Jeromie Williams Accuses Canadian Government of “Trying to Instigate a Terrorist Attack”

Yesterday, the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams (pictured at right in a tin foil hat) shared an insane conspiracy theory on a virulently anti-Semitic and anti-Israel Facebook page:

“Does nobody else but me see that the Harper government is trying to instigate a terrorist attack on Canadian soil to bolster their claims that military and jail funding needs to be jacked up?”

To be precise, here, “instigate” means “to bring about or initiate (an action or event).” We’re not sure how, exactly, Jeromie thinks the Canadian government is trying to do this, but perhaps the top of the thread offers one clue: along with an insane rant about Zionism, there’s a link to an article about Canada ending trade with Iran, for various reasons (including concern about their nuclear program and various human rights abuses).

So, if we’re following this “logic” correctly, Jeromie is saying that the Canadian government’s “largely symbolic” move to end trade with Iran is actually a covert, “false flag” type strategy to “bring about or initiate” a terrorist attack on Canadian soil, in order to build support for their evil military and jail spending initiatives.

Okay then.

One wonders which drug(s) Jeromie is on today…

Quote of the Month

This month’s quote comes from the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams himself.

It is, simply put, a gigantic pile of horseshit:

“What do I do?  I’ve travelled the world working on sustainable development projects to better the world in a long and lasting way. I’ve built hospitals, I’ve vaccinated vulnerable groups of people and I have taught doctors and nurses how to use computers.  My credentials speak for themselves.”

Jeromie Williams: Cocaine a “Helluva Drug”

As we have previously noted, Jeromie Williams expects the government to buy him free cocaine pipes. We are reliably informed that he does indeed smoke and/or snort cocaine.

Today Jeromie explained that, in his opinion, “Cocaine is a helluva drug…”

Jeromie Williams Condemns Consumption of Meat While Eating Rabbit Sandwiches

Here’s the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams a few months ago, castigating a corporation for deciding to offer meat in its restaurants:

Jeromie Williams Condemns Consumption of Meat

And here he is today, apparently enjoying a “roasted rabbit salad sandwich with Mexican green chilli sauce”:

Jeromie Williams Eats a Rabbit Sandwich

What’s that you ask? Why, yes, it’s mind-blowing hypocrisy. Just what we’ve come to expect from the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams.

Sad Bunny