Pet Pardons Followers Outraged by Misleading, Deceptive Headlines

Admitted fraudster and Pet Pardons Contributing Editor Cayr Ariel Wulff (email) has just written another false, sensational story, this time about a “complete ban on dogs” in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania (see screenshot). But this time, her readers are calling her out for her outrageous dishonesty.

Wulff, the author of disgusting hoax stories about dogs being tied to train tracks and an Ohio shelter burning dogs alive (neither of which ever happened), has twisted a limited and entirely reasonable proposal to ban dogs in the business district of Beaver Falls into a nefarious and shocking “complete ban on dogs”:

Jeromie Williams, the Director of Operations for Pet Pardons Canada, and Managing Editor of Pet Pardons News, adds his own commentary: “[O]ne city in Pennsylvania is considering a complete ban on dogs”:

And of course, this story was also shared on the Pet Pardons Facebook page, with “OUTRAGEOUS!” added, in case it was not clear that their story was (as usual) an attempt to outrage people:

As usual, this story is false.

The proposal concerns banning dogs only in the downtown, business district, not the whole city. In other words, it is not a “complete ban” at all.

Other news sites confirm this:

Cayr’s sensational headline has nothing to do with the actual story. Notice I said story: it is just a fiction, not a news article. When you write for a legitimate news organisation, the headline should match the article. When it doesn’t, it becomes fiction.

Fortunately, I was not the only person who noticed the headline was way off.

Firstly, Kelsey Rose Dixon notes “This headline is very misleading and [it] seems to be done on purpose“:

I couldn’t agree more.

Secondly, Colleen Chriss notes “It’s not the whole city and it is NOT a complete ban on dogs”:

Lastly, Dawn Fabbri notes “[I]f you even read the article they are not banning dogs just wanting them banned from a 10 block business district”:

It’s great to see Pet Pardons followers themselves pointing out their headlines are false, and intentionally so.

Of course, it’s doubtful that Pet Pardons News will change their headline, even now. Cayr and Jeromie’s reputations for dishonesty and fraud are well known, even, apparently, amongst Pet Pardons followers themselves.

3 thoughts on “Pet Pardons Followers Outraged by Misleading, Deceptive Headlines

    • I am really at a lost on this link. Only thing I got out of it. The first articles was about headlines that were wrong. Going off of the first one reported.

      So I am guessing here that Pet Pardons News is Hoping that the false headline would get this story spinning on the internet.
      I just googled City complete bans dogs. Yet Again Pet Pardons comes up with the complete ban. Others show just the downtown area. for the ban.

      When I read the comments on the Pet Pardons page. I would have to say. The vast majority did not read the story. A few did and made comments about the misleading headline.
      So is this link in defense of this very Misleading Headline? Or did you post it under the wrong article that was written here?

  1. Cayr,

    (1) You are not anonymous. All future posts will be edited to give your true identity.

    (2) How does that article in any way exonerate you? Yes, it’s true, a lie goes around the world before the truth can get out of bed… But, if you haven’t noticed, you’re the one helping to spread the lies around the world. You never took the story down, never even changed the headline to reflect the inconvenient little fact that IT NEVER HAPPENED.

    The story about a “complete ban on dogs” in Beaver Falls was false, intentionally so, as your own readers pointed out.

    The dogs burning alive in Fairfield story was a hoax, according to local media and activists.

    The slander you spread about OSD (killed 7 dogs and gave others to puppy mills) was also false, obviously.

    So yeah, other news outlets screwed up too on the train tracks story. So what? You have a long history of intentionally misleading your readers with slanderous, bullshit stories, of which that is only one example.

    This is why, in case you haven’t noticed, your stories are no longer being listed on Google News.

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