The Quote of the Month

January’s Quote of the Month is from the Editor-in-Chief of, Tiffany Willis, who fired the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams in December 2013, for various inappropriate behaviour:

“I’m so glad you have this site and keep up with the things that Jeromie Williams does to people. I wish I had seen your site before hiring him, and I wish I had listened to you when you approached me with this information. I think it’s very important that someone is documenting this stuff. Maybe me sharing my experience with you will help someone else from getting hurt and having their websites and businesses compromised. I hope no one else ever has to go through having themselves or their staff harassed as I have by Jeromie Williams. Anyone who wishes to contact me to verify that these are my words or to ask other questions about Jeromie Williams can do so at”

As this site has documented, Jeromie tried to “get back at” her by accusing her of theft. Specifically, he claimed that he “designed, was never paid for, and gave no permission for them to use” the logo. The truth is that a professional designed the logo, was paid, and gave permission, and Jeromie’s input into the process was negligible. He continues to make threats and demand payment for work he never performed.

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