Jeromie Williams Posts Vicious Anti-American Screed

Jeromie WilliamsToday one of our associates, who will remain nameless, pointed out that Jeromie Williams, the Director of Operations for Pet Pardons Canada, and Managing Editor of Pet Pardons News, has posted outrageous anti-American comments.

Back in January, I noted that Jeromie has posted derogatory comments about the Canadian province of Alberta, disparaging nearly four million Albertans as “rednecks.” His apparent misogyny has also been welldocumented here.

And now, on August 15, Jeromie smeared all Americans as racists, homophobes, and anti-Canadian:

Of course, it is not 1960.

Jeromie appears to have forgotten that Americans elected an African American as their president in 2008, and that he appointed an Hispanic Supreme Court justice. A rather odd thing for a nation of anti-black, anti-Hispanic bigots to do, isn’t it? Which is not to suggest that racism no longer exists, just that smearing all Americans in this way is unacceptable.

And with respect to Canadians and gays, or gay Canadians, I have to say I think Jeromie is confused. Americans don’t object to gays or Canadians per se, only the criminal ones, like Montrealers Rocco Luka Magnotta and Jeromie himself. No, they don’t want someone guilty of killing animals and people (Magnotta), or even of threatening to kill animals and people (Jeromie) in their country, let alone their backyard. But for the record I’m fairly certain this has nothing to do with either nationality or sexual orientation.

As we have noted many times, Jeromie has a long history of criminal harassment and death threats, for which he is currently under investigation by Canadian and American police.

UPDATE (August 23, 2012): Well, perhaps Jeromie was right after all. His associate, Pet Pardons Contributing Editor Cayr Ariel Wulff (email), has just written yet another disgusting post, this time utterly Sinophobic and xenophobic. Wulff acknowledges that while dog food imported from China helps to “feed the 78.2 million pet dogs in the U.S.” (nearly 100 million pounds are imported per year), there have been “2,000 reports of illnesses or deaths in U.S. dogs that ate jerky treats made in China.”

Inexplicably, based on this, Wulff claims that:

“To date, they have still not been able to pinpoint a specific toxin to blame, although a link between illness and ingestion of the treats has been proven.”

Either Wulff is simply ignorant of basic laws of statistics and logic, or she is knowingly and dishonestly conflating a correlative/temporal link with a causative link. As Wray Smith has explained, while there may indeed be evidence of the former, there is no evidence of the latter, and to infer otherwise is to commit the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy (“after this, therefore because of this”).

Nevertheless, Wulff quotes fringe Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, saying that he “would pull them all off the market.”

The comments show that if Wulff was trying to stir up public alarm and outrage against the Chinese, well, Mission Accomplished. Many ask why any imports from China are allowed. Tina Robershaw takes it a step further and asks why any imports from China are allowed, since “they have tryed [sic.] to kill us our children and our pets”:

Terie Vass illustrates the post hoc fallacy in her post. I am sorry her dog died, but the fact that it happened four days after eating a single Chinese treat does not prove that the dog died because of the treat, or that it came from an “obviously poisoned bag!”

The other complaints about imports of Chinese clothing give you some indication of what this is really all about: American dog treat manufacturers want to destroy any competition from China, and how better to do that than by spreading false stories about dangerous toxins in Chinese treats?

Pet Pardons, of course, is associated with the American dog treat manufacturer Rosie’s Barkery, which no doubt would benefit if Chinese treats were banned.

I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

18 thoughts on “Jeromie Williams Posts Vicious Anti-American Screed

  1. Hello Cayr! How are things?

    I think people might take your link more seriously if this woman, Mollie Morrissette, and her friend, Dennis Adkins, had not filed a bogus and frivolous class action lawsuit against the treat companies & Walmart. Once again: there is no evidence of any causal link here.

    Nice try though. Sorry to hear about your Wikipedia page.


    • Listen Mister (who ever you really are), I did NOT file a lawsuit frivolous or otherwise, but if I were to, it would kick their ass to next week. Dude, you have no idea who I am or what I know – so back off. Did you even read the lawsuit? Probably not. But if you should decide to stretch your noggin’ a bit – go to page five of the complaint. Dennis Adkins, BTW, is a nice guy, so leave him the fuck alone will ya? His dog died from these treats. Have some respect. Or at the very least quit flappin’ your gums – no one is interested.

      • Mollie. I know who you are
        Poisoned Pets

        “No one is interested?” Nice statement. If people were not interested.
        Then why did you even read this blog. You are not interested.
        Could you be so nice to answer a questions. Please, Thank you.

        1) Why is it when I read on any of the Pet Pardons pages, The amount of their followers are so threatening in some of their comments? (Just like how you have been threatening in your comment).

