Jeromie Williams Fired for 10th Time Since January 2012

Today we received confirmation that the group Americans Against the Tea Party (AATTP) has fired Jeromie Williams. He apparently worked there as an editor from December 2013 to February 2014.

This marks at least the tenth time that Jeromie Williams has been fired, for various reasons, since January 2012. Our partner site Pet Pardons Watch has compiled a short list of examples:

  • The liberal news sites Restoring Sanity and Liberals Unite fired Mr Williams on December 5, 2013, after a background check into the information posted here. He was fired by a third site, Liberal America, on the same day, after he harassed other staff members. He subsequently slandered the group, and demanded payment for work he had not done.
  • The liberal news sites Addicting Info and Young Progressive Voices fired Mr Williams in the summer of 2013, for various inappropriate behaviour, including the theft of a press release, which he posted on another site. In order to “get back at” them, Jeromie slandered a promising young activist associated with the sites, Jacob Daruvala, of California.
  • The Gaily, a website for Canadian gays and lesbians, removed Mr Williams from his former position as the contributing editor of the site in March 2012. Though no details were provided, it is speculated that he was terminated after criminally harassing and making death threats against a woman and teenaged boys, who he also attacked with homophobic slurs.
  • The Canada Headlines Examiner fired Mr Williams in January 2012 after he was exposed fabricating events, people, and even witnesses in his articles for months in order to get onto Ezra Levant’s show on the Sun News Network. Mr Williams then attacked the, comparing it to a Third World sweat shop.
  • Playboy Media fired Mr Williams in or around January 2012 after only three weeks, for inappropriate behaviour. He was working as a junior social media person (though he later claimed to have “pulled the strings” behind the scenes for Hugh Hefner). He reportedly harassed several other employees after he was fired.

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