Jeromie Williams Attacks Christians, Mormons

Today we call attention to the vile anti-Christian and, specifically, anti-Mormon, hate speech that the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams has spewed throughout Facebook.

For example, Jeromie writes that:

  • Mormons are all “agents of deception” who “prey on vulnerable minorities and lonely immigrants exclusively” “like ravenous lions” using an “extremely sneaky, underhanded and predatory system” of “brainwashing.”
  • Mormons have “no back bone, no true belief in their work, and skulk about in the shadows of humanity preying on innocent and decent people.”
  • Mormons are “stupid” and are “going to make some pretty bad choices in [their] life.” And: “Being stupid enough to be Mormon, is the first bad choice.”

Of course, this disgusting bigotry is nothing new for Jeromie Williams, who ironically has a long history of xenophobia and racism himself, particularly against Asians.

He has argued that it’s okay to call Chinese people “chinks,” and as an editor at Pet Pardons News, he published and promoted a series of articles that fearmongered about poison dog food from China. He has also fearmongered about killer radiation from Japan, based on the Fukushima hoax.

Here is the full thread:

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