Sickening: Jeromie Williams Posts Gravestones for Tea Party Leaders

Back in 2012, the pastor Terry Jones created a gravestone (see right) for President Obama. Jones, who is perhaps best known for burning copies of the Quran, was rightly condemned across the political spectrum, including by Republicans from Mitt Romney to Sarah Palin. He has also been questioned by the US Secret Service for what could be interpreted as threats against the president, such as the Obama gravestone.

Well, earlier this morning, the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams, now an author for the group “Americans Against the Tea Party,” took a page out of the book-burning pastor Terry Jones’s book, and posted this incredibly disgusting picture of five gravestones in front of Congress: one each for Tea Party leaders Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and Rand Paul:

This is nothing new for Jeromie, who, as this site has documented, has supported disgusting sites like, and the vile “Tea Party Zombies Must Die” game, in which players murder a “Sarah Palin” zombie with a chainsaw. He has described Sarah Palin as a “venomous bobble head” who is “flooding the airwaves with corporate sponsored conservative bullshit.” He even created fake Sarah Palin accounts in an ultimately unsuccessful “Crash the Tea Party” style infiltration attempt.

In 2012, Jason Easley, Editor in Chief of the liberal site PoliticusUSA, wrote that “Obama Hate [Hit] a New Low” with the gravestone: “The message [Terry Jones] is sending is kill Obama. Obama must die.” By that same token, Jeromie Williams appears to be sending the message “Kill Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and Rand Paul. They must die.” At the very least, he’s saying that their deaths would be a “positive thing.”

Now, of course, Jeromie might claim that this is all just a metaphor: he doesn’t want them dead, just their political careers! That, actually, is what Terry Jones claimed. Mr. Easley wasn’t buying it, and neither are we.

Jeromie, we should note, has a lot of experience with death threats: he has condemned them, and, well, made them, many, many times. (You can listen to his threatening voicemail and telephone rants for yourself.)

We urge the United States Capitol Police to investigate, and to take the appropriate measures to ensure that these members of Congress (indeed, all members of Congress) are safe from domestic terrorists and assassins and those, like Jeromie Williams, who try to incite others to violence.

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