Jeromie Williams, Roommate From Hell, Seeks New Roommates

A few years ago, the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams wrote an article about advice on saving money during the recession.

Here’s Tip #3:

Don’t buy toilet paper. Just visit your local fast food joint and steal as many napkins as you can. When you unfold them, they are just as thin and break apart just as well as regular t.p. Once a week ought to do it.

Well, it seems Jeromie is taking his own advice to heart lately, and not buying toilet paper (and other household products), even when it’s his turn to do so.

Not surprisingly, his roommates have responded by storing the toilet paper, dish soap, etc. that they bought in their own bedrooms. And now Jeromie has complained publicly that this is not “normal” (see the full thread here):

Apparently “normal people” would just let Jeromie use their toilet paper and soap for free, and never expect him to actually contribute anything himself.

Even after he realised (1) it was his turn to buy toilet paper and (2) there was none left, Jeromie says he “waited a few days” to buy it, just to teach them a lesson:

As one of his friends pointed out, Jeromie was just looking for excuses “for why [he] shouldn’t have to pull [his] weight.”

And when he eventually did go shopping, guess what was on his list? Any organic kale or Swiss chard? Any new ingredients for his healthy smoothies to feature on his health and fitness blog?

Er, no:

I guess it’s hard to work up an appetite for much else when you’re addicted to crystal meth.

Anyway, good news, Jeromie is officially looking for new victims, er, roommates, to buy his toilet paper!

He’ll be awesome!

If you should have any doubts, here he is today using one of his sock puppets to explain his views on cleanliness:

3 thoughts on “Jeromie Williams, Roommate From Hell, Seeks New Roommates

  1. what the fuck is wrong with you people? whoever this guy is and whatever he’s done, it’s kind of you who look like a bunch of ridiculous kids. Are you 14 years old? seriously, seek professional help dude.

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