Jeromie Williams Condemned as “Hack” on His Own Website

Today the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams was taken to task on his very own website.

A commenter asked:

“Jeromie – why are you only responding to unintelligent comments? Why don’t you respond to Chris Wooster or DASMB who have actually looked at your sources and think you are a hack. Just for the record, I think you are a hack also who is trying to get likes and shares by scaring people.”

Indeed, Jeromie has a very long and well-documented history of writing egregiously ridiculous and sensational bullshit simply in order to generate hits and ad revenue, inciting many death threats all along the way (not to mention racism and xenophobia). As he has admitted, he’s a “hustler for pennies.”

Incredibly, Jeromie replied:

“And I think you’re a towel.”

If you’re not sure what this means, the Urban Dictionary offers one possible explanation:

“An insult that shows the speakers mild annoyance that they are losing an argument.”

That sounds about right.

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