        This I really like.
        “Or at the very least quit flappin’ your gums”
        This person is not flapping his gums. He is using his fingers to type on a keyboard.

        So have a nice day reading blogs that you are not interested in.

  2. Cayr,

    (1) Just use your name. You are not “anonymous,” and are fooling no one.


    “The FDA has not determined that the jerky definitely caused any of the illnesses and hasn’t identified a specific cause, despite testing a number of different products for potential contamination. The agency has no plans to issue any recalls and is continuing to test different types of treats, and testing is ongoing.”

    A “link” does not mean the Chinese imports killed the dogs. As anyone who has any understanding of basic logic or statistics understands, correlation is not causation.

    (3) Thanks for the links to Sherrod Brown’s site, which just prove my point. That guy is a hack who hates all foreign products, and, indeed, any products not made by unionised workers in Ohio. That doesn’t mean they’re dangerous… just that this idiot is happy to exploit any claims to that effect to start a ruinous trade war with China, and make all products more expensive for everyone. Just think of all the new scam ChipIns you’ll have to create to pay for your dog food then…


  3. Mollie,

    I know exactly who you are. And I know exactly who Dennis Adkins is. He is a charlatan who claimed *three* Nestle Purina treats killed his 9-year-old Pomeranian, and sued for $5 million.

    As I tried to explain to your friend Cayr, THERE IS NO EVIDENCE THE DOG TREATS KILLED THE DOG. None. Zero. You are a perfect example of one of the oldest logical fallacies there is: post hoc, ergo propter hoc (i.e. “my dog died after he ate that treat, so he must have died BECAUSE he ate that treat!”). This lawsuit is entirely, 100% frivolous.

    Nonsense like this just disgusts me, frankly. Did Cayr tell you about how her pal, Jeromie Williams, stole $1,800 from an animal rescue group in Quebec, and then harassed and threatened them over the phone? No? Take your silly threats to “kick ass” (or whatever) somewhere else. *We* are not interested.

    Or, by all means, continue. I can certainly have our team look further into your history, and Mr. Adkins’.


  4. Cayr, I’m only going to say this one more time.


    “Repeated tests at FDA laboratories, at the agency’s Veterinary Response Laboratory Network, and by other animal health diagnostic labs across the country have failed to detect any microbiological, chemical or other contaminants in high enough levels to cause the symptoms in the pets. ‘To date, none of the testing results have revealed an association between a causative agent and the reported illnesses,’ the FDA said.”


    Maybe you can explain why the FDA continues to investigate, even though they haven’t yet discovered the toxin. Explain why would they waste so many resources unless they believe there is a causative connection. As long as you deny it, you are putting pets in danger. It’s a clear example of how much you hate animals, and how none of you are animal advocates in any shape or form.

  6. Wow, Cayr, you’re honestly asking me why your government wastes so goddamned much money? Last year (2011) they gave $600,000 for a study to investigate why chimpanzees throw feces. Why would they waste so many resources on something so stupid? Simple: THAT’S WHAT THEY F***ING DO. How do you think you get a $1 trillion deficit?

    The idea which you’re struggling so miserably to articulate is called the precautionary principle. In other words, you think that just because some of you fools *suspect* Chinese treats are dangerous, they should be banned. No need to prove a contaminant caused any illness, let alone death, no, instead the onus is on the companies to prove a negative. This idea is not only stupid, it’s un-American.

    More than that, it would harm pets most of all, by making pet food more expensive, and unaffordable for many pet owners and shelters. And of course the reality is that when expenses go up, more pets will be abandoned and/or euthanised in shelters. I don’t think you hate animals, but you’re hurting them all the same, and you’re just oblivious to it.

    As we have explained to you many times, Jeromie Williams has stolen thousands of dollars from legitimate animal rescuers, and threatened them when others raise questions about it. HE NEARLY GOT THE HUSKIES KILLED BY INTERFERING & JEOPARDISING THEIR TRANSPORT, YET YOU CONTINUE TO DEFEND HIM (*AND LIE FOR HIM*). So tell me, really, who “hates animals” here? Because it seems to me you don’t give a shit about the animals your friend nearly got shot & stole $2,000 from.

    No wonder you’re afraid to link to this site so your readers can read & decide for themselves.


    P.S. I know it’s you. Use your name.

  7. Okay time to step in here.

    FDA has been investigating this since 2007? They still have no proof that the Jerky treats are linked to these deaths.
    As it has been stated by the FDA. “They can not do a re call on consumer complaints”. 5 years they have been looking into this.
    FDA did issue a warning to pet owners. About the product. Now it is the pet owners choice to buy the treats or not.

