided he did not want to turn over all the funds!  Which ironically, went to his private paypal account…..
After much public pressure by the OSD group, Williams decided to turn over “some” of the cash. Making payments of $1,000 at a time.
To my understanding Jeromie turned over $4000 in 4 payments of $1000 each.   Pet Pardons and Chris Hoar’s lawyer have acknowledge the amount remaining as $1,759 (CAD)

Mr. Williams decided, was a “management fee.”  There was also mention of $400, which he explained to be a profit he had made off the exchange rate.  We got out our calculators people, and with the current on par exchange rate, for Williams to have profited $400 – the funds raised would have been around $364,000. Mr. Williams did send a picture of $1800 USD to members of  OperationSledDogs  “Saying come and get it”.  So is Mr. Williams lying again?  Did he exchange all the money from the Chip in? Then the $400 profit is not all the profit he will make off the exchange rate. He still has $1800USD.

This is not the first time Jeromie only turned over part of the money raised by doing a chipin for a dog rescue.
As reported on this blog before.
One of his first was for the Quebec puppy mill
Where $3544  was raised by this chip in  The result.  Jeromie Williams  with Humane Society International staff who
rescued over 500 dogs from a government seizure. Pet Pardons Canada gave $3000 towards the rescue efforts.
That is $544 Jeromie kept.

In another case, Mr. Williams raised $2,777 for a certain dog through a ChipIn account, but may have donated as little as $1,600.
Noting this discrepancy, Liz Schiavone asked that people donate directly to the Linda Blair World Heart Foundation, an organization dedicated to rescuing animals in California.
So Jeromie kept another $1,177.
With Jeromie’s chip in accounts.  He keeps a certin percentage for management fees.
$1759+$544+1177=$3480.  Not bad for only doing a few hours work. That at the suffering of the animals he is wanting to help save.
When confronted with the money he did not turn over. Jeromie went into this I am right you are wrong mode.
The threats started against members of Operation Sled Dogs. Simalar to the ones he made to Kim Johnson months ago – for which police complaints were made.
Deleting any comments on his FB page that does not agree with his point of view. Banning people.
One threat was very close to one Kim Received.  Kim’s was in an email.   This one is on an answering machine with
one very threatening voicemail, 

Our concern is that Pet Pardons USA was notified many times of Jeromie Wiliams activities in December 2011 and again in early January 2012 – yet did nothing.

When we tried to contact Chris Hoar about Jeromie Williams actions back in Jan. He did not answer any of the question put forth to him About Jeromie. To this day still has not.

Which is an action confirmed by a story by
The Toronto Pet Daily   Thank you for letting us use your stories here.
On May 6 The Toronto Pet Daily
Did a story on the actions of Chris Hoar and Jeromie Williams response to the money that Jeromie Williams with held.
At first they did not reply.

Eventually, it appears as though Mr. Williams finally agreed to give the rest of the funds to the rescue group, as he made the offer in the form of an ultimatum and told Operation Sled Dogs,

“You have 48 hours.” As it stands now, Operation Sled Dogs has still not received the balance of the funds, and Mr. Williams has taken to his blog accusing the organization of killing puppies.
Remember this is an organization that in the end, Mr. Williams himself raised over $5000 for.

On May 11 The Toronto Pet Daily
Did a follow up story.  Where the writer still had no response back from Pet Pardons or Chirs Hoar.


Operation Sled Dogs has provided the following statement to Toronto Pet Daily :

Operation Sled Dogs is currently in negotiations with Mr. Hoar and his attorney. Out of respect for Mr. Hoar as well as OSD’s desire to move past this unfortunate situation,
we are unable to comment further at this time. OSD will certainly make public the outcome of these negotiations, in consideration of our many supporters, donors
and most importantly the dogs involved in our current and future efforts.

Founders Operation Sled Dogs

To me: Actions speak louder than words.
With Chris Hoar, the Co-founder of Pet Pardons, Not responding to questions put forth to him or Pet Pardons.
Back in Jan 12. Now dealing with a new situation  with an attorney.
Leaves me to believe that Mr. Hoar and Pet Pardons.  Condones Jeromie Williams actions using chipins and
keeping part of the money for himself. Calling it management fees.  Not letting the organization know he is charging the fee or how much.

With so many worthwhile causes out there to donate your hard earned cash to – we would like to advise you to do your research, pick a reputable group –

and let your money go towards saving the life of an animal, and not paying one of the directors rent!!

4 thoughts on “Jeromie Williams Caught with His Hands in the Cookie Jar – Again. Or should we say chipin accounts?

  1. Read this blog for additional information and updates. There have been more threats. The NEW audio and excerpts are posted. More alleged scamming behavior is delved into, like his “threat” to turn over the money to a charity (LOL) “Jeromie Williams/Pet Pardons “I Have You Guys in my Sights” Continues Making Threats to Rescue” All these issues concerning his latest threats and ultimatum are explained (exposed) and discussed here.

  2. Time to Truly Check Who See’s Your Donations?!
    This Person Has Been Taking Large Portions As A Management Fee, Monies That Are/Where Meant For The Animals Rescued, For Vetting, Supplies, Food, Mama’s With New Puppies, ETC
    Each Dog Rescued Has Got Its Own Health Issues, Often Very Serious, ASAP Issues, Requiring Medical Care Immediately!
    This Person has been pocketing donations for animals which were chip-ins for different rescue groups, & most recently Operation Sled Dog (Canada)
    Legal Issues Remaining…
    Pay Up Jeromie, The Funds Were Not Donated For Your Personal Use!!! >.<

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