Jeromie Williams Slanders Another Former Employer

Yesterday, the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams partook in a familiar tradition: he slandered a former employer.

It all started after he was fired on December 5th by the Editor-in-Chief of, Tiffany Willis, for harassing her staff and other inappropriate behaviour. Once again, he tried to “get back at” his former employer through slanderous lies. Specifically, he accused of stealing a banner logo that he “designed, was never paid for, and gave no permission for them to use,” and he urged readers on behalf of “all creative people” not to share any articles:

The problem, of course, is that every word is a lie. The graphic was designed by a professional named Mike, who was paid $40, and who gave full permission for them to use it on their site.

The notion that Jeromie had anything to do with the logo’s design apparently comes from a conversation with Tiffany Willis on September 16, in which he simply refers her to another site’s logo, and makes several suggestions which are ultimately rejected:

As you can plainly see above, (1) there’s no flag in the middle, or on the tallest building, (2) it’s not a suburban scene, with houses side by side, (3) it’s not in blacks and greys, and so on.

Tiffany Willis responded to Jeromie as follows:

You didn’t design ANYTHING. You TOLD me about the site and showed me the logo. You did NOTHING. Here is the conversation [above]. The only resemblance it has to the other site is that it has a cityscape and it’s a very different cityscape. You’re a liar and you’re accusing me and/or a graphic designer of a crime. Are you sure you want to do this? …You have some nerve taking design credit for something you didn’t do anywhere. You didn’t do the LGBTQ nation one and you didn’t do ours. Saying ‘I like theirs but in gray and black’ is NOT doing design work! …

Oh and….the flag isn’t on the tallest building and our buildings aren’t hand-drawn and they’re not in black and white. You’re an idiot. You really just are. A REAL artist drew this by hand based on a verbal image I gave him. You have NO RIGHT to try to take credit for telling me “hey look at this website.” What is that worth, Jeromie? 20 seconds of your time?

But this follows a familiar pattern for Jeromie, who often slanders former employers and associates to “get back at” them for firing him. Only a few months ago, back in September, Jeromie slandered Jacob Daruvala in order to “get back at” the site Addicting Info for firing him:

In June 2012, Jeromie attacked staff at The Gaily as “cowards” after they fired him for inappropriate behaviour, including criminally harassing, stalking and making death threats against Kim Johnson and her teenaged boys, using homophobic epithets. Earlier in 2012, Jeromie harassed several other employees both before and after he was fired by Playboy for inappropriate behaviour. He also compared the to a Third World sweat shop after they fired him for fabricating events, people, and even supposed witnesses to serious crimes in his articles.

Most egregiously, after Jeromie was exposed as a thief and embezzler for withholding thousands of dollars from the Canadian animal rescue group Operation Sled Dogs, he wrote a disgusting article slandering the group, accusing them of “kill[ing] puppies,” and included a picture of a dog in a garbage bag. (While one dog was euthanized, there was never any suggestion of negligence, let alone intentionally “killing puppies,” on the part of the group.)

And, for the record, Jeromie Williams still owes Operation Sled Dogs $1,800, plus interest.

This, Jeromie, is what theft looks like:

Stolen Money

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