Jeromie Williams Evicted, Now “Officially Homeless”

As we anticipated, the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams was evicted from his apartment a week ago for a variety of reasons, including failure to pay his rent, and stealing the property of his roommates, including (but not limited to) dish soap and toilet paper. Of course, on Facebook, Jeromie’s “get out of the house” eviction became a “get out of your own house vacation” on his friend’s couch.

In only a few days, he proceeded to make a giant mess, which he refused to clean up. On Facebook, of course, he cleaned up like a “maid” (or, if you don’t believe that, a “little mouse”).

When his friend texted him from work to ask if he could “take care of the dishes before you go” Jeromie erupted on Facebook in yet another masterpiece of psychological projection, calling his friend, who had generously allowed Jeromie to stay with him, a “lazy fuck who doesn’t want to deal with the nasty mess they made”:

In the end, Jeromie cleaned only half the dishes:

After only one week, it appears that Jeromie has entirely exhausted his supply of friends who might be willing to let him sleep on their couch for a few days. He is “officially homeless”:

As Michael Stratulak pointed out, Jeromie presumably meant “for all intents and purposes,” not “for all intensive purposes.” That’s a rather embarrassing mistake to make for someone who constantly complains that, “as a writer an editor, it pisses [him] off that jobs are filled by people who don’t know how to write”:

At least Jeromie is not one of them.

4 thoughts on “Jeromie Williams Evicted, Now “Officially Homeless”

  1. Jeromie Williams thief and a male prostitute who prostituted himself illegally cracked out of his unpaid subleased room, is now apparently threatening his ex.roommates with causing them so much trouble. he has invented all illegal things that they haven’t done and has filed complain against them. Meanwhile he is pretending as they have stolen his property. This person is very dangerous and is illegal scam bag with gazillion miles on knowing how to scam, rip off, threaten and violate everyone. be aware.

  2. is there a Montreal support group for people(survivors of Jeromie Williams) who can meet and discuss filing class action lawsuit against this dangerous person in the civil court?

  3. Hi John,

    Thanks again for contacting us. We certainly agree that Jeromie is a dangerous criminal, and a very experienced con artist. We would like to extend an open invitation to Jeromie’s former roommates (or any of his victims) to contact us ( If Jeromie has sent them threatening messages, we would be happy to post them online to show the world what Jeromie is capable of, and to warn everyone not to become associated with him.

    If they have evidence he has committed serious crimes in his (former) apartment, such as theft, prostitution, or crystal meth use, we strongly urge them to consider making a complaint to Montreal police. This may also include criminal harassment or uttering threats, if appropriate. Please note that several complaints have already been made (or are in the process of being made) to Montreal police. Eventually they will have to act with more than just warnings.

    With respect to a class action lawsuit, we certainly have considered civil litigation against Jeromie Williams. Unfortunately, since he is broke, it’s unlikely to be worth it. The costs of litigation are significant, it’s a lengthy process, and if any damages are ever awarded, Jeromie will simply never be able to pay. However, you might consider applying for a restraining order and/or sending Jeromie a notice to cease & desist. This can be done quickly and with minimal cost. Again, we would be happy to advise.


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