Fairfield Hoaxers Debra Dorst, Kim Gaffney Defend the Criminal Jeromie Williams, Spread His Lies

Debra DorstFive days ago, we exposed the hoax Pet Pardons story about the Fairfield County Dog Shelter burning dogs alive. As I noted, their lies led to many death threats against shelter and county officials Mike Miller, Mike Kiger and Judy Shupe. Naturally the hoaxers are not pleased with this turn of events, and have been harassing Kim Johnston for the past several days, demanding our posts be taken down because we have “writ[ten] stuff about others and think it is okay,” and because suddenly Debra has a “very good source” who can verify everything she said.

Yesterday, I politely asked Debra Dorst and Kim Gaffney to present us with evidence of any inaccuracies on our blog, as we would be more than happy to correct them. Instead, like Jeromie Williams himself, they have simply decided to make disgusting, false and slanderous personal attacks against Kim Johnston, including disgusting and obscene sexual comments that I have deleted.

Like Jeromie Williams, Debra Dorst implied Kim Johnston was running a “male body cleaning product scam.” The reality is that Jeromie demanded “Freebiefacewash products from Kim’s company for one of his parties on December 15, 2011, and, after she refused, he disparaged her company on Twitter, falsely and slanderously describing her products as “rancid.”

Kim GaffneyLike Jeromie Williams, Kim Gaffney complained that Kim Johnston has “cyber stocked [sic.] and harassed alot [sic.] of people” because of a “vendetta against Jeromie Williams.” Once again, the truth is quite different. As I described in January, Jeromie engaged in a months-long campaign of cyberstalking and harassment against Kim Johnston last year, including literally thousands of messages and phone calls, begging for money for his website, a rally in Ottawa (so he could get back on TV), for a dog, for artwork, FOR THE CHILDREN, and so on.

Since then, we have posted warnings about Jeromie’s long history of criminal harassment and death threats, for which he is currently under investigation by Canadian and American police. This is “reporting,” not “cyberstalking.” The only people who have complained about our vendetta are Jeromie Williams himself, and his confirmed sock puppet accounts like this and this.

Most disgustingly, in my view, Dorst questions whether Jeromie actually threatened Kim Johnston:

“I listened to the death threats and he stated he was bringing the police. Why would he mention the FBI or police If he was planning on doing you harm.”

Obviously, she has never heard of swatting. In any case, here is a very small sample of Jeromie’s threats. Read and listen for yourself:

Note that the two audio clips are a threatening voicemail and a telephone conversation with an animal rescue group in Canada from whom Jeromie has embezzled $1,800. This is all perfectly acceptable, apparently, according to Dorst.

More disgustingly, and inexplicably, Dorst compares Kim Johnston to a stripper, and calls her a “hate monger” — even whilst defending Jeromie Williams, the man who, just a few short months ago, told her he was “coming for [her]”, her dogs, and her “faggy sons.”

Just three sentences after again questioning whether Jeromie is “such a threat,” Dorst also implies that Kim is not a “GOOD Mom” because she was “putting [her] kids in harms way”:

Now of course, this is patently ridiculous, for many reasons. For one thing, for someone so outraged about “attacking people you know nothing about,” Debra seems to do this quite often. Back in January, Jeromie posted pictures of Kim’s young sons on his site, including their contact information, and began a “campaign” of harassment against them. Silence was not an option at this point. And for the record, Kim did contact authorities in the U.S. and Canada, and they are indeed investigating Jeromie Williams for criminal harassment, uttering threats and related offenses.

And I don’t understand this incredibly offensive notion that a mom cannot stand up for a principled position whenever she (or her children) are threatened by deranged lunatics on the internet. Kim, with our help, has taken on the burden of holding Jeromie Williams and his Pet Pardons associates accountable for their threats, frauds, embezzlement, and lies.

For this she deserves our respect and admiration, not Debra’s crude sexual insults.

Barring significant further developments, this will be our last comment on the Fairfield hoax. We consider this file closed.

One thought on “Fairfield Hoaxers Debra Dorst, Kim Gaffney Defend the Criminal Jeromie Williams, Spread His Lies

  1. Hello,

    Just some information for you. Jeromie worked at the Playboy website office as a junior social media person for The Smoking Jacket and lasted 3 weeks before being fired for inappropriate behavior and harassed several employees after the firing. His claim of pulling strings for Playboy is completely false and beyond laughable, he didn’t even make it past his probation period.

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