Quote of the Month

From Lee Summit:

Not to be picky, but you’re also citing your sources incorrectly. It would be nice if you posted one of these scary simulation graphics/videos from it’s original source rather than a 3rd party blog that takes it out of context, or intentionally deleted that context to support their own agenda (cough – wave height). If you’re looking to win an argument using facts, citing a blog called “Jeromie Williams Eats the Internet for Breakfast” is not going to help.

However, if you go to the source of the simulation he posted http://www.geomar.de/en/, and search for “fukushima”, you are then taken here: http://www.geomar.de/en/service/kommunikation/singlepm/article/fukushima-wo-bleibt-das-radioaktive-wasser/

The first hit that comes up links you to the actual source of this graphic AND it’s accompanying article explaining what those scary colors swirling across the sea actually mean. Again, the source is here: http://environmentalresearchweb.org/cws/article/news/50176

Former Sun News Guest Jeromie Williams Attacks Sun News

As I reported previously, the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams conned his way onto Ezra Levant’s show on the Sun News Network back in 2012. Here’s what I wrote:

… [Jeromie Williams] opposed the creation of Sun TV in the first place, complaining that its hosts would be “venomous bobble heads” who would “[flood] the airwaves with corporate sponsored conservative bullshit.” Presumably, that does not apply whenever Jeromie appears as a guest on Sun TV. Particularly on the show of Ezra Levant, an article about whom prompted Jeromie, not so long ago, to describe Alberta as “our red neck province.”

As an Alberta-hating NDP supporter, who was deeply involved in the campaign to have Ann Coulter banned from Canada, who predicted the “Rise of the Orange [NDP] Phoenix” after Jack Layton’s death, and who has repeatedly libeled the Prime Minister of Canada (describing him as guilty of crimes for campaigning on election day, which is entirely legal), Jeromie is a rather odd guest to see on Ezra’s show.

Well, today Jeromie is celebrating the recent announcement that the CRTC will not grant the Sun News request for mandatory carriage:

Perhaps this could have something to do with the fact they will never invite him on air again, since this blog has revealed that he is, well, a criminal fraud artist.

UPDATE: On a November 7 trolling attack, Jeromie compared Michelle Rempel, a Conservative, Calgary MP, to a “hooker” and an ad for “Russian Brides.” His tweets, amazingly, were later quoted by Evan Solomon on CBC News.

Jeromie Williams’ Fukushima Hysteria Discredited

Back in April, Jeromie Williams wrote a post warning that, basically, radiation from Fukushima, Japan, is going to kill us all, so “You’re going to want to use every share button at the bottom of this article once you’re done reading, so get ready, it’s time to freak out.” You’re also going to want to buy a $350 water filtration system, from which Jeromie happens to get a $50 commission.

This, of course, is consistent with his usual pattern of posting sensationalistic and ridiculous bullshit on his sites in order to generate hits and ad revenue. As he has admitted, he’s a “hustler for pennies.”

His lies were spread far and wide and eventually added to a scaremongering e-mail. But there’s good news, too:

Jeromie isn’t getting away with this anymore.

You see, this e-mail got the attention of Dr. Adrian Wong, who didn’t appreciate the “links to a website belonging to a Jeromie Williams, nutjob and liar par excellence.”

You can read his comments for yourself, but basically, he concludes Jeromie’s post is just one lie after another. For example:

  • There is no “Nuclear Medicine Department” at SGH.
  • “The map that Jeromie Williams claimed shows the spread of radioactivity from Fukushima is precisely NOT THAT.”
  • There is a scientific consensus that radiation from Fukushima represents no risk to the people of Japan, let alone North Americans.

Here’s his conclusion: “that e-mail is a lie. Jeromie Williams is a liar. The article he wrote is a lie, based on a fake map that he lied about. This is worse than playing the lottery. At least in a lottery, you have a shot at getting it right.”

UPDATE: Here’s more reaction to Jeromie’s lies, courtesy of this site:

…we should probably consider the source. When I dropped the first line of the article into Google, it came back as having originated with one Jeromie Williams. Who, apparently, is not exactly known for his honesty and who has other issues in his track record:


http://petpardonswatch.wordpress.com/about-pet-pardons/jeromie-williams/ – “Mr Williams is also known for his extremely hateful and bigoted comments about women, gays, and “ethnics” (e.g. aboriginals). He continues to spread lies and slander as the Managing Editor of the Pet Pardons News & Blog. Most recently, as noted here, he has violated Google News policy by publishing Cayr Ariel Wulff‘s hoax stories and inciting harassment and death threats against innocent people.”

I have a very hard time believing that this man’s ‘science’ is anything worth even bothering to investigate, let alone believe. He’s a fraud, an embezzler, a liar, and someone prone to threatening people who disagree with him.

I’m not really worried about anything he tries to claim is a threat.