Celebrating 20,000

Thanks to an incredible and record-breaking surge of 738 page views today (which is still growing), this blog has smashed past the 20,000 threshold. We have now exposed the crimes and other despicable behaviour of the fraud artist Jeromie Williams once for every league under the sea.

When you add the views from our now defunct mirror blog at Blog.com, and those of our partner sites in the Pet Pardons Watch Network, we are quickly approaching 50,000 total page views.

Once again, let us note that none of this would have been possible without the support of many, many people, including many of the victims of Jeromie Williams. Your help and support is appreciated so very much.

(I think the bunnies above might become a new symbol for this page, since Jeromie happily exploits them by pretending to support veganism and animal rights, whilst eating rabbit sandwiches.)

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