Pet Pardons Contributing Editor Defends Jeromie Williams’ Disgusting and Criminal Behaviour

Cayr Ariel WulffUPDATE: In the comments, Cayr Ariel Wulff is outraged that we have written she supports a man who makes death threats against women and kids and steals thousands of dollars from animal rescue operations. Oops, sorry. Actually, she’s just outraged about… copyright infringement (that we have used her picture, at right).

For the record, under 17 USC § 107, fair use of copyrighted work for the purposes of criticism, comment, or news reporting, is not an infringement of copyright. This is a non-profit, educational site.

UPDATE 2 (August 6, 2012): After libeling the OSD group, Alison Hector, and myself in the comments (see below), Cayr Ariel Wulff submitted a sham DMCA takedown letter to WordPress, demanding they remove her picture from their servers. Normally we would have no hesitation to file a counter notification to ask WordPress to restore the image. However, given that we would have to provide our addresses for Ms. Wulff’s process server, and that she would undoubtedly forward them to Jeromie Williams, who has threatened to kill us, we are still working on an appropriate response.

Fortunately one of the members of our group is a graphic artist, who was able to provide an alternative rendition of Ms. Wulff. We feel it suits her personality better than the original.

Original story continues below.

First, a quick recap.

When this blog revealed Jeromie Williams’ history of fabricating events, people, and even supposed witnesses to serious crimes in his column at the, they fired him immediately.

When we revealed that he had made death threats against the creators of this blog, stalked their kids, and harassed them using homophobic epithets (yes, really), the LGBT website The Gaily fired him a few months later.

When we contacted Pet Pardons Canada, where Jeromie serves as Director of Operations, with evidence that he was breaking the organization’s rules, and stealing from various ChipIn accounts, they didn’t even respond. That’s right, back in January, co-founders Chris Hoar and Ashley Owen Hill didn’t even respond to us.

You might think, well, they’re probably wishing they had taken our warnings more seriously, given that Jeromie has since stolen more money (this time $1,800 from a sled dog rescue group), as confirmed by Toronto Pet Daily. Not to mention that, once again, he has made a series of violent threats against anyone who dares to reveal his disgusting behaviour online.

But, it seems, you would be wrong.

Pet Pardons Contributing Editor Cayr Ariel Wulff (email) has defended Jeromie Williams all along. In her mind, the real problem is not Jeromie’s fraud, embezzlement, or violent threats… It’s this blog:

In other words, it’s apparently fine for Jeromie to steal $1,800 from an animal rescue group, then threaten them over the phone when they have the temerity to ask where their money went (“You’re going down…I know exactly where you are” etc.).

But if I dare to write about this on a blog, I am the creepy stalker.

Naturally I took exception to this, so I asked her about it on Twitter. Her response was just more of the same. We are stalking Jeromie, she explained, because this blog is “unwanted/obsessive attention by an individual or group toward another person.” Oh, I’ll bet Jeromie doesn’t want the attention. I bet he wants to scam more unsuspecting animal lovers out of another $1,800. Well, too bad.

Also, she seems to think it’s “bullshit” that we’re “ganging up” on Jeromie, in part because we’re only giving one side (“bias!“). Well, as I responded to her there, if Jeromie would like to refute anything we have written, we’ll happily post it too.

Of course, if he could have refuted anything on our blog, my guess is that he would have done so long ago. Instead, he sent us death threats.

It seems Ms. Wulff just released a new book, Circling the Waggins: How Five Misfit Dogs Saved Me from Bewilderness. The first part is fitting, really, given how eager she (and Pet Pardons) are to circle the, er, waggins, around Jeromie Williams.

But she still seems incredibly bewildered to us.

48 thoughts on “Pet Pardons Contributing Editor Defends Jeromie Williams’ Disgusting and Criminal Behaviour

