Jeromie Williams Cyberbullies Young Gay Men

Today the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams attempted to patronise a young man:

“Congratulations, you’re chatting with a social media specialist, who’s going to give you a piece of advice about sharing photos: One of the most attractive things that any person can have, is confidence in themselves…”

The man’s response is magnificent, and it is our Quote of the Month:

“Haha a self-proclaimed specialist? Alas, your over exposed and filtered photo is supposed to disguise your aging face? … Quit taking this so seriously and using pseudo-intellectual language to alienate and cyber bully young gay men … If this is your field of expertise, then that’s a sad reality for a 38 year old man. You should have mastered more skills by now.”

Here is the exchange in full:

Jeromie Williams Spends Last $10 on Pringles and Sour Cream

Today the criminal fraud artist Jeromie Williams, apparently left with only “ten dollars in the whole world,” decided to spend it on Pringles and sour cream:

At least he didn’t spend his last $10 on crystal meth.

UPDATE: Mystery solved?