Pet Pardons Co-Founder Ashley Owen Hill: “We Do Not Kill Animals. We Only Kill People. Run.”

Ashley Owen HillWhen we informed Ashley Owen Hill, the co-founder of Pet Pardons, that her Director of Operations in Canada, Jeromie Williams, was breaking the organization’s rules, and stealing from various ChipIn accounts, she didn’t even respond to us. When we told her about how he had threatened Kim Johnston, her sons in Colorado, their dogs, and Topher Mackenzie, still, she ignored us.

So you can imagine how stunned I was to find that Ms. Hill, who is also the founder of the Lucky Dog Rescue in Meridian, Mississippi, has created a series of at least a dozen disgusting, mean-spirited, and insulting videos. They viciously insult and threaten the public in a way eerily reminiscent of Jeromie Williams. Ashley’s cartoon alter ego even threatens to murder an animal control officer with her “crazy rescue friends” (which includes Jeromie Williams, presumably).

In one video, titled “Animal Rescue Humor: Pet Pardons” (posted January 29, 2011), Ashley warns a concerned citizen that Pet Pardons kills people, and advises him to run (at 4:33).

She says that these videos are just for laughs, but I haven’t laughed once. I don’t think there’s anything funny about them. Particularly not given Jeromie Williams’ long and sordid history of threatening people, including animal rescuers, using vile and violent language.

Similarly, Ashley’s videos are full of obnoxious behaviour, including threats, swearing, and total contempt and disrespect for others, but especially Christians, women, people of colour, the uneducated, Republicans, gays, Wal-Mart employees, part-time workers, gas station workers, Southerners, the poor, the rich, and government officials.

In the video above, for example, Ashley berates a concerned citizen as a “f***ing dumbass” (0:14), and tells him “I think I’m supposed to be polite here, but lucky for me, I don’t f***ing feel like it … You are so damned stupid …” (0:45). “While I appreciate your f**king raw stupidity,” she continues, “you should not be allowed to be alive” (1:49). Indeed, “I can assure you that if I could get my hands on some firearms, you would be my first f***ing target” (2:20).


If you didn’t get the message, she continues to mock the citizen, telling him he should be “promoted to cashier at Wal-Mart” or even “President of the United mother-f***ing States.” (3:20). “Your brain is so damn small,” she tells him, “and f***ing useless…” (3:42). Meanwhile, she describes the other co-founder of Pet Pardons, Chris Hoar, as “the evil mastermind behind” a “f***ing grand murder plot” (1:25), and tells the citizen that if he wants to ask Hoar about this, he can call “800-F***-Yourself” (4:10).

One has to wonder what kind of person would write something like this. Fortunately, Ashley provides the answer: “If you think I’m a b*tch,” she says, “you ain’t seen nothing yet” (4:20).

Indeed. That’s only the first video.

In a video entitled “Dealings with Animal Control,” posted on January 12, 2011,

  • Ashley tells an animal control officer “I am the animal rescuer who calls, and harasses your ass all the live-long day” (0:07), and demands that he seize a dog “today, no excuses” (0:38).
  • Ashley tells the officer “You should be fired, along with all the other idiots in this office. I should be hired. I do more of your job than you could ever dream of doing. I am awesome at your job. You suck at it. If only we could vote on whether people were qualified to be human beings or not, you would be voted out of the human race on Day One, for being so incredibly worthless” (1:42).
  • Ashley tells the officer he should be demoted, “then fired … then put in jail, and then executed” (2:23).
  • Ashley warns that if the officer doesn’t seize the dog immediately, she will illegally steal the dog: “the dog is going to come up missing, and you can try to hunt me down, and put me in jail, but here’s a little warning, my rescue friends are crazy … and if you even try to put me in jail, you will come up missing. These are not threats sir. I’m just a crazy rescue lady, who hasn’t taken her medicine. But I can assure you that underestimating me will be the biggest mistake of your life, and all the donuts in the world cannot save you” (2:47).

In a video entitled “Idiots with Puppies,” posted on January 26, 2011,

  • Ashley threatens a man with a new “F***tard law”: “Basicaly if you don’t turn every last one of your dogs and puppies over to Animal Control immediately, you will be put to sleep on Thursday of next week” (3:50). When he tries to invite her to a dinner party at his house, she replies, “Yes, I will be there. With a gun” (4:25).
  • Ashley berates the man as “so damned stupid” (0:43), “dumbass” (0:54), “nut-f***ing crazy,” and his family as “f***ing tards” (2:48).
  • Ashley claims the man’s “sister’s 4th husband most likely is gay, super hero gay, and stupid, dumb as a f***ing biscuit” (1:38).