  1. Tip of the iceberg. I have Ms. Wulff’s comments and praise for Jeromie memorialized. I will email you the copy of a screen shot I made of her stating he didn’t steal the money and was either or paying it to the rescue or giving the money back to donors or to charity. I had many comments, admissions and ridiculous behavior made about and by the Pet Pardons cultists on Pet Advocates Network Group and Page on Facebook. However, I did not realize at the time how afraid of the truth they were and failed to secure screen shots of most of their damning comments to my broadcast of their various and sundry scamming ways prior to their successful removal from FB. One of the most vocal and sadly hilarious of those defending Pet Pardons/Jeromie Williams scams was Ashley Owen Hill’s mother. It was clear she needed her Mommy to defend her. If you care to peruse some of what is still there, go back to those pages for April and May of earlier this year. The point it that every one of the principals in Pet Pardons has some alleged scam/fraud/ controversy associated with them. When they are not allegedly scamming others they are raising money for their friends and partners ie themselves. I urge you to read the Truth about Scotlund Haisley on and just today I came across this illuminating piece . This person’s comments echo my own sentiments on all of the Pet Pardons et al “Scotlund is an egomaniac and always has been. This is what drives most of what he does. His core motivation is to get the spotlight directly on himself. In his early years, he pursued this recklessly at any cost. He’s refined his methods, but still’s just scratching at the same itch. THAT is his motivation, NOT helping animals. And his biggest pray are the supporters of the “animal rights” organizations he’s connected to. Both he and HSUS are cashing in on these naive people, both financially and egotistically. I don’t know about his new group (IDA), but the HSUS is a greedy organization. Considering its deep pockets, it does truly very little for animals. Especially when you compare it to small local organizations that struggle but provide SO much more for both animals and the public in general. Their primary motives are different. Those who don’t know him will do well to remember this: Scotlund is not an animal rights extremist, he’s actually an “ego-extremist”. ” He also is involved in lawsuits alleging fraud. No one in the cult asks what happens to the animals ARC “rescues” but the lawsuits (see article at shed light on some hideous allegations including that these pets many that didn’t really need rescuing in the first place, go to their friends ie kill shelters and are subsequently killed. It has been alleged the animals are also not given water or food after this media blitze “rescue” to make them look worse for the cameras. Pet Pardons has been very successful at raising money for Scotlund and he has used it to purchase things like a vehicle. . The fund raising is constant and lookie here at the latest already over $13000 raised. How nice! As far as the attorney for Pet Pardons and Chris Hoar that told the OSD rescue to shove it ( I have all the details of that outrageous exchange if interested), here are some posts “Pet Pardons Scams continues! Cherie Davis who was fired from AC in Chicago for basically being a butcher, a highly paid butcher is acting as Chris Hoar and Pet Pardons attorney in general and to harass a rescue that wants the money from the chip in PP put up for them but won’t turn over! Here is some more on that disgusting pet killer!” “Cherie Davis recently fired as Exec Dir of the notoriously heinous animal slaughtering AC of Chicago. Another poser on the Pet Pardons payroll (as their attorney) – pretending she cares about pets but in reality just like all of Pet Pardons just wants the $.” Ashley Owen Hill is a whole ‘nother story. Suffice it to say she constantly begs for money stating she is so poverty struck and “starving”, but you would never know that she has a successful real estate broker husband or a fierce mommy that lives close by that would surely not let her baby starve. She also pretended to euthanize a dog in one of her many tear jerking in blogs to rouse sympathetic funds, a dog the vet confirmed was still alive and treatable. When this came to light she went ahead and did have her killed with a follow up blog “explaining that” and managed to twist it so she could raise even more funds with the subsequent blog. The details were published on FB but as I said sadly Pet Pardons couldn’t stand the heat. The main ruse and to me the largest travesty is that they pretend their sole goal is to save animals from shelter deaths but in actuality facilitate them in many ways including but not limited to via befriending kill shelters, never holding kill shelters accountable, protecting kill shelters, being partners with kill shelters ( Horse Plus ,Scotlund and Cherie) and never tout the only known cure for shelter deaths, the “No Kill Equation” nor the 40 open admissions shelters saving over 90% of their intake by using theses true life saving methods. They also focus on blaming the “irresponsible public” for shelter deaths and rebel rouse with the irony that the same irresponsible public is sending them money out the yin yang.They perpetuate myths that they know are false and in fact cause more shelter deaths as well. Of course if they did acknowledge the no kill solutions and pet shelter deaths became a thing of the past then couldn’t continue to fund raise in the same way.

  2. Per my other comment since their entire premise is a sham and since the principals and partners of Pet Pardons use threats as their MO to silence any opposition or just to get what they want, it should come of no surprise that the other principals of Pet Pardons are not only aware of Jeromie’s out and out theft (of rescues money no less), and violent threats but condone it and constantly praise him.

  3. Pet Advocates,

    Yes, I did notice some of her other comments on your FB site. I saved screenshots where I could, e.g., though as you point out, some of it has been deleted. I understand Jeromie deleted his own posts (no doubt so that we wouldn’t be able post evidence of his lies, threats, etc.). I also read some of the comments of Debbie Gilbert Owen. You’re right, sad. None of them seem to care at all about his fraud, threats, etc., because (it would seem) they are all complicit in scams of their own, or they’re covering up for their friends (or daughter, as the case may be).

    We’d certainly appreciate it if you would like to forward us any screenshots of Ms. Wulff’s outrageous comments, or, particularly, any comments from the Pet Pardons attorney, Cherie Davis, re Jeromie’s stolen $1,800. You can e-mail me at and Kim at

    I am interested in starting a campaign to boycott Pet Pardons given their support for Jeromie Williams, but given that their malfeasance goes far deeper than this, you may be in a better position to lead it, if you’re interested. Either way, we should try to ensure no one gives this organization another cent.


