Law Review Article on Dangers of Trolling Attacks Cites Jeromie Williams

Well, this is interesting. In the Fall 2012 issue of the University of San Francisco Law Review, there is an article by Arthur Gaus on the dangers of trolling attacks, “Trolling Attacks and the Need for New Approaches to Privacy Torts.” The article appears from pages 353 to 376, and it’s a fascinating read, which I fully recommend.

But to be honest, what caught our attention is this citation, on page 374:

Jeromie Williams is cited for his post about a trolling attack which he supported and actively participated in.

How’s that for irony?

One thought on “Law Review Article on Dangers of Trolling Attacks Cites Jeromie Williams

  1. I have NEVER written anything negative to anyone before today (11/25/13) but I have to say that your situation, you, what you are doing- This is so sad. Don’t you understand that there will come a day when you are old and you look back on your life and ask yourself–“What have I contributed to this world. What damage have I done in this world?

    When that day comes for me there will be so much that I will regret having done, many bad decisions on my part, things I can’t make up for even If I am an angel for the rest of my life. but, YOU… Please wake up and Look at how you have spent nearly the last 2 years of your life.
    I don’t know Jeromie from the man on the moon but that’s not the point. Look at how much power you have let him have over you that you have a need to do this.. your fears, insecurities, are so blatantly obvious. With every new post you write he wins again and you are so caught up in your hate and resentment that you can not see this for what it IS in reality, what it looks like to others, it’s like you have these blinders on.

    I’ve seen people who can’t let things go. Heck, I am a person who is very bad at letting things go myself. But Sir, forgive me for being compelled to say this, but you really, really, really need to let this go before it eats you alive.
    You have readers, you have the ability to create content and get it to the top of the search engines, Please use that power, that talent, that ability, to do something wonderful. Helping dogs would sure be nice. They really need it and if you could take all the energy that you have poured into Jeromie Williams and Pour it into advocating for “good” you could make a world of difference and will have a lot better time than I will when it comes to looking back over our lives. Please, Sir – Just help some furbabies. Thank You for hearing me out and I mean no disrespect. But please, it’s time to take back your power and forget that Jeromie ever was alive on this earth. You are NEEDED for other things and it’s time to start. Can’t you feel that? Isn’t something knocking at you, tapping you on the shoulder right now? Trust me. YOU CAN DO THIS and you are NEEDED.

    Nannette Lewis

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