Jeromie Williams Ignores Questions from Toronto Pet Daily

Today we learned that Toronto Pet Daily sent Jeromie Williams some basic questions about his involvement with Pet Pardons, and the whereabouts of the $1,800 he has withheld from the Operation Sled Dogs rescue group.

For example:

  • What is your current position within the group Pet Pardons?
  • OSD and others are pointing do a discrepancy stating that they never did receive all funds raised through the ChipIn page. What became of those funds?
  • You have been accused of allegedly making threats via email and phone messages. Is any of this true?

These simple questions were sent a month ago, and to date Jeromie has not bothered to respond, nor has anyone else from Pet Pardons.

Toronto Pet Daily concludes:

I guess it’s time to face facts. Based on past activity and any lack of response from any Pet Pardons representative, no money should be donated to Pet Pardons. Ever. Donations seemingly disappear into thin air and no reasons are given. 

PLEASE let me know if you can think of something more disgraceful than profiting off the backs of animals in need. The list is short.

I’ll now direct you to an individual who has followed the actions of Pet Pardons for quite some time. I am through attempting to contact or speak with anyone from Pet Pardons. They have had months of opportunity. If you can read this blog & still feel the need to donate to Pet Pardons, well then, you are acting in such a fashion that is tantamount to animal abuse. The author of the linked blog has been harassed and accused for spreading lies and hate toward Pet Pardons. To my estimation nothing could be further from the truth. Go through the articles yourself & you’ll find screen caps upon screen caps of documents and correspondence. If only Pet Pardons were so transparent.

Exactly. Toronto Pet Daily also includes a valuable warning to animal lovers:

I warn you to be wary of any donation made to a ChipIn fund or a “rescue” or business supported by Pet Pardons. Your donation will likely vanish.

And a message to Jeromie Williams and his accomplices at Pet Pardons:

Mr. Hoar, Mr. Williams, you no longer have to answer to me. You now have to answer to the growing number of animal lovers who feel betrayed and lied to. They might get over that betrayal, but the animals never will. Why? Because when donations aimed toward helping them never reach them, they have lost. I wonder what they would say if they could see that money flashed in front of their eyes only to be taken away as a cruel joke.

Read the full article here.

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