In a video entitled “Saw your Adoptable Dog on Facebook,” posted on January 19, 2011,

  • Ashley berates a man for “listen[ing] to [his] b*tching wife” (1:08), and tells him he should have “told [his] b*tching wife to shut her face” (1:50). The wife, she says, “sounds like a real f***ing peach” (2:58), though she “totally understand[s] her apparent hatred for your existence” (4:27). She also mocks the man’s Christian beliefs (3:03).
  • Ashley condemns the man as “worthless,” and claims even his dad agrees that “You should never have been born” (4:03).

In a video entitled “I want to adopt a purebred dog,” posted on January 11, 2011,

  • Ashley condemns the man’s sister as a “completely ridiculous person” (0:28), and an “idiot,” and his “crazy loser cousin” (2:53), and berates him for “try[ing] to make [him]self sound smart, while you really sound like an idiot” (1:30), and a “moron” (2:35). It helps, she says “if you have a brain inside your head and some form of education” (2:59).

In a video entitled “May I please take your chained dog?,” posted on January 9, 2011,

  • Ashley demands that a man surrender his dog to her, because “you are so damned stupid and lazy” (0:47). When he refuses, she threatens to “prosecute” him under a fake law and make him “spend [his] life in prison” (1:45).
  • Ashley threatens the man: “If I ever catch you with another dog again, I’ll personally beat the shit out of you. That is not a threat. It is a fact” (2:24).

In a video entitled “I need you to take this dog,” posted on January 8, 2011,

  • Ashley refuses to accept a dog, asking “How is a dog showing up at your house my f***ing problem?” (0:43). “Why don’t you try sticking the dog up your own ass,” she says (1:10). Alternatively, “why doesn’t your sister try getting off her fat ass?” she asks (3:13).
  • Ashley berates the man as “braindead” and “f***ing stupid” (1:46 and 3:59) and “a complete f***ing moron” (4:33 and 6:19). She tells him “You may be the stupidest mother-f***er I have ever encountered” (2:59).
  • Ashley threatens to “drop kick” other dog owners with her “ninja skills” for being “so f***ing stupid as to not neuter their dog.” And: “I would also like to get a shot at your dumbass cousin” (5:28).
  • Ashley clearly implies she is coming to the man’s house to violently attack him and his family: “You sit there and wait for me to show up … Don’t move. Do not leave your house. Just stay right there. Don’t tell me the address. I like to guess and see if I’m right” (5:48).
  • Lastly, Ashley apparently supports a policy of eugenics: “Do you have children?” she asks. “You should be f***ing neutered. People that are so incredibly stupid should not be allowed to reproduce” (3:48).

There are more videos I could have added. Some include vile “jokes” about pit bull attacks on children. In a video entitled “Encounter in the vet’s office,” posted on April 21, 2011, Ashley tells a man that “Pit bulls eat children for dinner. They eat adults like you for breakfast” (0:50).

In a video entitled “First Day in Rescue,” posted on January 26, 2011, Ashley calls a member of the public a “deranged idiot” (1:41) and “bats*** crazy” (3:20), and, ironically, given her threats in nearly every other video, warns that “people like you send innocent citizens running for their lives.” Actually, people like Jeromie Williams send innocent citizens running to the police for restraining orders and protection.

Again, one has to wonder what kind of person Ashley Owen Hill really is. Calling people morons, stupid, threatening them, swearing just about every second word. Using guns, threatening to kill people, including government officials, or to just beat them up.

She may say this was all done in humor. I did not laugh once. I do not see any humor here. The Pet Pardons Canadian director, Jeromie Williams, is notorious for stealing money, criminal harassment, and making death threats. We have written about this many times. Ashley Owen Hill has not responded once.

It seems if you are part of Pet Pardons, it’s okay to threaten people. It’s just their standard operating procedure. Let’s just fix that logo of theirs:

Not to mention that in a video entitled  “I want to help rescue dogs, kinda,” posted on January 8, 2011, Ashley complains that “I work seven days a week, in addition to spending all my spare time rescuing dogs” (1:30). Well it seems to us she spends all her time making disgusting videos, and writing heart-wrenching stories on her blog (literally all of which beg for donations).