  4. Here is a new related page you may want to start auditing started by those concerned with perhaps PP’s most controversial longest running and most “successful” alleged scam partner Horse Plus Humane aka Norcal Equine Rescue. Horse Plus does also try to get posts deleted as soon as they get posted. However they can’t always get what they want and some great ones remain. Note the current controversy concerning a gentleman with terminal cancer and a heart condition they are threatening out of greed. I think you will see a familiar bent to their threats. Their idea of “rescue” from slaughter is for the most part just that, slaughter. It’s cheaper than actually adopting out all the horses they “rescue” only to fund raise off of when the cameras are rolling. “They have no shame. They use photos they aren’t theirs to get donations too. They are in essence a high kill shelter masquerading as a rescue for the bucks. They try to put a spin on their high kill rate by calling it the “last gift of kindness”. Tawnee Preisner and Jeromie are bosom buddies and yes she is a principal in Pet Pardons as well. Among other things she co hosts the PP radio show with Jeromie. In addition PP constantly runs chip ins for them them and gives them a percentage of everything they rake in on their sales page. Chris and Tawnee are also the best of friends and he is mentioned frequently on the Horse Plus Humane Frauds FB page.

  5. Pet Pardons are a bunch of liars and criminals

    – Spreads slander about legitimate animal rescues
    – Blackmails rescuers to comply to their rediculous “demands”
    – Actively pushes people to donate to causes, then pockets the money for themselves

  6. You’ve got to be kidding me.


    And all you’re worried about is your stupid picture? That’s just funny, but it’s also pretty sad.

    Here’s the thing. I don’t need your permission to use your picture. It’s called fair use. Look it up.

    Now, having said that, if you convince your friend to give OSD the $1,800 he still owes them, and cut it out with all the threats, then, well, maybe I’ll *consider* removing your picture. No promises.

    Until then, you can tell your friend to expect more of the same.

    • Sorry, but use of a photograph that I took, that is in fact used as branding on my website is not fair use.
      You might want to check into that.
      “A photo you TAKE, belongs to you and can’t be used without your permission. Any photograph belongs to the photographer unless there is a written agreement otherwise. If somebody uses such an image, you can sue them for copyright infringement. You first step is to issue a ‘cease and desist’ order demanding they remove the photo.If they do not, you can sue.”

      in addition:

      “If the picture or any associated text may be libelous, defamatory, or fall outside of what courts have described as “the normal sensibilities” of the target audience, then you may need permission from the subject for your own protection.”

      You are clearly attempting to negatively impact my branding with your blog post by defaming my character. You may also be trying to capitalize on my press for the release of my new book. You are dragging me into a fight that is not even mine. I write for Pet Pardons. That is the extent of my involvement with the organization. I have not been involved in any chip ins, I have no knowledge of what happened between Jeromie and Kim Johnston (nor do I know who she or her sons are). The people associated with Pet Pardons who you continue to mention in your blog have all treated me fairly. Additionally, they are out there on the front lines of animal rescue every day saving lives, not destroying them.

      It seems that my crime was that I defended a friend who was being accused of a wrongdoing, just like any person would do for a friend (although, if you have no friends, that concept might be outside of your experience.) If Jeromie has done all the horrible things you level at him in your many many blog posts, then I find it unbelievable that he has not been arrested and charged with one of the many things you accuse him of.

      I’ve noticed, Topher, how joyously you splash the photos of people you are defaming on your blog, while safely hiding behind a wall of physical anonymity.

      • To Ms. Wulf – ………”IF” Jeromie has done all of this things????? Are you serious. You seem like a sensible woman to me – educated, independent – yet you can read ALL of the evidence that our team had assembled – direct evidence mostly from Mr. Jeromie Williams own email address – along with taped voice recording which is OBVIOUSLY Jeromie Williams whiny voice – again making death threats….yet you question Topher’s posts…. Along with the fact that He DID NOT return the $1800 – DID NOT return it to donators, DID NOT hand it over to the malamute rescue – where the hell is it then??? If Pet Pardons were at all concerned about their fund raising efforts or the animals they supposedly rescue – why do they – OR YOU – continually support this thieving, whimpy little would be if he could be thug!!!!

  7. By the way, I know you don’t care about this, but when Jeromie was posting pictures of Kim Johnston and her sons from their high school basketball games and graduation ceremonies on his WordPress blog, and promising to “fuck them up,” you can’t believe how difficult it was to get them removed. And that was harassment and death threats, not even remotely fair use. So you can go ahead and complain to WordPress, as Jeromie has been doing since January. Good luck with that.

  8. Tell your lawyer (i.e. that dude on Yahoo Answers) to take a look at 17 USC § 107: “the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.”

    That post reports about your defense of Jeromie, and criticises/comments on the both of you. It’s the EPITOME of fair use. Our site is a non-profit public service, that’s educating the public about the sort of people at Pet Pardons. As you may have noticed, there are hundreds of them who will never give Pet Pardons another cent:

    Just to set the record straight, I am not “trying to capitalize on [your] press for the release of [your] new book,” I am making fun of your obtuse defense of Jeromie Williams. You seriously think you can stop other bloggers from even making a reference to your book? What planet are you living on?

