Jeromie Williams “Totally Lies His Ass Off” on New CV

Back in my inaugural post on this blog, in January 2012, I noted that the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams had filled his CV with obvious lies:

Even a cursory review of Jeromie’s past activities reveals an incredible number of exaggerations and embellishments. As Kim noted, Jeromie’s CV alone contains several:

  • Jack Layton served him a cheeseburger once, so he “Cooked cheeseburgers with Jack Layton.”
  • He filled out a form, so he’s a “Medal of Bravery Nominee.”
  • He saw some lightning once, presumably, and “Survived being hit by lightning.”

You get the idea.

But apparently the lie-per-sentence ratio was still not high enough, so Jeromie recently resolved to “totally lie [his] ass off in a new CV”:

The text-only version:

And, I am going to totally lie my ass off in a new CV

I used to work at a few places that are since bankrupt or sold to new management

Extend those dates of employment by a whole fuck of a lot 🙂

JEsus H Murphy

Why didn’t I think of this before 🙂

For our part, we wonder if Jeromie had anything to do with the bankruptcies of all of these companies…

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