Exposed: Jeromie Williams Confesses to Crystal Meth Addiction

Jeromie WilliamsJeromie WilliamsAccording to our very reliable sources, the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams is a “pretty heavy pot user” and an alcoholic, who regularly drinks Jameson whiskey for lunch. There have been suggestions that he is guilty of abuse of more serious drugs, such as heroin or cocaine, but only limited evidence.

Until now.

Today, for the first time we are able to confirm that Jeromie Williams has claimed to have a long-term addiction to crystal methamphetamine, and has been “self medicating in a very recreational way” for the past six months. He also affirmed that he is utterly without shame or remorse for what he has done.

Here is his confession:

Bizarrely, Jeromie added that “over the past few months when I was having financial problems, the drugs weren’t a factor in me spending money on them instead of necessities. I simply partook with other people.” He claimed he ultimately decided it would be best to “stop holding the secret inside of me” after he spent $100 on meth “when I haven’t even gotten rent together.”

I wonder if Todd van der Heyden realised, four years ago, as he was telling Jeromie about the “tough road back for Crystal Meth addicts,” that he was actually speaking to one.

A few points:

It’s likely Jeromie Williams spent some or all of the money he stole/embezzled from animal rescuers on illicit drugs, including crystal meth.

Recall Jeromie’s comments on addicts last September on the HuffPo site:


We’re not entirely sure how Jeromie’s frauds and scams are very “productive to society,” especially considering the fact that he’s a longtime recipient of “government support” (he even expects the government to buy him crack pipes), and as it turns out we’re not alone. Another commenter asked where Jeromie makes the money necessary to support his addiction:

And now, it seems painfully obvious that Jeromie did, indeed, steal for his drugs, in part through a series of ChipIn scams. For example:

  • Jeromie promised in early 2012 that all funds raised via his ChipIn account would go to Operation Sled Dogs (OSD), a group which was trying to rescue over 25 Huskies from a dog sledding company owner in Quebec. Unfortunately, he used the $6,180.84 that was donated as leverage to try to take over the entire rescue himself, harassed the driver, and alienated everyone, nearly getting the dogs killed in the process. He then refused to transfer the money, harassed, threatened and slandered the group, and sent them ransom letters with pictures of their money (see right). A petition and other public pressure were successful in recovering only $4,000, in part because of guarantees made by others.
  • Jeromie set up a ChipIn account in late 2011 to support medical care for a certain dog. While $2,777 was raised for the Linda Blair World Heart Foundation, Jeromie apparently donated as little as $1,600. Noting this discrepancy, Liz Schiavone asked that people donate directly to the Foundation.
  • Similarly, Jeromie set up a ChipIn account to assist puppy mill victims, which raised $3,544 for the Humane Society International in Canada in late 2011. Only $3,000 was donated.

The timeframe is clear: Jeromie withheld funds from OSD in mid-2012, and, by his own admission, began “struggling” with his meth addition six months before November 30, 2013 (approximately May 30, 2013). In other words, about a year after he sent his ransom note to OSD (including a picture of US$1,800), he claims he was addicted to crystal meth.

Unfortunately, as we have noted before, it is not worth it for the victims to sue, because there is simply no money left for them to recover.

Jeromie’s history of harassment and threats may have been fuelled by crystal meth.

At least, that is what Jeromie himself claimed:

“one instance where I know [meth] fully and completely played apart [sic.] Was that night I went off on [another writer] for two days.”

Last week, we revealed that Jeromie, currently an author for the group “Americans Against the Tea Party,” was fired in December by the Editor-in-Chief of, Tiffany Willis, following a truly astonishing amount of harassment, slander, rule-breaking, shoddy work, and general troublemaking. And this was fully consistent with his history of criminal harassment in his previous positions, including workplace and sexual harassment against other Playboy and Gaily employees, cyberstalking, harassing and threatening Kim Johnston and her sons, harassing and threatening the animal rescuers at Operation Sled Dogs, and so on.

Crystal meth, for those unfamiliar with the popular AMC show Breaking Bad, is a highly addictive neurotoxin, aphrodisiac, euphoriant and psychostimulant. It was first developed in Germany and Japan, and used extensively by Nazi and Imperial Japanese soldiers during World War II (it was then known as “pervitin”). Kamikaze pilots, in particular, were given very large doses before their suicide missions, because the drug “creates a false sense of happiness and well-being.”

Today the drug is used recreationally “to increase sexual desire, lift the mood, and increase energy, allowing some users to engage in sexual activity continuously for several days straight.” Recreational use is particularly prevalent amongst gay men who use internet dating sites to arrange to meet for “party and play” (PNP).

In the short term, side effects include “erratic and even violent behavior,” loss of appetite, irregular sleeping patterns, severe mood swings, unpredictable behaviour, among others. Long term use notoriously causes even more serious health conditions, such as potential heart, liver, kidney and brain damage, loss of appetite, and psychological problems ranging from homicidal thoughts to severe anxiety, paranoia, insomnia, memory loss, and of course, more “aggression [and] psychotic behavior.”


This could certainly explain a lot, beginning with Jeromie’s history of erratic, violent, aggressive and psychotic behaviour, and in particular, his threats against animal rescuers (listen here), Kim Johnston and I, Alison Mednick Buzzotta Hector, and so on.