    I have never once defamed your character. Like I explained to Jeromie, it’s not defamation if it’s true, and everything I have written about you is 100% true. Again, I’ve simply QUOTED YOUR OWN WORDS (and his). You might not like it, but again, it’s perfectly legal. Defamation requires an untruth (e.g. that I’m a stalker, that I have no friends, that I’m defaming you, etc.).

    Another thing: It’s not true that “any person” would defend a friend who is being accused of a wrongdoing. That’s just absurd. If my friend was guilty of serious crimes, I sure as hell wouldn’t defend him. If he stalked and made death threats against someone, and *their kids*, and the victims blogged about it, I sure as hell wouldn’t call THEM “creepy stalkers.” It takes a particularly twisted person to do that, I think.

    If you had read our blog, you would know that Jeromie is, indeed, under investigation by the SPVM & SQ in Quebec. If he was in the US, he’d probably be in jail already.

    Strange you’ve noticed how I’m “hiding behind a wall of physical anonymity,” yet still nothing about how Jeromie stalked and harassed not only Kim Johnston, but HER TEENAGED SONS, and **their school/business associates.** If you’re asking me to post my address or information about my family, or businesses, uh, no thanks, I’m not going to do that. I don’t need the hassle.

  9. Topher, you misunderstand. I have no problem with you mentioning my book on your blog (that’s ‘not your blog’) and linking to amazon where people can buy it. thank you. What I take exception to is your use of the main page photograph (which I own) from my website (where I have built my ‘brand’), and splashing it without permission on your blog (that’s ‘not your blog’), and then running that disgusting headline alongside it.

    You say that Jeromie Williams in being investigated. It is certainly taking a long time for that investigation, since these instances you are going on about happened 3- 7 months ago. If Jeromie is being investigated, why don’t you leave it at that? Leave it in the hands of the authorities, instead of beating the subject like a dead horse on this blog. I’m quite certain that any authorities investigating Jeromie would have told you by now to lay off so they could, indeed, investigate. Which lends serious doubt to whether he’s being investigated at all. Your continued obsession with Jeromie just backs up my assertion that you are a ‘creepy stalker’.

    Do not yammer on to me about Kim and her sons. I don’t know them. I don’t know what happened. I don’t want to know because IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME.

    Which begs the question: why are you even writing about me on this blog? I was going to suggest that you weren’t able to come up with any more dirt on Jeromie, so now you had to start attacking his friends, but I see you made two new blog posts attacking him. Now he is waging a war on women. oooooookkkkayyyyy.

    The ridiculousness is just astounding.

  10. Look, read the indicia in 17 USC § 107. There’s nothing about “brand.” You cannot prevent fair use (comment, criticism and reporting) of your work simply by, to use your term, “yammering on” about your “brand.” That’s all I have to say about that.

    With respect to my headline, yeah, I agree, it’s disgusting. But it’s 100% accurate. You have defended him and made excuses for his shocking behaviour for months. I’ve saved the screenshots. For the record, Jeromie has not given the $1,800 to OSD, and he’s returned nothing to the people who donated to his ChipIn. As far as anyone can tell, he’s just simply kept the money for himself. That money should be going to support animal rescue. Answer me seriously: Are you okay with that? You seriously have no problem with Jeromie’s behaviour?

    Also: For the record, the authorities investigating this matter have NOT told us to “lay off” him. We have a perfectly legitimate right to expose his frauds, theft, and his threats against women (seriously, have you listened to the audio?). To answer your question, “why don’t we leave it at that?” well, as I said, we want to make sure that everyone is informed about the character of the people at Pet Pardons, and, ideally, that no one else is the victim of a Jeromie Williams scam, or harassment, or death threat. Sorry if you still don’t understand that, but I really don’t know how else to explain it.

    I wrote about you on this blog because you (a) work for Pet Pardons, (b) called me a creepy stalker and this blog “bullshit” and (c) have been defending Jeromie Williams for months, even helping to spread his lies about OSD. In other words, yeah, this has nothing to do with you, but YOU inserted YOURSELF into it. So don’t complain when the guy you slandered as a “creepy stalker” happens to respond to you. C’est la vie, you know?

    P.S. I do agree, the whole concept of the war on women is a little ridiculous. But, you know, that’s what Jeromie wrote about. It strikes me as a tad hypocritical for the guy who complains about others waging war on women to have made death threats against women (calling them “saggy titted cunts”) and their kids (“faggy”), and stolen from women at animal rescue groups, and blogged about “shutting up” women with big black penises, and on and on. It’s really quite incredible, isn’t it? You know what they say about people in glass houses, right?

    At least we do agree on something: The ridiculousness is just astounding.

