Jeromie Williams Defends the Craigslist Dog Killer

The so-called “Craigslist Dog Killer” David Matson recently admitted to beating several puppies to death with a tire iron. At this point, Matson (right), an employee of the National Weather Service, is on paid administrative leave pending the results of his trial in the fall.

Susan Alsup, of Nashville, Tennessee, recently started a petition to ask the Weather Service to stop paying Matson’s salary, given his confession to a series of violent and cruel crimes against animals.

It has come to our attention that the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams has, incredibly, dismissed the petition:

“As horrible as his actions were, he has not been tried and found guilty yet, and therefore he can’t be punished legally yet. It sucks, but it’s a protection of justice.”

For the record, Jeromie has a long history of stealing thousands of dollars from animal rescuers, nearly getting 25 dogs killed in the process. When animal rescuers asked for their money back, he stalked and harassed them, and called them names, like “bitch” and “saggy titted cunt.” He also threatened to kill them, again, and again. (You can listen to his threatening voicemail and telephone rants for yourself.)

As one of our associates said, it’s no wonder that Jeromie is very concerned about due process.

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