Report: Jeromie Williams, Fired By Playboy for “Inappropriate Behavior,” Harassed Playboy Employees, Lies About Experience

We have noted previously that Jeromie Williams has “boasted,” in his own words, that he “once worked on team ‘Heffner’ [sic.] and pulled the strings behind the scenes for and The Smoking Jacket.” On the other hand, Jeromie also has a well-documented history of embellishing on his resume, and you might think someone who worked so closely with Hugh Hefner would know how to spell his name.

So it comes as no surprise that today we received a report that Jeromie worked for Playboy for only three weeks before he was fired for inappropriate behaviour, not even making it past the company’s probation period:

Jeromie worked at the Playboy website office as a junior social media person for The Smoking Jacket and lasted 3 weeks before being fired for inappropriate behavior and harassed several employees after the firing. His claim of pulling strings for Playboy is completely false and beyond laughable, he didn’t even make it past his probation period.

Nor does it surprise us that Jeromie harassed several employees at Playboy after he was fired, given his months-long cyberstalking and harassment campaign against Kim Johnston and her sons, for which he is still under investigation by the SQ/SPVM. Not to mention his embezzlement of several thousand dollars from animal rescue groups, and all of his harassment and threats against those same groups, and anyone else who dares to criticise him, which led Toronto Pet Daily to describe him as the “Scum of the Earth.”

As we have pointed out, Jeromie also harassed and/or slandered his former co-workers at The Gaily and The Examiner. The Gaily fired him after he threatened Kim Johnston and used homophobic slurs to attack her young sons (one only 16). The Examiner fired him after he was caught making up stories, events and people, and interviewing his own fake personas.

Of course, Jeromie continues to spread lies and slander as the Managing Editor of Pet Pardons News. Most recently, as we have noted, he has violated Google News policy by publishing hoax stories and inciting harassment and death threats against innocent people.

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