  11. Unbelievable! She does not know the law, but just using their famous MO trying to bully you. As an attorney let me assure you that you are not violating any law. She doesn’t think you are either. In fact, please take a screen shot immediately of Ms.Wulff thanking you for promoting her book.Actually I think this one quote from your interaction with Ms. Wulff, epitomizes the Pet Pimpins spirit ” I don’t know what happened. I don’t want to know because IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME. ” She put that most relevant portion in all caps too. Amazing. Basically what everyone from Chris Whore to Ashley Owen Hill to her mommy to their pet killin’ attorney uses as an excuse to condone the theft. She admits transgressions of her friends are not relevant to her. She says with assumption that she only did what we all would and defend a friend regardless. She forgot to assume some people have morals and values.Maybe one day she will be part of a RICO action concerning them. Then her defense may be self proclaimed insanity. Actually that might just explain quite a bit. Being friends with Jeromie for starters. In her description of her book she claims she is mentally ill “Living in a rugged log cabin in a National Park can be challenging for two middle-aged women; especially when one has physical limitations and the other’s mental illness is a wilderness of its own.” Two of her favorite quotes are “The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four people is suffering from a mental illness. Look at your 3 best friends. If they’re ok, then it’s you.” – Rita Mae Brown and “Insanity is catching.”― Terry Pratchett, Making Money. Of course I tend to believe what she and all of Pet Pimpins really cares about are first their egos and then what matches the title of Mr. Pratchett’s book ie “Making Money”. Crazy yes, but crazy as a fox or wolf perhaps. Not that they are very successful at making much money. It would be comical if animals weren’t harmed by their pro kill stances and rescues and donors weren’t screwed out of their money.

  12. Screenshot: saved.

    I did think it was quite odd for her to thank us for linking to Amazon’s page for her book, but assert copyright infringement for using her picture.

    In any case she’s lying again. She clearly did have a problem with us mentioning her book, until I pointed out how absurd that is… From an earlier comment: “You may also be trying to capitalize on my press for the release of my new book.” Huh? LOL.

    Thank for your advice, much appreciated. We know their DMCA complaints are frivolous. Edvard Munch’s Scream painting, for one, is public domain, and Jeromie has asserted we committed copyright infringement by using it. It’s all a bogus sham to try to get our addresses from the counter notifications so he can come to town and “fuck us up” as he’s threatened to do before many times. Yeah, we’re not falling for it.

  13. Now she is angry with me on Facebook and says “Alison, you have a lot of nerve making comments about my mental health. You do not know me. You do not know what I am referring to. You are not in a position to judge and your inferences about my health is none of your business. You are a very mean spirited person.” Huh? I merely quoted her discussing her mental illness and thoughts regarding. Guess I hit a nerve. Now if only she would veer being incensed over to the frauds her friends are pulling. Why doesn’t she sue Merriam-Webster for showing her picture under definition of “twit” in the dictionary.

  14. Funny, I guess it’s not mean-spirited to call a woman a “saggy titted cunt” and her kids “faggy” and threaten to come get them. Then steal from animal rescuers, then threaten them too. LOL.

    I like how she calls you delusional too for considering she might be a Jeromie sock puppet, given his long and well-documented history of using fake accounts:

    The truth is, she’s not a sock puppet. She’s a meatpuppet, like Cristina Marrero (see above link). In other words, she might be an actual person, but she still sounds exactly like Jeromie.

  15. I guess I have arrived. Jeromie finally sent me a veiled threat. I think. Not sure since I never hid myself so not sure what he is talking about. This is his twist on his usual threat of telling his victims he knows where they live. What he doesn’t know is I was raised in Coney Island on the mean streets and was in a girls gang so I don’t scare easy. Suffice it to say I find his little attempt of trying to frighten me pathetic in many regards. I will be turning this over to the growing file on him over at the AG’s office. Of course coward that he is – he immediately blocked me so I couldn’t respond…..
    He is definitely insane and not very bright.
    ” Jeromie Williams
    11 hours ago
    Jeromie Williams

    You weren’t that hard to find …

    You can no longer message Jeromie Williams. Learn more.”

    • Topher ” It’s all a bogus sham to try to get our addresses from the counter notifications so he can come to town and “fuck us up” ” Gee, I don’t suppose Jeromie’s comment “You weren’t that hard to find” had anything to do with that? Just another example of how things are taken out of context.

  16. Oh I’m quite sure he’s insane and definitely very stupid. Would you mind if we wrote a post about him threatening you?

    Given his history, of which you are well aware, there is no doubt his comment about him “finding” you was intended as a threat. Just a ridiculously pathetic one, but that’s his MO as I said.

    For what it’s worth he claimed to have “found” Kim and I in January, and we lived to tell about it, LOL.

  17. Go for it Topher. It was a tad amusing he even bothered since I report on his MO frequently. I guess by altering it slightly he thought he was being clever. He was wrong. Btw, when I first started discussing his outrageous behavior he asked me to contact him privately so he could “explain.” Obviously for the sole reason of getting my personal information to harass me. I asked him why he couldn’t explain publicly on the blog. No response until now. Here is my retort which I am sure he will read here (he is so deranged I am sure he is getting off on all of this attention albeit negative) – Jeromie please crawl back under your rock until the day you get arrested, but on your way pay the rescues you stole from. Thanks.

  18. Yes Ms Wulff, that’s right, all this is taken out of context. Kim, and I, and her sons, and Wray, and the OSD rescuers, and Alison, and the others who don’t want their names used because of his ongoing threats, yes, we’re all taking Jeromie’s comments out of context. Yes, that must be it.