Ms. Willis put it best:

“I regret having to use your confession to me against you, but knowing what I now know, it’s all very clear. I’ve told every addict and drunk I’ve ever lived with: ‘you wake up and forget and you’re sorry for stuff you may or may not even be fully aware of, and you don’t realize the pain you’ve caused. Because you’re genuinely sorry, you expect that others should just celebrate that Mr. Fabulous is back. Here’s the thing: we were all fully straight and sober and it’s not so easy for us to forget.'”

Addiction and Pathological Lying: The chicken or the egg?

It is commonly understood, firstly, that “pathological lying can arise in tandem with wanting to hide an alcoholic or drug addiction,” and secondly, that when pathological liars do something wrong, they “will do whatever is necessary to avoid blame––that means fabricating a story.”

In other words, we do not know whether the crystal meth turned Jeromie into a pathological liar, or, being a pathological liar, he lied about a four-year, nearly-fatal struggle with crystal meth addiction in order to avoid blame, or at least, to make excuses for his otherwise inexcusable bad behaviour, and get second (and third) chances from sympathetic employers who either had an incredible capacity for forgiveness (as at, or their own history with addiction problems (Pet Pardons).

However, given his history of defending addicts, we are somewhat skeptical of Jeromie’s promise to stop:

Our skepticism deepened when one of our associates pointed out that, in a record-smashing crystal meth drug bust in Montreal only two weeks before the posts above, police seized 15 kilograms of crystal meth from a building only about three miles from Jeromie’s apartment. Montreal police inspector Mario Desmarais explained that the previous record was one kilogram, and an amount so large would definitely have an enormous impact on the local illicit drug market.

In other words, if Jeromie “stopped” abusing crystal meth in late November, the likely reason is that either none was available to buy, or that he couldn’t afford to pay the increased prices for whatever the police didn’t seize. And yet, being a pathological liar, he effortlessly spun this into an heroic tale, wherein he has a “long long talk with [him]self” and realises he must quit crystal meth in order to restore his “accountability to others.”

The symptoms of withdrawal from crystal meth include lethargy: “the average addict will do little more than sleep and eat for the first week, or even two, after quitting the drug.” And, sure enough…

As Gus Fring said, “you can never trust a drug addict.” Or, obviously, a pathological liar.

It appears that Jeromie Williams is both.

Which brings us to #4…

Jeromie Williams Does Meth… er, CrossFit.

In May 2013, at roughly the same time he claimed to be struggling with his meth addiction, Jeromie started a blog, Jeromie Williams Does CrossFit, about “A year in the life of one guy transforming his body and his life.”

Jeromie offers the “secret” to how he lost 25 pounds: “Eat a damn salad.” He has “recently started taking a much more active role in my diet and my health,” he explains.

The reality is, of course, a little different. As we noted above, crystal meth causes a loss of appetite, and often a fairly rapid loss of weight. This diet is sometimes known as “riding the snake.”

And yet, of course, Jeromie portrayed himself as a hero for throwing some junk food in the trash.

He also claimed that “The first thing I did was to immediately cut all alcohol consumption from my diet,” though he regularly posts pictures of the Jameson whiskey he’s drinking.

Possession of crystal meth is a serious criminal offence.

Our Canadian lawyer advises that it is a serious criminal offence to possess crystal meth in Canada. Unlike marijuana, meth is listed in Schedule I of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, and punishment ranges from imprisonment for six months (for a first offence), one year (for a second offence), up to seven years for subsequent offences.

Last week, we revealed that Jeromie also committed “mischief in relation to data” by stealing/deleting an email database at, and sent what appears could be child pornography to the Editor-in-Chief, Tiffany Willis, and other senior staff there. Apparently he also violated the U.S. Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (18 U.S.C. § 1030), as well as many state laws.

This, combined with his previous record of criminal harassment, uttering threats, intimidation, fraud, and theft/embezzlement, represents a fairly extensive history of criminal behaviour.

It is a history with which theowners” of Americans Against the Tea Party (AATTP) have been apprised, and yet they continue to employ Jeromie as an “author,” despite their “no tolerance policy for comments containing racism, personal attacks, vulgarity, profanity or threats.”

They also allow Jeromie to describe himself, on their site, as a “consummate champion for equality and education” who “enjoys putting a boot in the ass of the ignorant and the intolerant every chance he gets.”

Except, obviously, his own ignorant and intolerant ass.

Fortunately this site exists to do it for him.

UPDATE (February 1, 2014): Jeromie has posted a bizarre video on YouTube in which he burns various items in his apartment (including a wine bottle and beer can) with a lighter to disprove an even more bizarre conspiracy theory about fake snow (which, I think it’s fair to say, even the vast majority of conspiracy theorists would dismiss out of hand). At 1:37 he admits “I must be an alcoholic.”

Apparently, AATTP author John Prager asked Jeromie to make this video because he’s a “nice Canadian” who conservatives “just might trust.” For what it’s worth, John, Jeromie is not a very nice Canadian, and anyone who trusts him is making a mistake that they will come to regret. But please don’t take my word for it, ask the liberal news sites that have fired Jeromie, like Liberal America (Tiffany Willis), Restoring Sanity, Liberals Unite, Addicting Info, Young Progressive Voices, or The Gaily. Or, ask the women he’s harassed and threatened, stolen thousands of dollars from, called “saggy titted cunts,” or “chink” or compared to hookers. Maybe I’m wrong, but this doesn’t seem like very “liberal” behaviour.

UPDATE II (March 10, 2014): Perhaps Jeromie is trying for a “nice meth face”?

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