Now Sleeping in Park, Jeromie Williams Continues Harassment Campaign

On Sunday, we reported that the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams had been evicted, and was now “officially homeless,” and sleeping on a friend’s couch. (Also, he called his friend a “lazy fuck” because he expected Jeromie to wash his own dishes.)

Amazingly, Jeromie managed to find yet another friend willing to offer up their couch for a few days. This time, he complained that he had to wait outside “for two hours at the place [he’s] crashing at on the floor waiting to be let in,” and that waiting for two hours is somehow “worse than being homeless”:

One of his friends, Greg Johnstone, pointed out that while the situation might not be ideal, “it is not worse than being in a park.”

Luckily for Jeromie, he would not have to wait long to discover that for himself:

Regardless, we have received reports that even now, homeless and sleeping in a park, Jeromie continues one of his latest harassment campaigns, this time against his former roommates:

“Jeromie Williams [is a] thief and a male prostitute who prostituted himself illegally … out of his unpaid subleased room, is now apparently threatening his ex-roommates … causing them so much trouble. he has invented all illegal things that they haven’t done and has filed complain[ts] against them. Meanwhile he is pretending … they have stolen his property. This person is very dangerous and is illegal sc[u]m bag with gazillion miles on knowing how to scam, rip off, threaten and violate everyone. be aware.”

As we often point out on this site, Jeromie often engages in psychological projection, which means that he often accuses others of criminal behaviour that he, himself, is guilty of (such as stealing property). Not only did he fail to pay his rent, for example, we know that he failed to pay for household items like dish soap and toilet paper.

Of course, it is unpleasant to admit you are a thief, fraud, or liar, so Jeromie lives in denial, constantly projecting his worst qualities, and latest crimes, onto other people.

6 thoughts on “Now Sleeping in Park, Jeromie Williams Continues Harassment Campaign

  1. Had this website not been here and a friend not messaged me asking me if this was about me, I wouldn’t have seen his post. Thank you. I read on this site three different conversations that seem to be copy and paste requests for money – I fell for all of them. I see now he didn’t need the money for one reason or another, it was simply an advanced form of panhandling – I fell for it every time hook line and sinker.

    It is 100% true there were dishes in the sink when he came over. It is also true that he stayed in my apt for two days and I cooked him meals (I cook you do dishes). It was the first time I ever had to ask someone, but I knew that if I didn’t ask it wouldn’t happen as he had stayed previously and left the dishes I felt he should have taken care of undone. Having crashed at my place several times on very short notice – for very sketchy reasons – I felt I was not being unreasonable. (Especially considering the damage he did, mostly not deliberately, on previous occasions)

    I wish him well, but I wish him well from afar – less stress and nothing get smashed in my apt.

  2. Eventually this ‘fraud artist’ will come to his own end and will have no where to turn.
    I see im not the only one who he has stayed with and extremely disrespected.
    Hopefully not many more will have this terrible experience with this very disturbed person!
    He belongs in a mental ward at a Jail!

  3. He’s stayed at my place recently for 3 weeks…Lazy fuck….No money lost I don’t think but once contributed to dishes….

  4. he’s a thief. watch your laptops, wallets, and any other personal belongings. he is also the most unhygienic person earth (doesn’t own or utilise tooth brush). cockroach, leach and low life. before he drags you down be aware that no matter how nice you are to him, he’ll fuck you over. this person has no concept of social skills or normal human behaviour. He was raised by drug addicts and hookers in Surrey, and that’s what he grew into.He also has an outstanding warrants in BC

  5. jemeroquei,

    Thanks very much. We were not aware of his background in Surrey but have heard everything else many times, particularly about his (total lack of) hygiene.

    By the way, do you know what the outstanding BC warrants are for?


  6. Alluding to outstanding warrants for Jeromie. I don’t think this is likely as he hasn’t been there for quite some time, and having seen mail that he has received by the government of Quebec – he *had* a known location for a period of time. If he had an outstanding warrant, he would have seen a judge a long time ago (or was not worth going after, and the crown iced everything).

    With that said I consulted Which shows people whom the police are looking for in BC. (it links to the local towns and to the national list which I also consulted) I hate to say it but find the veracity of the outstanding warrants questionable, knowing how I have a stated confirmation bias against it… but I feel it is less than true.

    With that said, perhaps Jeromie decided to leave a comment? (playing a poor me, blow up the balloon so big it pops) Everyone so far has related actual experiences, that comment was just a general maligning. Thief, hooker, son of a hooker with bad oral hygiene. Seriously, who insults someone’s mom? (and by saying he doesn’t even own a tooth brush, Jeromie could then look at his toothbrush and in his head dismiss everything said in all of the other comments) If my theory is correct, Jer -please take the high road, get clean, get established and be well. If I am not correct, dude even so – no need to go after his mum.

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