    Here’s my theory: Those dogs didn’t save you from bewilderness, they led you into LSD forest, because you’re clearly tripping on something if you believe that BS. Maybe they will lead you out when your buddy Jeromie gives up the $1,800 he owes to the husky rescuers. But for now, you’re just embarrassing yourself here.

  19. Funny thing is, whilst accusing us of taking Jeromie’s words out of context, she actually takes my words out of context.

    The addresses in the DMCA counter notifications are obviously mine or Kim’s, not Alison’s. Yes, they’re both addresses, and yes, Jeromie wants them all for the very same reason, but no, Jeromie’s message to Alison had **absolutely nothing** to do with my comment about the counter notifications. Suggesting otherwise just shows how desperate they are to defend Jeromie, however foolish they look…

  20. Actually Topher, I’m not desperate to defend Jeromie. I have no interest in fighting Jeromie’s battles and I am very angry that I have been dragged into it. I will, however, defend myself. That’s what people do when they are attacked. Alison has raised it to a whole new level.
    First, let’s make one thing clear: What Jeromie’s message to Alison showed is that I relayed the incorrect information to him while I was cussing the two of you out last night. When I read the comment “It’s all a bogus sham to try to get our addresses from the counter notifications so he can come to town and “fuck us up” I thought I was reading a comment made by Alison, not you. That was my mistake. It’s hard to tell sometimes which one of you is writing. (OMG, Topher!! you used the “F” word!)
    Alison Buzzotta continues to make fun of mental illness but condemns swearing. Swearing is classless, but making fun of other peoples’ health issues is upstanding. You do know, don’t you, Alison, that mental illness can mean anything from OCD to full blown psychosis. It’s a pretty broad term, and regardless of what I wrote, you really have no inkling as to where I fall in that spectrum. If I had written that I had breast cancer, I suppose you’d be making fun of me for not having any breasts. I’ll bet you make fun of amputees and retarded children too. Because you are a hateful and mean spirited person.
    Alison, you have written some pretty crazy things yourself. Not the least of which was an accusation that Ashley Owen-Hill is really a man using a fake photo of a woman to scam money, and that she doesn’t really have any rescue dogs (among other ludicrous things). Pretty crazy. You can add delusional to hateful and mean spirited. You are no better than a seventh grade ‘mean girl’.
    I’d like to point out that I’ve never done anything to you Ms. Buzzotta. I’ve never met you. I’ve never been to Roswell Georgia, and you have never been my attorney. We are not acquainted. I never even knew what you looked like until last night…and I have to admit, I wish I didn’t have a face to associate with the mean attacks on me. It took me less than 5 minutes to find out everything I wanted to know about you. Not bad for a twit.
    Topher is a different story. He is a ghost. He has taken great pains to make sure that he can keep attacking from a safe position of total anonymity. Topher, you must be very very frightened. You must be afraid that Jeromie will come hunt you down like he did to Kim Johnston and her sons.
    Oh…wait…that didn’t happen – DID IT.

    • Ms. Wulff – you continue to deflect from the issue at hand. And that is that Jeromie Williams is a lying thieving scoundrel, that Pet Pardons – and you as the writer for Pet Pardons – are all defending him. MAKE HIM GIVE THE MONEY TO THE BLOODY DOGS WHO NEED IT – THE MONEY HE STOLE – AND FIRE HIM. It is very simple.

      And for you information – after that slimy little weasel started stalking my children – posting pictures of my sons on the internet – while at the same time posting pornography for his job – he was immediately reported to police and I filed charges of harassment and stalking. He didn’t “hunt me down” because he couldn’t get within 500 feet of me. He is nothing but a gutless little turd, a blight on society and your defense of someone like this clearly shows your moral standing in this life.

  21. Cayr,

    (1) Even if we believe your story, why does Alison’s (or my, or Kim’s) physical location matter to anything? Why would Jeromie send Alison an ominous message about “finding” her, if the purpose wasn’t to threaten her?

    (2) Jeromie threatened to “fuck up” Kim and I. I didn’t use the word, except insofar as I was quoting Jeromie, who, as you might have noticed, uses it quite frequently and unprofessionally. I can’t say I’ve never used it before, but never while threatening people over the phone, like Jeromie does.

    (3) I don’t understand your many comments here and on FB about how this is/isn’t my blog. I told you before it’s a group blog, started by Kim Johnston. It’s really not very complicated.

    (4) Jeromie threatened to hunt down Kim and her sons. He didn’t because of some combination of (a) he lied when he said he knew their locations, and (b) Montreal police actually warned him not to go near her, or he would face severe criminal penalties. Boulder CO police and US customs were also notified. Kim can give you more info on that than I can, if you’re interested. But if you’re arguing that since Jeromie didn’t actually go and physically attack Kim or her sons, we shouldn’t pay any attention to his violent threats to do just that, then really, I have to ask, what meds are you missing? Because that’s just crazy: a death threat can inflict severe emotional distress on its own, even without being acted upon (for which Jeromie exposes himself to significant liability, or would, if he wasn’t broke and on welfare).

