Investigation Demanded on Cayr Ariel Wulff’s Book Marketing

Cayr Ariel WulffAn informed source is raising more questions about Pet Pardons Contributing Editor Cayr Ariel Wulff (email). In recent weeks we have noted that Wulff has defended the criminal Jeromie Williams, attempted a Nixonian coverup of his frauds and embezzlement, and violated Google News policy by publishing hoax articles and inciting death threats. She also admitted committing internet fraud, raising money by ChipIn to “save the life of the next animal just moments away from being abused or killed,” and instead using it for her own dog’s bills.

Our source, who does not want to be named given Jeromie Williams’ long history of criminal harassment and death threats, for which he is currently under investigation by Canadian and American police, has revealed yet another potential scandal.

It appears that Wulff has promised since 2007 to donate “1/3 of the proceeds from sales of [her] books” to “local humane group Valley Save-a-Pet for their humane programs.”

However, when our source contacted VSAP to verify that 1/3 of the proceeds had been donated, an official there said that they were not aware of any commitment to donate any portion of the proceeds to VSAP. They promised to investigate, but could not confirm whether any of the proceeds have been donated since 2007.

In any event, we asked Wulff about this in the comments section of one of her Examiner articles. Curiously, she quickly changed the subject to “taking photos soon of [her] handing … money to Pawsibilities,” an entirely different charity. She later accused us of libel for simply raising these questions, and sent us the following warning by e-mail:

If you want to investigate my donations to Valley Save a Pet, be my guest. I will tell you that I won’t stand by and watch that small, honest rescue trashed by you and your friends. The VSAP people are good good people. If you insist on dragging yet another innocent bystander (VSAP)into this ridiculous fray (and I don’t mean by investigating, go right ahead with my blessing)…I mean in any other way…I will be compelled to sever my ties with VSAP to keep them out of it. And ultimately, Kim, that will only hurt them, because I provide an expensive service for them at no cost. Ariel

Let me be very clear: We are not interested in “trashing” anyone, and certainly not Valley Save-a-Pet, which sounds like an excellent group. Actually, it’s rather unbelievable to us that Cayr would threaten to “hurt” them because of anything we are doing. We are only interested in exposing the truth about any scams, frauds or hoaxes that Jeromie Williams and his Pet Pardons associates are involved in, and we will continue to do so, forever.

One thought on “Investigation Demanded on Cayr Ariel Wulff’s Book Marketing

  1. Of course Cayr could always just simply pay the rescue if she has not already done so the amount she stated she would (especially since the promise to make those donations were used as an incentive for others to buy her book) and not harm them by eliminating her “expensive service”. Yep it’s your fault she lied.

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