Jeromie Williams, Facing Eviction, Begs for Money and Drugs

As we have noted in recent months, the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams is having financial troubles, in part because he spends his rent money on crystal meth.

He also spends other people’s money on crystal meth, and then explains he feels “horrible that I can’t make good on what I owe you right now,” since he’s “living off of Mr Noodles and potatoes.”

After months of late rent payments and stolen toilet paper, it appears that Jeromie’s roommates have finally had enough.

He is facing possible eviction today:

As one of our associates pointed out, in Jeromie’s case, “bending his morals” would entail actually doing something legal, decent and honourable for a change.

Jeromie is also begging for sedatives:

One of our contributors, a medical professional, has pointed out that crystal meth addicts often use sedatives to deal with their withdrawal symptoms:

“Coming down from a meth high can be extremely uncomfortable and even dangerous. The features of methamphetamine post-acute withdrawal syndrome include depression, excessive sleep, and psychotic or paranoid behavior. Because of the long acting stimulant effects of methamphetamine, users are generally unable to sleep while high and may sleep for excessively long periods after ‘crashing.’ Many meth users turn to sedative drugs, such as sleeping pills or opiates, to help manage the crash. Users who combine meth with sleeping pills, such as the prescription drug zolpidem (Ambien), may experience bouts of amnesia if they remain awake despite taking the sedative.”

We’re guessing the odds of Jeromie earning $350 in 48 hours doing “honest work” while sedated and going through crystal meth withdrawal are precisely zero, though, to be honest, we would say the odds of Jeromie earning any money doing “honest work” during any period of time are also exceedingly small.

In our view, “Thunder Blood” had it exactly right:

Either Jeromie will find a new victim(s) or he will likely be evicted.

UPDATE: We have been informed that Jeromie is once again begging for money to help him “get to work,” despite the fact that he does not work:

This is a common scam for Jeromie. Only a few months ago, he convinced Heather Jay to send him $40 so he could “get to work.” (Of course, he never made it there.)

2 thoughts on “Jeromie Williams, Facing Eviction, Begs for Money and Drugs

  1. apparently he’s been evicted after a long struggle of his roommates to kick him out. unpaid rent for months and stolen property including the toilette paper.

  2. Hi John, thanks for contacting us. Yes, we have multiple confirmed reports that Jeromie is now homeless, as he has posted on his blog facebook page:

    Apparently a friend allowed him to stay on his couch for a few days, but he made a giant mess, refused to clean it up, and called his “friend” a “lazy fuck” on Facebook while he was at work, because he didn’t want to clean up Jeromie’s mess. Of course, no one else seems to want to let him sleep on their couch and stink up their apartment…

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