Jeromie Williams Spreads Fairfield Hoax On Google Plus

For months we have been exposing Pet Pardons Director of Canadian Operations and Managing Editor, Jeromie Williams, and his possible lies, fraud, embezzlement, and threats.

As Kim Johnston just revealed, Jeromie’s Contributing Editor Cayr Ariel Wulff has written four articles about a hoax, falsely alleging that the Fairfield County Dog Shelter near Lancaster, Ohio, was burning dogs alive. (All of the articles were edited by Jeromie Williams.)

As we investigated each article, we could find no evidence to confirm that dogs were being burned alive at the shelter. Local media, including the local paper, the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, had no evidence it happened either.

Unfortunately, Jeromie has also been using his Google+ account to mislead people about the state of Ohio. In his first post, he disgustingly states This is how they do things in Ohio,right above a picture of a fire in an oven and the words “BURNING DOGS ALIVE“:

Subsequent posts all refer to the shelter as the “Ohio Dog Burning Shelter“:

Of course, this shelter is not “known to burn dogs alive to save time.” This is a lie, spread by Pet Pardons, as Kim Johnston has revealed.

We do not understand (and Pet Pardons has never explained) how “dog composting” could be a “money making scheme.” Perhaps there is some huge demand for composted dog remains that we are unaware of, but we think it’s rather more likely that this is just more sensationalistic nonsense from Jeromie Williams and Pet Pardons.

In his final post, he praises the “grass roots” (i.e., Pet Pardons readers who they incited to threaten shelter workers and County Commissioners). But the change from gassing to euthanasia by injection had been planned for quite some time. As Kim noted, the Ohio SPCA threatened legal action on August 3 if they did not make the switch, but this had nothing to do with the claim dogs were burned alive.

It’s amazing how many Pet Pardons followers believed that the Fairfield County Dog Shelter was burning dogs alive. In the first article they claim two eyewitness accounts were presented to the County Commissioners, but, it seems, no one has any record of this. Who were these “eyewitnesses”? No names were ever released. According to Wulff, they can’t release the names:

As Kim and Topher have explained, this makes no sense. If animal rescuers saw dogs being burned alive, wouldn’t they try to stop it? Why would they be afraid to give their names, so they can be questioned, and the story verified? Why wouldn’t they have told their story to the Ohio SPCA, which has no evidence of any of this? Or local media, like the Eagle-Gazette? None of which, again, have any evidence that any dogs were burned alive.

Wulff was simply lying, which is something that Jeromie Williams has done before.

In another Google+ post, Jeromie asks “who DOES this kind of stuff???” referring to a false story about dogs being tied to train tracks, also in Ohio:

Well as Topher wrote, no one did that. Like many Pet Pardons News articles, that story was simply made up. No dogs were tied to the tracks, and no dogs were killed by the train. This was just another outrageous lie.

So I have a question myself. Jeromie has a long history of criminal harassment and death threats, for which he is currently under investigation by Canadian and American police. He also has a long history of lying in his Examiner articles, on TV, and now in Pet Pardons News. And he has embezzled countless thousands of dollars from legitimate animal rescue groups.

Who DOES this kind of stuff???

One thought on “Jeromie Williams Spreads Fairfield Hoax On Google Plus

  1. He is a pretty heavy pot user and has major issues with his looks and men – he used to email me ALL the time and I found would get almost hysterical if I didn’t reply – when I started ignoring him I started getting about 20 messages a day.

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