New Series: Quote of the Month

We are happy to announce a new series of posts with the Quote of the Month (and occasionally a Quote of the Year).

November’s quote of the month about the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams comes courtesy of social media manager John Gideon Howard:

“As a social media manager myself, I can predict Jeromie Williams won’t be in his job very longhe thinks he knows everything, but is clearly mistaken.

The full exchange is available on the page of Mike Klingler:

Law Review Article on Dangers of Trolling Attacks Cites Jeromie Williams

Well, this is interesting. In the Fall 2012 issue of the University of San Francisco Law Review, there is an article by Arthur Gaus on the dangers of trolling attacks, “Trolling Attacks and the Need for New Approaches to Privacy Torts.” The article appears from pages 353 to 376, and it’s a fascinating read, which I fully recommend.

But to be honest, what caught our attention is this citation, on page 374:

Jeromie Williams is cited for his post about a trolling attack which he supported and actively participated in.

How’s that for irony?