HuffPo Commenter Accuses Jeromie Williams of Stealing for Heroin

According to our very reliable sources, the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams is a “pretty heavy pot user” and an alcoholic, who regularly drinks Jameson whiskey for lunch.

Well, yesterday, suspicions were raised that Jeromie may also have a heroin problem.

In the comments on a Huffington Post article on heroin overdoses in Vancouver, Jeromie defended heroin addicts:

He took issue, in particular, with a commenter named “Thunder Blood” (TB), who raised some questions about the INSITE program in Vancouver. While the program may be a success, TB wondered:

“[W]here do you think these junkies get the money to shoot up each and everyday, huh? Though various crimes like scamming and robbing innocent people of their hard earned money and property, that’s where.”

Now, of course, this blog has revealed that Jeromie has stolen thousands of dollars though embezzlement and ChipIn fraud. When his victims asked for their money, he threatened to kill them, again, and again. (You can listen to recordings of his threatening voicemail and telephone rants for yourself.)

It is possible that this money went not just to buy marijuana and whiskey, but for heroin as well?

In reply, Jeromie complained about the stereotype that all addicts are thieves:

TB’s response is priceless:

He may not have realised just how right he may be.

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