    (5) I have explained before that I don’t give out my address and contact info because I don’t want Jeromie Williams threatening and harassing my family and businesses, as I have seen him do to Kim, her businesses, her sons, their businesses, their schools, and so forth. I just don’t need the hassle. Please do not infer from this that I am frightened of Jeromie. I am not.

    -your poltergeist friend 🙂

  22. P.S. If you’re going to be angry about being dragged into this, you should be angry at yourself. (Do you have multiple personality disorder too? I didn’t read your book.) Because as I have written before YOU inserted YOURSELF into this dispute when you wrote that *I* (not Jeromie) am the stalker, and this blog is all “bullshit.” If you didn’t want to be involved you should not have commented.

  23. Cayr I have never said anything of the kind about Ashley. I am not “making fun” of mental illness just making fun of you. Actually, for the last time I simply quoted what you wrote. You are the one that wrote a book centering around your mental illness to make money and I can’t quote you regarding? Anyway you are now calling me delusional. The pot calling the kettle black? Like the sly way you got out my whole name and city – owww. Another veiled threat? Yes your sleuthing skills are superb. I think you are insinuating I am not attractive to boot. Honey, just don’t even go there again.Oh and passing notes about this to Jeromie, reporting what I said, are you his henchman or just have a second grade mentality? Either you really are that clueless or are trying to deflect from the heart of the matter which concerns Jeromie’s threats and stealing. I’m at a loss but just saw this from Toronto Pet Daily – maybe Cayr, Gord Macey can explain it to you, since none of us seem to be able.

    • Topher, I maintain that anybody who creates a blog with the sole purpose of attacking another person is CREEPY. That’s what I wrote on that FB page, and that’s what I meant. And that didn’t drag me into this. You posting my picture, that headline and all else is what dragged me into this.

    • Alison you most certainly have. You did so on the Pet Advocates Network FB page, the same night that several of Ashley’s friends made comments about your looks, and the same night Ashley’s mom came to her defense. Something else you find funny. I did not insinuate that you are unattractive. I said I’d rather not have a face attached to these mean spirited attacks. When an attack is anonymous it feels different than knowing what the person looks like: an actual person, somewhere in the world, who is writing such things. And no, I wasn’t passing notes to Jeromie. I was cussing the two of you out.

      • I have never once said she was really a man nor used a fake photo. Never. In fact I commented on how nicely dressed and well done her hair is. I think one of the subgrade morons ie your “friends” accused me of saying that, but I never did. I didn’t see you come to my defense when they were attacking my looks – why not since you think that is wrong? Or did you find that funny. If you didn’t want to know what I look like why did you proactively make a point of finding out ! “What Jeromie’s message to Alison showed is that I relayed the incorrect information to him ” – um that would be as you just said relaying the info to him. WTH? Then the statement you can’t tell our comments apart? His says Chris and mine says Pet Advocates Network in separate paragraphs with separate pics. Comeon! “You do know, don’t you, Alison, that mental illness can mean anything from OCD to full blown psychosis. It’s a pretty broad term, and regardless of what I wrote, you really have no inkling as to where I fall in that spectrum” Keep writing, it’s becoming clearer with every word.

      • I didn’t make a proactive attempt to find out what you look like. I made a proactive attempt to find out who our shared friends were on facebook, and you have your photo as your profile pic. No, I didn’t find it funny that they were making comments about your appearance that night. I thought that was low and dehumanizing. I didn’t come to your defense because you were attacking a friend of mine with outlandish accusations. (talking about Ashley here) You did say those things whether you admit it or not, and I know several people who have screenshots of it. And gee…don’t you ever have your screen scrolled up to where you can’t see the top? some of these comments are pretty damn long. Is everything I write another excuse to call me crazy? I’m through here. When everything degenerates into “you’re crazy, you’re ugly” and other insults of that ilk it’s time to say so long. Have fun in your sandbox kids.

  24. Cayr,

    No need to tell me what you wrote on that FB page. I saved screenshots:

    You called me creepy and said I “must stalk Jeromie”, and thus inserted *yourself* into this. You’re entitled to your opinion, but so am I. My post was in response to your comments on FB and twitter.

    The question you keep avoiding is whether you think Jeromie’s conduct is in any way creepy. You know, all the death threats, posting pictures of Kim’s 16 year old son at a basketball game and promising to “fuck up” his life, keeping thousands of dollars meant for OSD for himself, the bizarre ransom letter and demands… You seem to have no problem with any of that. No, it’s not creepy at all.

    Meanwhile I criticise him on a blog, and I’m creepy. Your sense of morality is upside down.


