Jeromie Williams Laughs as Cat Suffers Severe Head Trauma

In a truly disgusting new blog post, the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams writes that “everyone can enjoy” a new video of a cat running, at full speed, into a glass door, likely causing serious head trauma (link intentionally omitted):

As we have shown on this blog, while Jeromie masquerades as an animal rights activist, the reality is something else entirely.

He actually has a long history of exploiting and defrauding animal rescuers, and as our partner site notes, Jeromie is also quickly gaining a reputation for animal abuse, cruelty and neglect:

While housesitting in Ottawa, Jeromie failed to provide food and water for a former friend’s two-year-old cat, Mau-Mau, for nearly three weeks. When the friend returned home, Mau-Mau was starving and also showed signs of possible abuse (including missing fur and a “wonky” eye). Jeromie claimed that Mau-Mau had lost weight because she got a lot of exercise, and that all the cat food was left in the cupboard because she had eaten it all and he had gone out to buy more (an obvious lie). He had converted the house into a bawdy house for the three weeks, for the purposes of prostitution.

In another case, Jeromie failed to seek veterinary care for a dog who had not eaten for nine days, a case of neglect that is tantamount to animal abuse. As noted below, Jeromie has also used one of his sock puppet accounts to tweet images of beastiality (sex with dogs).

This new post is consistent with his apparent callous disregard and disrespect for animal welfare.

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