For example:

Then, I paid the $400 vet bill I wasn’t quite prepared for, helped Delilah into the car, and drove her home. This weekend, Delilah has required around-the-clock care from me. She’s very weak, very sick, and very needy right now. Seeing her like this… well… it’s beyond heartwrenching.

Initially… upon return, she wouldn’t eat at all. But soon, I learned that “people food” was enough to entice her.

So… instead of dog food, she’s been sharing people food with me. Actually… it’s more accurate to say that I’ve simply been giving her all of my own food, and taking none for myself, which has honestly made me insanely happy. She needs it… much more than I do right now.

In other words, DONATE NOW or she might starve!!! Well, sorry, I just don’t believe her.

As the The Pet Advocates Network has pointed out, there is no transparency at the “Lucky Dog” rescue. No disclosure of financial records, or veterinary records, or adoption records, or anything else. And no website, just a blog, with a call for donations. That’s it.

And the fact that neither she nor Chris Hoar have ever responded to our many questions about Jeromie Williams, his death threats, his many scams, and his embezzlement from legitimate animal rescuers just raises more questions about her, and about Pet Pardons.

Again, we urge you not to donate to any of them. Save your money for legitimate rescuers, who don’t threaten to kill anyone, don’t steal from anyone, and fully and transparently disclose their financial records.

UPDATE (August 13, 2012): Ashley appears to have deleted her Xtranormal account and restricted access to her offensive videos on Youtube. Much like Cayr Ariel Wulff, we’re sure she would love to cover this all up, and pretend it never happened. Unfortunately for her, our network saved copies and screenshots of each and every one of her disgusting videos.

9 thoughts on “Pet Pardons Co-Founder Ashley Owen Hill: “We Do Not Kill Animals. We Only Kill People. Run.”

  1. As she herself says on her blog regarding the videos “Note: To my parents and grandparents, I know you are reading this, but it’s probably best if you do not watch these videos. You will not be proud. Thanks.” I wonder if they are really proud of her company Pet Pardons stealing money they raised for a rescue but kept themselves AND for issuing violent threats to the rescuers when they objected. Ironically Ashley recently relentlessly pursued 1800Flowers for not delivering to her rescue what they promised. She was quoted as saying she spent months “waiting, asking, and begging” for 1-800-Flowers to award one year’s worth of dog food to her shelter and “This entire ordeal is beyond-ridiculous. Your MULTI-MILLION dollar company should be constantly GIVING to charity. Not taking away what was promised, earned, and deserved. Shame on you!!!” At least they didn’t issue horrible, vicious threats, frightening threats to her. Regarding her sentiments I couldn’t agree more. Shame on you Ashley for doing exactly that to Operation Sled Dogs! Your company’s scam almost cost the Huskies their lives. For those that aren’t familiar with how Pet Pardons stole money from OSD here are the details. She made dang sure 1800Flowers paid up for her “gigantic rescue” but won’t pay OSD.(Her rescue consists of a constant of 22 dogs – most of have been there for over a year according to her. Kinda weird that she can’t get them adopted out or sent to fosters to make room to save more, since she founded a website dedicated to finding homes for shelter pets and did so it was self proclaimed for ” tens of thousands of pets”. That along with her 500000 followers and all the media attention should make finding new homes for her 22 a snap. Credible rescues center all of their attention on finding homes for their pets. Not her. She doesn’t tout them nor discusses them much if ever on her blogs or on her Pet Pardons website. Too busy discussing smiley faces. Her explanation as to why the smiley face is brilliant is more proof of how warped they really are. She writes,”Let’s say you send this text message to a friend:
    Please don’t repeat this, but I’m leaning toward homicide 🙂
    Without the smiley face, your fate is sealed. If someone dies, you’re going to prison.
    With it… there’s room for reasonable doubt. “She was totally kidding! She wouldn’t harm anyone! Just look at the cute little smiley!The verdict? Not friggin’ guilty.” Ohhhkkkkay. I do think she is probably smiling quite a bit from all the donations that she receives from her melodramatic over the top Queen for a Day begging constantly.

    • Exactly. If you tell the world you can threaten people if you use a smiley face you are actually telling the world you are planning an attack and it’s called premeditation. Smiley face no longer protects you Ashley.

