Jeromie Williams Riddled with Chlamydia, Begging for Cash

Faced with increasing prices for crystal methamphetamine, and the troubles associated with prostituting himself out for cash, the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams often begs for cash for a wide variety of causes.

He promises to help rescue animals, to stop the seal hunt, a hold a rally in Ottawa, to invest in artwork FOR THE CHILDREN, and even to invest in cancer-curing magic mushrooms.

Last August, Jeromie begged Heather Jay for money so that he could “get to work for two days.” (He promised to pay her back later but, of course, this never happened.)

Lately, it has come to our attention that Jeromie is also begging for cash to deal with his problems with venereal disease (presumably a result of his work as a male prostitute). Last September, it was an HIV/AIDS test, and in February, it was chlamydia:

Though testing and treatment is free, Jeromie complained he needs money to replace his lost and expired health card:

We understand the cost of replacement is approximately $20 (although this fee may be waived if the recipient is currently receiving financial assistance from the government, as Jeromie is).

Apparently Jeromie may also need money to buy an “I’m sorry you caught a VD” card for anyone he has already infected:


The full conversation is posted here.

Unfortunately Jeromie was able to convince one of his latest victims to send him $50 to deal with “chlamydia-gate”:

He apparently used it to go shopping for toilet paper and chocolate:

2 thoughts on “Jeromie Williams Riddled with Chlamydia, Begging for Cash

  1. That is almost a copy and paste of a conversation I had with him. I fell for it hook, line and sinker. I also spotted him a bit extra to get him over a rough patch…. *sigh* I refuse to let this harden me.

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