Evan Solomon Quotes Jeromie Williams on CBC

On Thursday, November 7, Evan Solomon interviewed Calgary MP Michelle Rempel on CBC TV about sexism in Canadian politics. Incredibly, he quoted Jeromie Williams, who, in a recent trolling attack, said she looks “like a hooker” (scroll to the 6:00 mark in the video here):

Her response is thoughtful and passionate, and worth listening to in full.

Later, CBC reporter Susan Lunn asked Ms. Rempel a similar question in a scrum, only less politely. Which is amazing, frankly, when you think about it. As I pointed out on Twitter, CBC reporters are apparently now taking their cues from the misogynist and criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams. Not only are CBC reporters following his script, they are actually reading his tweets and displaying his twitter handle on television.

That’s incredible, considering (as I pointed out in a recent post) Jeromie has a long history of woman-hatred. He has stalked and harassed them, and stolen thousands of dollars from them. He pickets breast cancer research events. He has called women names, like “bitch” and “saggy titted cunt” (with “faggy” sons), and blogged about shutting them up with giant black penises. He has fantasized about killing them, and threatened to do so, again, and again.

(You can listen to his threatening voicemail and telephone rants for yourself.)

Not to mention that he has a long history of publishing egregiously ridiculous and sensational bullshit simply in order to generate hits and ad revenue, inciting many death threats all along the way (not to mention racism and xenophobia). As he has admitted, he’s a “hustler for pennies.”

In a recent scaremongering (and entirely discredited) post on radiation from Fukushima, for example, he warned that if “you live on the west coast of Canada or the United States, you’re pretty much already screwed” due to the radioactive isotopes, and you must “Wash your food with soap.” Seriously. This piece of garbage has been shared 67,000 times on Facebook, and now that total may even increase thanks to our public broadcaster.

Is this really the best the CBC can do?

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