Jeromie Williams Threatens ANOTHER Woman

JeromieAs another month begins, Jeromie Williams (Twitter, Face Book, LinkedIn) has apparently threatened yet another woman, Alison Mednick Buzzotta Hector of the The Pet Advocates Network, who helped expose his previous threats against the Operation Sled Dog (OSD) rescue group.

In a Facebook message to Ms. Hector today, Jeromie wrote about “finding” her, and then immediately blocked her:

Jeromie Williams
You weren’t that hard to find …
You can no longer message Jeromie Williams.

The message is clear: Jeromie would be coming for her, just as he threatened to come for Kim Johnston, the creator of this blog. “[M]y ticket to Boulder is booked and I am coming for you,” he warned in January. “I’m coming to Colorado. I know where you are.” (“I can pinpoint your address within 50 feet.”)

He also threatened Kim’s young sons with a “campaignof terror: “Their lives are going to be fucked because of you.  Ab-so-lute-ly fucked.” And: “I know where your sons are…”

As if that wasn’t enough, the Director of Operations at Pet Pardons Canada also threatened Kim’s beloved dogs: “You have to go back to Boulder at some point … your dogs are thereI am coming.

He also threatened me: “First you go down, then Topher is next. I know where both of you are, and you’re both going to get it.

A few short months later, after scamming the OSD group out of thousands of dollars, Jeromie was back at it, threatening them over the phone, and in voicemail messages (the recordings of which Ms. Hector posted online) when they had the temerity to ask where their money went. Once again, he told the women “You’re going down” and “I know exactly where you are.”

Both Canadian and American police have warned those who have received a threat from Jeromie Williams (veiled or not) to stay far away from the man, as he is clearly disturbed and may be dangerous.

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