    • Exactly. She doesn’t respond to Toronto Pet’s article that cuts to the heart of how Pet Pardons/ Jeromie’s behavior only harms pets but again tries to deflect the issue or worse is concerned with “cussing us out”. Sigh. Kindergarten? Love this quote and I think we do have an inkling because of what she writes “… mental illness can mean anything from OCD to full blown psychosis. It’s a pretty broad term, and regardless of what I wrote, you really have no inkling as to where I fall in that spectrum”

      • Not going to reply to that article. The author obviously doesn’t have any background on the story. He has a screenshot and a photo and apparently no idea what the whole fracas was about.

    • you don’t criticize him on a blog. You have a blog DEVOTED to following and reporting on his every move. He’s not keeping the OSD money for himself. and the ‘ransom letter’? after all the attacks on PP, do you think it’s crazy for him to ask for a receipt to make these attacks be over? Can you tell me this – where are the dogs from that transport? Who hired the driver who killed 7 of them with his negligence? why did OSD allow the driver to give his choice of dogs to a puppy mill?

      It’s never right to threaten anyone…but I can understand that being a knee jerk reaction when you are being attacked. Should he have threatened anybody? NO. Does that exonerate the people who provoked him into that sort of response my starting a smear campaign? I don’t think so.

      • So Cayr under work and education on your FB page
        Pet Pardons Media
        Pet Pardons Media
        Contributing Editor · 2012 to present
        Contributing editor and writer covering stories of animal welfare and abuse
        Educating the Worldwith Jeromie Williams and Chris Hoar

        What are you trying to educate us on with Jeromie, and Chris Hoar?
        I sent Chris Hoar a couple of questions back in Jan. He never returned any messages.
        With Jeromie. He published a story on the examiner back in Dec. When asked to remove it. because it was false. He denied it. Then he changed the story 3 times. Trying to put the blame on someone else for where he got the info from. Then he would ban anyone who questioned him from the FB group. .. I seen through the changes. Then looking back on what he did and said. I asked Topher to do a post on here about Jeromie’s inconsistancies. I heard a saying a long time ago. The truth never changes. But lies do. . In lies you can not remember what you said. The truth the story stays the same. That is why he changed the story 3 times. It was all a lie.

        So what exactly are you 3 trying to educate the world on?
        As I see it.
        1) If you are Chris Hoar. You do not answer any messages.
        2) If you are Jeromie. You offer to set up chip in accounts to save animals. but keep some money back. As management fees.
        3) Is your job in this education process the PR person. Covering up the actions of Jeromie and Chris Hoar?

        4) What Chris Hoar and Jeromie education purpose is. How to scam people. Have someone else put down any blog that questions either behavior.
        Congratulations on trying to do a very hard job in the cover up.

        I don’t see any posts by Chris Hoar or Jeromie on this blog.

        When you look at the Pet Pardon FB page. You see The famous scam quote.
        “This dog dies today.”

        I did contact a few shelters about some dogs. What I got back from the shelter was.
        No that dog was not even on the list to die that day.

        I know people who are removing themselves from the Pet pardon page.

        What happened to the radio Blog. Last broadcast was 22 Apr 12. I figure they had to stop it because of any possible calls asking Jeromie Questions on anything he did. May and June would have been real bad. People calling in to ask about the OSD chip ins.

        Chris Hoar could have solved all these new problems if he would have removed Jeromie as Canadian Director of Pet Pardon back in Jan.

        That 1 question Chris Hoar would not answer. How did they chose the Canadian Director?

  25. Cayr,

    (1) If he’s not keeping the money for himself, then where is it? He hasn’t donated it to another charity as his ransom letter promised he would do. He hasn’t given it to OSD. He hasn’t returned it to those who donated. So I ask again: Where is it?

    (2) Yes. I do think it’s crazy for him to demand that the women he threatened over the phone come to meet him personally, in order to get their money. Especially when, as you have been told many times, THE POLICE WARNED THEM NOT TO GO NEAR JEROMIE WILLIAMS.

    The demand for a physical receipt is ridiculous. You are familiar, surely, with electronic receipts? i.e., just send them the money online, the same way he sent the first $4,000. Simple.

    (3) With respect to the huskies, I don’t know, ask OSD. But if you’re saying their driver negligently killed seven huskies, then you and Jeromie better get together and figure out what lie you want to tell, because according to his own blog (we have screenshots), one dog died, not seven, and there’s nothing about a driver’s negligence:

    I suspect that accusing them of killing seven dogs through negligence (not to mention his lie about giving them to puppy mills) is grossly libelous and actionable. Jeromie might not care about that since there’s a picture of him in the dictionary under “impecunious”, but maybe you do? I’d consider my words very carefully if I were you.

    (4) Give us an example of anyone “smearing” Jeromie. Just one. Your attempt to justify his death threats (including against kids and dogs) is just pathetic and you really should be ashamed of yourself.


  26. Cayr says “It’s never right to threaten anyone…but I can understand that being a knee jerk reaction when you are being attacked.”

    You can “understand” his death threats, Cayr? Really?

    Do you understand that threatening someone is illegal?

    How would you like it if someone threatened you, your family, your dogs?

    NOTHING gives Jerome the right to do that to ANYBODY.

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