Pet Pardons Attempts to Cover Up Canadian Director’s Outrageous Crimes

NixonAbout a month ago, we wrote about Pet Pardons Contributing Editor Cayr Ariel Wulff (email), and her outrageous defense of Jeromie Williams, the Director of Operations for Pet Pardons Canada.

In the comments, Wulff responded by slandering me, Alison Hector of the The Pet Advocates Network, and even the Operation Sled Dog (OSD) rescue group from which Jeromie stole $1,800. The group’s driver, she claimed, “killed 7 [dogs] with his negligence” and gave “his choice of dogs to a puppy mill.”

Well, those are just outright lies. The driver did not negligently kill seven dogs, and none were given to puppy mills (although it is true that one did not survive, sadly, as Jeromie notes on his blog, which interestingly does not mention the death of seven dogs or any negligence on the part of the driver).

Why would he lie? We guess it was just a desperate attempt to justify his embezzlement of $1,800 from OSD. Jeromie certainly has no trouble making up horrible stories about other people, as he has done so many times before about so many others. But it must be nice for him to have Cayr Ariel Wulff around to help spread the libel!

Speaking of which, we noticed that Wulff has since spread more outrageous lies in a post on the Scamwarners website. Although the thread was soon deleted (presumably after complaints from Pet Pardons, and/or Jeromie himself), here is a screenshot:

Let’s take her claims one at a time:

1. Jeromie Williams is not a director at Pet Pardons any more than he is the “King of Neptune.” He is only an “editor” who edits Cayr’s articles.

King of NeptuneWell friends, if you see this guy nearby, you’d best hold on to your wallet, hide your children, and call the authorities.

Pet Pardons may have taken great efforts to scrub any reference to Jeromie Williams as “Director of Operations” for Pet Pardons Canada off the internet, but Wulff’s claim is simply not credible.

Firstly, Jeromie Williams has consistently referred to himself as Director of Operations in stories about himself, and on his own blog. If you visit it today, or any of his other sites, you will find that he has changed his title there to “Managing Editor” of Pet Pardons News. Maybe tomorrow, he will give himself a new title.

Regardless, the claim that Jeromie simply edits articles is laughable, as the OSD case illustrates. Chris Hoar, the co-founder of Pet Pardons, assured donors that “On the ground for the rescue will be Jeromie Williams … making sure that every dollar raised tonight goes as far as it can.”

Jeromie apparently took this as license to attempt to take over the whole operation, and tell experienced OSD rescuers how to do their jobs. Shockingly, it transpired that he did not know how to do their jobs better than they did. You, gentle reader, can probably guess what happened next. Criminal harassment and death threats, of course.

And, as it turned out, some of the dollars raised could only “go as far as” Jeromie’s bank account, and into bizarre ransom letters he sent to OSD rescuers, apparently with the full knowledge and support of Chris Hoar and Pet Pardons, who continue to associate with him even now.

Simply put, Jeromie is not, and was not, a simple “editor” at Pet Pardons.

2. Pet Pardons does not ask for donations. “YOU WILL NEVER SEE A REQUEST FOR PEOPLE TO SEND MONEY TO PET PARDONS.”

Actually, yes, you will:

This plea for donations is posted on the official Pet Pardons website. Worse, the associated PayPal account is, the very same address Jeromie uses whilst peddling his ridiculous $20 “Hug a Gay Day” T-shirts. He also uses it whilst soliciting donations for his personal website. In other words, incredibly, it seems that any money donated via the Pet Pardons website goes directly into a personal account of Jeromie Williams, not to Pet Pardons.

It gets worse. Jeromie also raises money for “Pet Pardons Canada” via ChipIn. We have posted previously on Jeromie’s various ChipIn scams, including the OSD case. Jeromie appears to have a long history of directing people interested in donating to Pet Pardons to donate instead to his personal ChipIn accounts, which also appear to be commingled with ChipIn accounts to support his personal website, and to support various other non-animal-related causes.

Basically, not only does Pet Pardons ask for donations, but any money donated appears to go directly to Jeromie Williams.

3. Pet Pardons directs donors to other rescues’ ChipIn sites.

Not in the case of Jeromie Williams. Jeromie has a long history of setting up ChipIn accounts for other rescuers, and then apparently pilfering the donations for himself. For example:

As we have noted previously, we told Pet Pardons co-founders Chris Hoar and Ashley Owen Hill about Jeromie’s history back in January, including his criminal harassment of Kim Johnston and her family, and his subsequent death threats.

They didn’t even respond to us.

In fact, their one and only public comment on the matter comes in the form of a two-word tweet back in May:

Like Nixon, “Jeromie is not a crook.” No explanation. No documentation. No apology.


Contrast the lack of transparency at Pet Pardons with OSD, a legitimate rescue group, which has released all relevant financial statements from their operation.

We suspect that, if he continues stalking people, criminally harassing them, and making death threats, Jeromie may soon have something else in common with Nixon: He may soon need a pardon.

Luckily for him the URL is still available.

UPDATE: Wulff also asks whether the Race for the Cure is a scam because it raises money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. We’re not sure we understand her point, but we will take this opportunity to point out, once again, that Jeromie Williams has pledged to “picket” the next Pink Ribbon event in Montreal, apparently because he is convinced that yes, the Komen Foundation is a scam. Or at least, that it’s not “inclusive of men.” (Yes, he actually wrote that.)

5 thoughts on “Pet Pardons Attempts to Cover Up Canadian Director’s Outrageous Crimes

  1. Bold faced lies. There is a mountain of evidence that Jeromie Williams was acting as Pet Pardon’s Director of Canada. The most persuasive however comes from Chris Hoar and Pet Pardons itself via their attorney Cherie Travis( an alleged pet killer also being the subject of a blog on scams in her own right). Neither Chris nor his and Pet Pardon’s attorney denied that Jeromie was the Director of PP Canada nor that he was acting as a PP representative at any time in their correspondence with OSD. OSD repeatedly referred to him by his title and as a representative of PP in their correspondence. If that was not accurate and to deflect liability, as an attorney you can be certain she would have refuted that first thing if it wasn’t true. She did not. Further she confirmed that Jeromie has the money ( which of course conflicts with their tweet)! She stated in writings that discussed OSD being upset with the scam the Canadian Director of Pet Pardons, Jeromie Williams, as their representative had pulled on them:
    “Mr. Hoar is willing to request that Mr. Williams transfer the remaining money (whatever is left over after the Paypal deduction and previous transfers.)” Because the evidence is overwhelming despite her contentions, and in light of her self proclaimed mental health issues (although as she has pointed out I have no idea where she actually falls on the insanity spectrum) perhaps Ms. Wulff actually does actually believe Jeromie IS King of Neptune.

  2. Of course he was acting as Pet Pardon Director – he had is on his BIO up until just a few days ago – unfortunately for him we got a screen shot of it before he deleted it. I also have personal emails from him – before he started making death threats against me – telling me he was the Director. This entire operation is one of the most suspect that I have ever come across – and we dig up DAILY further evidence to expand the circle of corruption.

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