Now Sleeping in Park, Jeromie Williams Continues Harassment Campaign

On Sunday, we reported that the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams had been evicted, and was now “officially homeless,” and sleeping on a friend’s couch. (Also, he called his friend a “lazy fuck” because he expected Jeromie to wash his own dishes.)

Amazingly, Jeromie managed to find yet another friend willing to offer up their couch for a few days. This time, he complained that he had to wait outside “for two hours at the place [he’s] crashing at on the floor waiting to be let in,” and that waiting for two hours is somehow “worse than being homeless”:

One of his friends, Greg Johnstone, pointed out that while the situation might not be ideal, “it is not worse than being in a park.”

Luckily for Jeromie, he would not have to wait long to discover that for himself:

Regardless, we have received reports that even now, homeless and sleeping in a park, Jeromie continues one of his latest harassment campaigns, this time against his former roommates:

“Jeromie Williams [is a] thief and a male prostitute who prostituted himself illegally … out of his unpaid subleased room, is now apparently threatening his ex-roommates … causing them so much trouble. he has invented all illegal things that they haven’t done and has filed complain[ts] against them. Meanwhile he is pretending … they have stolen his property. This person is very dangerous and is illegal sc[u]m bag with gazillion miles on knowing how to scam, rip off, threaten and violate everyone. be aware.”

As we often point out on this site, Jeromie often engages in psychological projection, which means that he often accuses others of criminal behaviour that he, himself, is guilty of (such as stealing property). Not only did he fail to pay his rent, for example, we know that he failed to pay for household items like dish soap and toilet paper.

Of course, it is unpleasant to admit you are a thief, fraud, or liar, so Jeromie lives in denial, constantly projecting his worst qualities, and latest crimes, onto other people.

Former Friend Caught Jeromie Williams Stealing Cash Red-Handed

As longtime readers of this blog know, the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams has a long history of thievery from animal rescuers, co-workers, and even his friends, most likely to support his long-term addiction to crystal methamphetamine.

Many years ago, one of his closest friends suspected Jeromie of stealing hundreds of dollars. So, he decided to set a trap:

I suspected him of stealing my money while he visited my home. We’re probably talking a few hundred dollars over a few months. $20 here, $50 there. One day I decided to investigate. I left a $5 bill and a twoonie on my table. This was enough money that it’s still theft to take it, but not enough that I couldn’t afford to lose it. He came over, and didn’t take the bait at first. I thought, maybe I haven’t given him enough chance, so I went into another room for a minute.When I came back, of course the five and two are missing. I called him out on it. He denied and denied it. I eventually told him the trick I pulled to catch him. It was at that point that he turned everything back around on me and began doing what he does best… projecting!

He questioned the ethics and morality of entrapping him like that. He argued that if I left it out for him to take, I have no right to be angry about it. If I expected it to happen, who am I to claim he “stole” it. If I left it out, I pretty much gave it to him. In addition to attacking my morals, he also questioned my sanity.

I explained that if he knew it was my money, not his, and that I didn’t give it to him, nor would I, it was the very definition of theft. He must have known it was wrong if he waited until I left the room. I also now know that all the other missing money was stolen by him, which is what made me suspicious to begin with, and now I can’t trust him. He didn’t realize it wasn’t about that particular incident. It was actually about a friend of mine stealing hundreds of dollars from me over a few months, which was a massive violation of trust, and something I needed to stop.

If Jeromie has no scruples about stealing from his closest friends, you can be sure he has none about stealing from anyone else, either.

Jeromie Williams Evicted, Now “Officially Homeless”

As we anticipated, the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams was evicted from his apartment a week ago for a variety of reasons, including failure to pay his rent, and stealing the property of his roommates, including (but not limited to) dish soap and toilet paper. Of course, on Facebook, Jeromie’s “get out of the house” eviction became a “get out of your own house vacation” on his friend’s couch.

In only a few days, he proceeded to make a giant mess, which he refused to clean up. On Facebook, of course, he cleaned up like a “maid” (or, if you don’t believe that, a “little mouse”).

When his friend texted him from work to ask if he could “take care of the dishes before you go” Jeromie erupted on Facebook in yet another masterpiece of psychological projection, calling his friend, who had generously allowed Jeromie to stay with him, a “lazy fuck who doesn’t want to deal with the nasty mess they made”:

In the end, Jeromie cleaned only half the dishes:

After only one week, it appears that Jeromie has entirely exhausted his supply of friends who might be willing to let him sleep on their couch for a few days. He is “officially homeless”:

As Michael Stratulak pointed out, Jeromie presumably meant “for all intents and purposes,” not “for all intensive purposes.” That’s a rather embarrassing mistake to make for someone who constantly complains that, “as a writer an editor, it pisses [him] off that jobs are filled by people who don’t know how to write”:

At least Jeromie is not one of them.

Jeromie Williams Begs Random People to Report This Site to the RCMP

Yesterday the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams claimed he had reported me to the “RCMP cyber crimes devision [sic.],” and implied that I am a dangerous criminal.

As I responded, “Jeromie Williams calling you a dangerous criminal is like Rob Ford saying you have a drug problem”:

I also asked Jeromie who he contacted at the RCMP, and of course, he didn’t answer. Instead, he again begged a random person on Twitter to contact the RCMP about me:


We’ll let readers of this blog judge for themselves who is truly dangerous.

