Jeromie Williams Lies About 17-Year-Old Candidate Jacob Daruvala

It seems the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams has twisted the words of a promising young activist, 17-year-old Jacob Daruvala, of California, out of context, after stealing his press release from, and subsequently being fired from two liberal internet news sites.

In other words, it’s just a typical day at the office for Jeromie. (Not in an actual office, of course.)

Mr. Daruvala clarifies the matter on his Facebook page:

There has been an article written about me which has taken my words completely out of context.

First of all, the writer, Jeromie Williams, was fired from two liberal internet news sites, because (among other things) he STOLE a press release I gave solely to

Second, the post from which he found my personal thoughts was deleted only 3 minutes after I posted it because it did not clearly express what I wanted it to.

Third, in this article, he says that my comment “she put it there” was saying that a woman bears sole responsibility for the child. That was not even remotely close to what my statement meant. Of course a man was involved in the process, that is how reproduction works. My statement was simply that a woman involved in consensual sex takes part in creating that child (ALONG WITH THE MAN) and the child had no choice in being created! That is exactly what I said. Look at the statement yourself here:
“In the same conversation, he told me “the baby has no right to forcibly occupy the woman’s property.” That baby had no choice in anything! The baby didn’t crawl up there to hide, she put it there! That is one of the most anti-science statements I have ever heard.”

This man’s extremely irresponsible “journalism” was nothing more than an out of context hit piece out of vengeance. I never once said the man is absolved from all responsibility.

My post was not that abortion should be banned, it was that the life of the child should at least be considered. It was a RESPONSE to someone who told me, “Who cares if she kills the damn thing anyway?”

I know if you read that statement, even if you’re pro-choice, that statement made you cringe.

It does indeed. And so does Jeromie Williams.

UPDATE: A confidential informant has revealed that Jeromie slandered Mr. Daruvala in order to “get back at” the site Addicting Info for firing him:

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