Nashville Public Policy Examiner: Jeromie Williams “Completely Full of It”

Today the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams was taken to task by Lawrence Sampson of the Nashville Public Policy Examiner. Here are a few excerpts from his article:

I suppose we can file this one under, consider the source. Or maybe, don’t believe everything you read. As a voracious reader….and activist….and writer, I come across a wide variety of material. Of particular interest to me are pieces on social justice, the environment, and of course Aboriginal rights. Recently I was exposed to a write up on an obscure source called This article about the Fukushima disaster and its effects on our food chain, particularly those items originating from the west coast, had me up in arms for the last 48 hours or so.

After fact-checking Jeromie’s claims, in part by consulting the Centers for Disease Control, Food and Drug Administration, and the Environmental Protection Agency, Mr. Sampson reaches the following conclusions:

Now, as much of a anti-government, conspiracy theorist as I might be, I was beginning to suspect something was up. Either all these government agencies were lying or this piece on was completely full of it. I began to scan the website’s articles and fair to say if you’ve ever believed in any sort of cover up, scandal, or unscrupulous behavior on the part of Uncle Sam, this is where you’d find it. Needless to say I began to be suspicious of the source of this article. … I did attempt to reach the progenitor of this article, a Jeromie Williams, but at this time, I have not received a response.

And most likely, he never will. He continues:

no matter how much you believe the government might have been on the grassy knoll, or that the lunar landing was a hoax, or that cow mutilations are real, sometimes you gotta just hold your nose and walk away. I spent two whole days fretting over my weakness for milk, not to mention the safety of my leafy vegetables for no good reason other than my misfortune at coming across an internet rag. It’s refreshing to think not all conspiracies are real, I suppose. Sometimes, you just have to consider the source.

Read the entire article here.

Jeromie Williams Defends the Craigslist Dog Killer

The so-called “Craigslist Dog Killer” David Matson recently admitted to beating several puppies to death with a tire iron. At this point, Matson (right), an employee of the National Weather Service, is on paid administrative leave pending the results of his trial in the fall.

Susan Alsup, of Nashville, Tennessee, recently started a petition to ask the Weather Service to stop paying Matson’s salary, given his confession to a series of violent and cruel crimes against animals.

It has come to our attention that the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams has, incredibly, dismissed the petition:

“As horrible as his actions were, he has not been tried and found guilty yet, and therefore he can’t be punished legally yet. It sucks, but it’s a protection of justice.”

For the record, Jeromie has a long history of stealing thousands of dollars from animal rescuers, nearly getting 25 dogs killed in the process. When animal rescuers asked for their money back, he stalked and harassed them, and called them names, like “bitch” and “saggy titted cunt.” He also threatened to kill them, again, and again. (You can listen to his threatening voicemail and telephone rants for yourself.)

As one of our associates said, it’s no wonder that Jeromie is very concerned about due process.

Quotes of the Month

On Wednesday, I noted that the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams was being called out as a hack in comments on his own blog.

Today the fun continued as Jeromie was mocked in the comments at Reason Magazine:

MJGreen (6.8.13 @ 11:46PM): I’ve been working all day (it’s Saturday, damn it!), and I return to you with more idiocy: “If you live on the west coast of Canada or the United States, you’re pretty much already screwed at this point thanks to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami of 2011.” It gets a whole lot better.

Sevo (6.8.13 @ 11:48PM): “Jeromie Williams has rock solid experience in the social media world.” Well, that right there is, uh, well, uh,…

mad libertarian guy (6.9.13 @ 12:05AM): That’s a whole lot of derp. Goddamn you for goading me in.

darius404 (6.9.13 @ 12:38AM): The commenters are having none of it. The only highly rated comments are calling him on his bullshit, to which he either says nothing or responds with casual dismissal. There are plenty of vocal fools, but even more silent readers with the wisdom to see him for the scaremongerer he is.

General Butt Naked (6.9.13 @ 1:03AM): Oh man, is anyone taking this guy seriously? He seems like your run of the mill crank. Shit, he gets his data from WorldTruthTV which seems to primarily concern itself with illuminati conspiracy mongering. Imagine the pants that would be shat in if this guy knew how much radiation is given off by stone structures.

Agammamon (6.9.13 @ 6:57AM): No, that article starts off bad and just gets worse. 2 paragraphs in is an ad for an article about how plants won’t grow near wireless routers – never seemed to stop any plants I’ve seen. The whole basis for his article is a picture with some pretty colors and a lot of made up bullshit about how (in 2 years yet) there’s been a noticeable increase in radiation linked thyroid problems in newborns, oh and how the government is changing its allowable limits in products shipped from Japan.

1. Being able to detect radiation from Japan doesn’t mean that the radiation levels are even close to dangerous. We’re pretty damn good at detecting even the most infitesimal amount of radiation.

2. In only 2 years you’re not going to see an increase in radiation linked health problems unless you’ve got Chernobal ground zero levels of radioactivity reaching CA. And if that was happening then we wouldn’t need to monitor the birth wards – the Japanese would be dropping dead.

3. there’s no – you know what fuck it. If you believe this shit there’s nothing I can do for you son.

mad libertarian guy (6.9.13 @ 10:41AM): “there’s no – you know what fuck it. If you believe this shit there’s nothing I can do for you son.” This is the only appropriate response.

Jeromie Williams Condemned as “Hack” on His Own Website

Today the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams was taken to task on his very own website.

A commenter asked:

“Jeromie – why are you only responding to unintelligent comments? Why don’t you respond to Chris Wooster or DASMB who have actually looked at your sources and think you are a hack. Just for the record, I think you are a hack also who is trying to get likes and shares by scaring people.”

Indeed, Jeromie has a very long and well-documented history of writing egregiously ridiculous and sensational bullshit simply in order to generate hits and ad revenue, inciting many death threats all along the way (not to mention racism and xenophobia). As he has admitted, he’s a “hustler for pennies.”

Incredibly, Jeromie replied:

“And I think you’re a towel.”

If you’re not sure what this means, the Urban Dictionary offers one possible explanation:

“An insult that shows the speakers mild annoyance that they are losing an argument.”

That sounds about right.