  2. Ashley probably forgot to give that sage legal advice to Jeromie as he didn’t appear to issue a smiley face when making his threats. That chick may have a Master’s Degree (probably in Hoaxology) but my advice is – she sure as heck should NOT represent herself if and when she is in court over facing charges for fraud or as it were, murder.

  3. “Also, liars may preface their pronouncements with “to tell you the truth” and “to be perfectly honest” more so than their truth-telling counterparts.” So let’s play a word game and look at one of her blogs and using the “find” feature in your browser search for the word “honest”. Let’s take a blog I know is a lie. The one you quoted from regarding Delilah. Ya see, Delilah was not dead and very much alive when Ashley decided to fund raise off of her heartwrenching story in her “memory” as if she was. Of course after getting busted she had to go and kill that poor dog and hence her follow up blog, Goodbye ( For Real this Time) . Here she manage to twist the story so her coffers could fill up even more as she tearily back peddles “However… Monday was actually meant to be her last day on Earth.
    I’d made a promise to her that it would be.
    It was a decision I’d made… for her.” Meant to be her last day on earth? And people buy that. Anyway, back to the game look for the word honest in those two stories. I’ve counted at least 8 time she used phrases like “And I’ll be honest… it was just enough to give me a glimmer of false hope.” Yep it was false alright. She uses the word “honest” a plenty in her other blogs too. Try it and see, it’s fun! I couldn’t find that phrase once on the websites stories of rescues I personally know that are credible. Another tell tale sign of a scam rescue is when they inject all of their personal problems into the story, for eg – they are starving because they have to give all of their food the dogs. To contrast here is a story from one of my favorite and highly ethical rescues. If you look at their website you will see that although this story is heartwrenching – it does not go over the top and is factual. In addition it is not a prominent part of their website. Unlike Lucky Dog Rescue, Angels Among Us is busy organizing many events to display their pets and get them fosters or adopted. Unlike Ashley they actually have a website and not just a “blog”, and that’s because rehoming pets and saving them from shelter deaths is actually their priority. Interestingly they did not even have one non pet related section. I looked for a blog on smiley faces or their personal struggles but couldn’t find it.They also have a large Happy Tales section (ie who got adopted) I had to dig down deep on their site to find this one pitiful story to contrast with ALL of the maudlin Ashley’s stories about the dogs every one by design to pull a lever from your heartstring to your purse string. Come to think of it why isn’t she helping the kill shelter in her town that says it takes in 4000 animals per year but is only able to adopt out 30% ie a kill rate of 70% 2800 animals being killed in her very own town annually because they can’t get adopted. (But Pet Pardons is saving tens of thousands dontcha know)Now that IS heartwrenching. I’m being honest.

  4. I know I wouldn’t be donating to any type of rescue with this kind of crap attached to it. Pet Pardons gets more and more ridiculous by the day….

    I would like to know about their “every dog in a shelter in a bed before 2014” Buy a bed from them and they will donate it to the shelter – but ……how much are they buying the beds for and how much are they selling them for. The head guy himself stated that “some people are on the payroll” ……..while Ashely Owen Hill states ” Pet Pardons is privately funded by herself and Chris Hoar………..then who is paying the wages…… many people are “on the payroll” …………how much do they keep from every donation. There was a huge charity in Africa – I won’t mention which – that used the most heart rendering ads to ensure enough emotional distress that people would donate (kinda like the recent gassing story that was so far from factual it was a joke – the only true statement was that dogs in Ohio do get gassed) so of course people donate – thinking they are going to change the life of a child – or a dog in Pet Pardons case. But the charities costs end up using over 95% of the donated money. In fact, by the time the money got to Africa – they were getting one cent in the $$$$.

    I would like to know what Pet PArdson COSTS are – how many people are on the payroll what what is the percentage of donated money that ACTUALLY goes towards the animals……..

  5. I consider anyone to post pictures and texts that aim to break your heart (Chance’s story on lucky dog rescue blog), with a huge DONATE button underneath, mainly a fraud. Here in Greece we got the Mafia placing physically disabled adults and kids at the traffic lights,asking you for money. The modern equivalent of this donation fraud is posting pics of abused animals on your blog or facebook site and asking people to donate. She asks for money for medical care, not even saying what kind of medical care, showing any proof of what she has paid or done to attend to this dog so far.

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