Jeromie Williams Laughs as Cat Suffers Severe Head Trauma

In a truly disgusting new blog post, the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams writes that “everyone can enjoy” a new video of a cat running, at full speed, into a glass door, likely causing serious head trauma (link intentionally omitted):

As we have shown on this blog, while Jeromie masquerades as an animal rights activist, the reality is something else entirely.

He actually has a long history of exploiting and defrauding animal rescuers, and as our partner site notes, Jeromie is also quickly gaining a reputation for animal abuse, cruelty and neglect:

While housesitting in Ottawa, Jeromie failed to provide food and water for a former friend’s two-year-old cat, Mau-Mau, for nearly three weeks. When the friend returned home, Mau-Mau was starving and also showed signs of possible abuse (including missing fur and a “wonky” eye). Jeromie claimed that Mau-Mau had lost weight because she got a lot of exercise, and that all the cat food was left in the cupboard because she had eaten it all and he had gone out to buy more (an obvious lie). He had converted the house into a bawdy house for the three weeks, for the purposes of prostitution.

In another case, Jeromie failed to seek veterinary care for a dog who had not eaten for nine days, a case of neglect that is tantamount to animal abuse. As noted below, Jeromie has also used one of his sock puppet accounts to tweet images of beastiality (sex with dogs).

This new post is consistent with his apparent callous disregard and disrespect for animal welfare.

Jeromie Williams, Facing Eviction, Begs for Money and Drugs

As we have noted in recent months, the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams is having financial troubles, in part because he spends his rent money on crystal meth.

He also spends other people’s money on crystal meth, and then explains he feels “horrible that I can’t make good on what I owe you right now,” since he’s “living off of Mr Noodles and potatoes.”

After months of late rent payments and stolen toilet paper, it appears that Jeromie’s roommates have finally had enough.

He is facing possible eviction today:

As one of our associates pointed out, in Jeromie’s case, “bending his morals” would entail actually doing something legal, decent and honourable for a change.

Jeromie is also begging for sedatives:

One of our contributors, a medical professional, has pointed out that crystal meth addicts often use sedatives to deal with their withdrawal symptoms:

“Coming down from a meth high can be extremely uncomfortable and even dangerous. The features of methamphetamine post-acute withdrawal syndrome include depression, excessive sleep, and psychotic or paranoid behavior. Because of the long acting stimulant effects of methamphetamine, users are generally unable to sleep while high and may sleep for excessively long periods after ‘crashing.’ Many meth users turn to sedative drugs, such as sleeping pills or opiates, to help manage the crash. Users who combine meth with sleeping pills, such as the prescription drug zolpidem (Ambien), may experience bouts of amnesia if they remain awake despite taking the sedative.”

We’re guessing the odds of Jeromie earning $350 in 48 hours doing “honest work” while sedated and going through crystal meth withdrawal are precisely zero, though, to be honest, we would say the odds of Jeromie earning any money doing “honest work” during any period of time are also exceedingly small.

In our view, “Thunder Blood” had it exactly right:

Either Jeromie will find a new victim(s) or he will likely be evicted.

UPDATE: We have been informed that Jeromie is once again begging for money to help him “get to work,” despite the fact that he does not work:

This is a common scam for Jeromie. Only a few months ago, he convinced Heather Jay to send him $40 so he could “get to work.” (Of course, he never made it there.)

Jeromie Williams Buys Facebook Likes?

It has come to our attention that the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams may be buying “likes” on Facebook for his WordPress blog. One of our contributors has pointed out the discrepancy between his 698 “likes” and the fact only one person is “talking about this”:

(One of our associates noted the irony that in real life, many people are talking about Jeromie Williams, but very few like him. The way he portrays himself on Facebook is, as usual, the precise opposite of reality.)

In November 2012, Jeromie himself pointed out a similar discrepancy on another site, and concluded that since “your Likes VS Talking About are not in line with each other,” the “likes” were obviously paid for. “As a Social Media manager,” he said, “I can guarantee anyone here that this guy is not what he says he is”:

At a cost of 45 cents per like, 698 followers would cost over $300, although we assume a fair number of them are Jeromie’s sock puppet accounts.

Since buying Facebook likes is quite similar to buying Facebook votes, this revelation provides further support to allegations that Jeromie was involved in cheating in the Chase Community Giving contest, in cooperation with co-conspirators like Ashley Owen Hill and Pippa Jackson.

An informant has revealed that, at minimum, Jeromie and Pippa conspired to smear another charity in the contest, Community Animal Rescue & Adoption (CARA):

Perhaps aided by votes purchased much like Jeromie’s Facebook likes, both Pippa and Ashley won substantial sums from Chase, and Pippa, at least, recognised that Jeromie’s tactics deserved much of the credit:

Ashley, who won $100,000 after receiving thousands of suspicious votes, now appears to be simply paying herself that money. Meanwhile, Pippa’s facility is notorious for poor conditions, including inadequate roofing, water leaks, mud and feces in kennels, with dogs outside in freezing temperatures, no fresh water, minimal vetting being performed on the animals, unaltered dogs being kept together in the same pens with puppies resulting, and even dog fighting. (Fortunately Jeromie doesn’t live in Mississippi, or we might have to add to that list.)

Sadly, cheating in the Chase contest very likely deprived far more worthy and legitimate charities of much-needed funding.

As always, the animals suffered most.