    Need it in lay man terms?
    Smoking may cause cancer. As they still have no proof.
    Now with that information it is the smokers choice to
    1) Quite smoking
    2) Continue smoking.

    Warning this bike may pick up speed going down hills.
    Now with that information it is the cyclist choice to
    1) Go down a hill with brakes applied
    2) Go down the hill without the brake applied
    3) Find another route

    Police can not just charge someone, based on a complaint. They have to investigate and get proof.

  8. I lost one of my pets to a Chicken Jerky Treat back in 2007 when this all seems to have started.

    It was not a regular food item, and we didn’t give him lots of it. He didn’t choke on it, and he chewed his treats as thoroughly as any other food we gave him. That evening, he began to be in distress, and because it was a Sunday I didn’t have any options to get him in to the vet or an emergency vet till the morning.

    He became lethargic, tried to keep drinking water, had trouble breathing, puked his guts out, and had diarrhea all through the night while I sat beside him helpless.

    Yes he was an old dog, but this all occurred within a span of about 12 hours after consumption of the treat. When I was finally able to get him into the vet Monday morning, the vet said the best thing for him at his age was to put him to sleep. He was suffering from Renal failure and the vet had asked if he might have possibly gotten into something that poisoned him.

    Had I known then what I know now about the “Possibility” of the treat being the source of the problem, I would have not given him the treats to begin with, and also would have had the vet try and test him and the treat for some kind of poisoning.

    Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

    It is obvious that not all treats are poisoned (if indeed any are) and it may be that only sporadic lots are affected, so it seems to me that you play Russian Roulette when using these products that are in question. In a situation like this I would choose not to use the product at all. Which is the case now 5 years later with the pets I now have.

    To dismiss a trend based on lack of knowledge either way is heartless. The FDA has reason to inspect for health and safety if things are happening. I find it disturbing that China for example will not cooperate with the FDA to test samples. I really find it disturbing that at least one company over there has been called into question about their records concerning Glycerin (vs. Glycol).

    In the end though, whatever the cause, not having a decent warning about the mere “Possibility” of danger is most disturbing of all. Hindsight is 20/20, but it won’t bring back my little buddy who could have possibly lasted a few more years.

    I hope that Kim Johnson’s dogs never have to go through what my dog went through (and I went through feeling helpless then, and guilty afterwards about giving him the treats to begin with).

    The biggest thing though here is that since the FDA has issued a warning several times since 2007, that for people to make a choice to buy or not buy these products, they have to be AWARE of the warnings to make the choice to begin with.

    This has been severely lacking in my humble opinion.

  9. people will keep smoking yes. and that is their choice ,you can overeat on ice cream and get fat, there are lots of things people do to themselves that is not healthy but they can make their own choices ….our pets depend on us to make the right choices for them….I have listened and read a lot on this now, and you can say it’s all just a lie to get money from lawsuits etc… friends dog passed away. her other ones got sick all after eating these treats….for me that is enough evidence to not give it to my dogs anymore, yes I believe that these treats that are made in china are harmful and you not believing that is your right. but I think too that it is very easy to blame or blast someone for wanting to get these things off the shelves….the government is looking into it, it is on the news now….lots of dogs have gotten sick or died after eating these dog treats. that is a fact, you can say proof it….now they are working very hard to find out what is in these treats and hopefully they will get some answers soon! we are not talking about a dog choking on a jerky treat, nobody has mentioned choking! they are talking about kidneys failing, diarrhea , vomiting , so instead of yelling and blasting people maybe read up on what has been happening to these dogs . just don’t give your dogs chicken jerky is easy to say, ofcourse we don’t but the word needs to get out that other dog owners wont give this stuff to their dogs either anymore so no other dog gets sick or die from these treats!!
    It is your right to give as many to your dog as you want and hopefully they won’t get sick, and it is my right not to give these treats to my dogs and to inform people about it, so other people at least can make up their own mind if they want to give it to their dog or not, but at least they are informed…..what you do after is your choice…

    and I am not involved in any lawsuits , I am just a dog owner who loves their dog to pieces and only want the best for them!

  10. Jack/Christa,

    I totally support educating the public & letting them choose for themselves. Of course, you have a right not to buy these products, and tell people how dangerous you think they may be. If that’s it, no problem.

    I do not support misinforming the public, which in my opinion Cayr Ariel Wulff does. The image in her last story alone has a skull and bones (poison) graphic under a “Made in China” label, implying that foods from China are all poisonous. She also quotes loons like Kucinich who want to ban all Chinese treats, i.e., who wants to take away the right of consumers to choose for themselves whether to buy these products. I don’t support that, absent real evidence of dangerous contaminants in the food.


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